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Demlock's Summoner Guide 4.0 - NA 1st place PMB (Still Mostly applies)


Hallo everyone!!! The name’s Demlock and this is my Pimp My Build Guide for Allods Online. My hope is that when most of you are done reading this that you’ll have a new found enthusiasm to try the summoner as your first class, and if not at least with a sense of awe with how well rounded and versatile the summoner is. As for me I have been playing Allods since early 2010, and currently I call the guild The United my home on the Imperial faction.

In raids and parties in astral I find myself often varying between the roles of healer and DPS. It's always fun to have options but I do find that I often enjoy healing quite a bit more. To me, there is no greater feeling than knowing you hold the lives of your party members in the palm of your hand, and invigorating when that one heal saves them when they were inches from death. There are so many aspects about the summoner it's hard to pick and choose which ones I enjoy the most, but if I had to choose one, it's knowing that as a class you're close to a mage but with a darker background and to top it off you have a pet!

Pro's and Con's of the Summoner

Pro's: Heals are heal over time (HoT) based which while stacked can keep someone alive who is consistently tanking damage while we focus on other people in party while the HoTs tick away. Damage over time has been a great asset, with how our plagues and disease spells can spread with 1 or 2 casts you can easily infect an entire raid of the enemy. And pets, what's not to like about pets?

Con's: Many new summoners usually feel the strain of managing the blood bank depending on which builds you pursue. We are cloth wearers so, naturally, we are squishy. Our salvation from cloth is our Blood Aegis which increases our armor be near equivalent of plate when at full 10 stacks. The one downside about pets is if they are killed off in battle, unless you resummon them our dps drops a bit and are more vulnerable in PvP.
Demlock's Summoner Guide - Click Here

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- Putrefy – A necessity in any build, our bread and butter. This will tick down on the enemy’s life as we throw our other spells at them. Its damage and time can be increased through supplemental rubies.

- Vampirism - This spell has changed the most this patch when compared to our whole time here in game. This spell is now always a 2 second cast unless affected by necropotency, and has a 30 second cool down until you get rubies to decrease cast time and in combination of other spells further reduce Cool Down. This Spell generates blood drops which summoners utilize for most of our heals and a damage spell called Howl of Death.

- Blood Injection – With changes that came a couple patches ago you may respec your character for free through level 15. Until then this will be your first heal, I do recommend grabbing this till level 15 to use while leveling but get rid of it before leveling to 16, then grab the heal Dark Renewal at level 18.

- Blood Aegis – Through the entire game this is a Necessity, no if’s, ands, or buts, because this will save your life more times than you can count. I leveled up with R3 Blood Aegis; however R2 is completely acceptable as well. It’s the difference of 10 shields vs. 8 shields. It increases your armor by a percentage, and it prevents spell interruptions. With a choice of rubies, you can regenerate Aegis with gaining drops of blood, or even require 1 second intervals between the reduction of each barrier.

- Hellion – Your best friend, your truest companion, your stalker that would take a bullet for you. Your hellion is your single greatest asset leveling up as a summoner. It will tank for you, disarm players you are pvp’ing, take agro from you to let you heal, and so much more. Each pet has it benefits but from levels 7 – 55 this is the pet of choice when starting out. In pvp this pet has 2 special abilities, first of which is knock down. The 2nd ability works rather nice specifically on melee classes which is Disarm.

- Fear – This spell put summoners on the list for pvp contenders when used properly. With each rank the cool down is reduced, with rubies included you can spam this treasure once every 21 seconds at rank 3 fear.

- Dark Pact – I have found myself commonly having dark pact at rank 2 acid dps, and rank 3 for full healing and vamp pvp. While out of combat it will generate drops of blood for you to a certain limit. You can cast it in combat, sacrificing a percentage of life for 5 blood drops. With higher rank you consume less health for the 5 blood drops, and the amount of blood generated out of combat increases.

- Fiend – A change that came with the patch is that acid builds are contenders for leveling up and endgame content. The fiend (and eventually abomination) are the pet of choice for acid builds because they have a choice of single target and Area of Effect attacks that do decent damage, adding that extra "nudge" to your dps. Unlike the hellion the fiend is rather squishy, so you would do well to keep it close by to avoid random area of effect attacks that would kill off your pet.

- Plague of Mending – This little beauty has always been a great asset to summoners. Our only Area of Effect heal and it's a heal over time. As the name might suggest, it does need to be "infected" into fellow party members. You cast this spell on a target, and spread to friendly targets (in party) within range.

- Dark Renewal – The patch changed this spell rather nicely, it no longer requires drops of blood to cast, you just need enough mana to cast it. Though the initial heal is reduced from what it once was, this nifty single target heal over time works rather nicely combating the effects of damage. Another plus side to this spell is you can cast it on any number of players, have a raid of 24 people? No problem! If you have the mana you can cast Dark Renewal on all 24 people individually.

