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Monday, October 23rd 2017, 4:17am

Mini-Guide: Aoidos Racial Skills

Due to my own desire to find this information out, I have written down all of the racial skills for the Aoidos race. This is going to be separate from my Racial Skills guide I made due to that guide being over a year old (though still relevant, I believe) and to give this it's own platform.

To give a brief explanation:
The Aoidos is a new race introduced in 8.0 that is only available as an Incarnation or through a race change.
With a new race comes new Racial skills, and I'll list them here. After the list, I'll provide my opinion on these compared to the other races' skills.

Here's the list:

Theurgist (Healer):
  • Denial - Remove all control effects from an ally and grant them immunity to control effects for 3 seconds.
    Cannot be applied to yourself.
    2 minute CD

Conjurer (Mage):
  • Synergy - For 15 seconds you consume 50% less Elemental energy.
    1 minute CD

Prelate (Paladin):
  • Philosophy of Defense - You restore the duration of damage storing capacity of all barriers to 10 seconds.
    Can be used under control effects
    1 minute CD

Praetorian (Warrior):
  • Hold the Line! - Increases your Anger (Fury) (37.5%) and Sustainability (~27%) by 150 for 10 seconds. Can be used under control effects.
    1 minute CD

Sagittarius (Scout):
  • Tricky Trap - Scout places a trap that exists for 30 seconds. No one but the Scout can see it.
    The first enemy in a 5 yard radius of the trap will be immobilized for 4 seconds and poisoned for 8 seconds. Poison inflicts X damage per second. The victim also has Vulnerability applied to them which increase(s) damage they take by 25%
    1 minute CD

Orpheus (Bard):
  • Poem - Bard inspires allies with their epic poem
    For 15 seconds after reciting a poem, every time your enemy dispels a positive effect, your ally will have Muse's Embrace applied to them which will restore their health by X every second for 10 seconds.
    Muse's Embrace can stack up to 3 times.
    1 minute CD

Augur (Psionicist):
  • Switch - Augurs alter the space and switch their positions with the enemy. The ability doesn't work if the target is out of reach by foot.1 minute cooldown

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Monday, October 23rd 2017, 4:59am

Personal Opinions:

Very strong in PvP and probably some select PvE situations, but the fact you can't apply it to yourself weakens it a bit.
Compared to the other skills, I'd choose this in PvP over anything else.

I can see this being quite useful for burst situations, but Ithere are too many rubies that reduce Elemental Energy costs.
Either way, It's not great for Lightning since Electric Pulse/Thunderhead is channeled over 4 seconds (so you'll get at most 3 casts at 50% cost) and Flare/Explosion and Icy Comet/Icy Meteor have 3 second cooldowns (meaning you will only get 5 casts at 50% cost).

Compared to the other skills, I'd honestly take anything else.

I can see this being mandatory for Paladin tanks. Being able to reset barriers can help significantly with mitigating incoming damage.

Compared to the other skills, This is excellent for tanks and possibly PvP. It can be used for an Assault Paladin, but Vengeance or Holy Rupture would be better options.

Considering the two stats it boosts are PvP related, and do give a pretty significant amount of each stat, this is very good for PvP.

Compared to the other skills, this is probably the go-to skill for PvP (though Battle March may be better in certain situations).

This thing is stupid.
Really stupid.
This is one of the most powerful racials I've seen at any point in Allod's existence, and that includes the brokenly-strong old racials from before the sweeping racial changes.
Now, with the prevalence of Support classes the Vulnerability debuff isn't that strong, but the capabilities of Tricky Trap more than make up for that.

Compared to the other skills, this is almost as good as the best racial, Distraction, and slightly better than Sticky Bomb.

This feels too situational to be all that good, but it appears to be a fairly powerful heal on a class that has very strong support capabilities relating to buffs/debuffs.

Compared to the other skills, I don't feel this is as strong as any of the other choices.

This one is....bad.
Kind of.
This has potential for being the strongest racial outright in PvP, but only if
A) you switch a high-value target into the middle of your team
B) your team is able to kill said target before they can do anything, and
C) you can escape the enemy team without being killed

considering that it's a huge risk to do this, I wouldn't recommend using this unless you're a very talented Psionicist or at the very least have a Mage Incarnation for Flash.

Compared to the others, this is fairly weak unless you know exactly what you're doing. Then, it's pretty strong.


Monday, October 23rd 2017, 4:12pm

Good one, thanks.

Does Sagittarius actually work for you? For me it doesn't.


Monday, October 23rd 2017, 4:55pm

thanks for making this miniguide, it will help many players for sure! :)
"Sagittarius" racial works for me
unlike the "normal" trap however its instantly spawned under your char (and thus more useful for melee-scout)
its awesome for killing "hard" targets like paladin


Monday, October 23rd 2017, 9:53pm

Ok, I figured it only works on players, description could have said it better.

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