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Saturday, March 29th 2014, 4:24am

out of the game for a couple years

any links for me to read up to figure out what all has changed? i was running end game with a summoner if i remember correctly i had a dps/ dot build running vamp and the various dots and was using my pet as a mini tank. if anyone could how me how to acces the old forums i might evne be able to find my build there somewhere.

lastly i left sometime right after bards were introduced

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Saturday, March 29th 2014, 7:05am

Here are the patch notes on what's been changed in the game:

As for the old forums, you can't access them anymore since they will all redirect you to the transfer page.


Sunday, March 30th 2014, 1:07pm

Welcome back :)
Alot has changed, best to just start playing again unless u have a few days of spare time to read all previous patch notes :P


Monday, March 31st 2014, 4:01am

currently have this build at level 51!4!133...3…H!wycqghe/QWTLR

any thoughts? also how many more rubies do i have till level cap?

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