- Volatile Infection – This is our only area of effect damage spell in our possession, but it does the trick quite nicely. When an enemy is infected with this spell, all enemies around them will also be infected if they are within proximity. When each infection goes off it damages the target AND 3 other targets within a 10 yard radius. So if you have 4 creatures all with Volatile infection spread on them, each creature will receive their own damage + the damage from each of the other creatures infected. Effectively mathematically it's: X dmg + X + X + X = dmg each creature will take. So it cleans up the field rather nicely!

- Reanimation – You single target “Oh Crap” healing spell, I like to have it prepped ahead of time usually. A change since previous patches, it now is randomized how many drops of blood it will cost. It can consume 1, 2 or 3 drops of blood, the more it consumes the more it heals. Another change is now it is instant cast with no cool down, so effectively a heal spell you could spam if your life depended on it (as long as you have blood filled and mana of course).

- Lurker – The lurker has never been the pet of choice if you want a pet for damage, however it is its other abilities that attract the masses. Every time the lurker attacks with blood meal it transfers some of the life it took from the enemy into blood for your blood bank. The amount of blood it provides depends on the rank of your lurker and how many Master Summoner rubies you get. The other attack the lurker has at its disposal is a silence. This spell works wonders specifically on casters. This I find is the pet of choice with either a PvP Vamparism or Full Healing build.

- Siphoning Fever – A costly spell, but if you're in need of an extra blood fix during a long battle it can be worth the cast. While on a target it remains for 90 seconds counting down to when its large attack hits. In the mean time it provides you a percentage of a chance to gain additional Blood Bank rubies. Should you grab the additional rubies in the grid it also adds Damage over time to Siphoning Fever while on its host.

- Aura of Potency – Nice little aura that gives you 15% increase to your damage at rank 3, but with a downside of reducing the effectiveness of your heals. For leveling this is a very nice talent to get, as it’s our only aura at the moment. Do not bother with it when you have a FH build, but with an acid build I wouldn’t pass it up.

- Rise From the Dead – This involuntary spell is our "2nd life" as it were. With the patch this spell did change, now at rank 3 it resurrects you with 30% of your maximum health and mana to stay in the fight. But this can happen only once every 5 minutes, unless take the rubies that reduce this amount or die during this time span, in which case the debuff cool down is removed after that resurrection.

- Blood Shot – Advanced from Blood Injection, just like its predecessor it is not worth getting unless you are FH build. This talent is Blood Injection just heals a bit more.

- Life Tap – Advanced from Vampirism, this replaces it as the spell of choice when using a Vamparism build as it does more damage.

- Decay – Advanced from Putrefy, this replaces it as the spell of choice when using any dps build as it does more damage than its predecessor.

- Abomination – Advanced from Fiend, when you reach endgame if you use the fiend the recommended spec is to have R3 Fiend and further get R3 abomination as the replacement as the DPS is much better.

Blood Bank
Demlock's Summoner Guide - Click Here



Acid Bolt Grid

- Acidic Accumulation

- Burning Acid

- Corrosive Acid

- Swift Massacre

- Concentrated Acid

- Darkweaver

- Calculating Mind

- Blood Tap

- Shadowy Reach

- Catalytic Blood

- Master Summoner

- Desecration

- Accelerated Metabolism

- Summoning Mastery

Putrefy Grid

- Potent Blood

- Toxic Weakness

- Frightful Presence

- Advanced Genetics

- Empowered Infections

- Virulence

- Debilitating Plague

- Evil Genius

- Panic Monger

- Withering Touch

- Poisoned Blood

- Plague Bringer

- Neurotoxin

- Necropotency

- Blood Circulation

Vamparism Grid

- Healing Sheild

- Call of the Grave

- Howl of Death

- Cold Blooded

- Reservoir of Blood

- Dark Leech

- Infectious Healing

- Dark Gift

- Insidious Touch

- Endless Pain

- Blood Flow

- Endless Thirst

- Urgent Protection

- Reanimator

Blood Bank

Your blood bank plays a crucial role most summoner builds. As a Full Healer your job would be to keep rotations up saving lives at the same time micro managing this pool. As a Vamparism DPS this pool decides how often you can cast Howl of Death or cast heals to save your neck. As you level up more and more options will open to you for how to fill this pool easier, ranging from lurker abilities, rubies, Dark Pact talent, etc.
Demlock's Summoner Guide - Click Here


Pets Pets and more Pets!



A little explanation, the fiend and abomination have 2 extra options at the end. The top option is a single target attack that take 3 seconds to cast, the bottom is an AoE attack that takes 4 seconds to attack. Change between them for maximum damage on the right occasions should you choose to run this pet.


Take notice to the icon to the right of the Lurkers picture, at R2 and R3 of Lurker it will remain invisible out of combat, which is shown by this symbol.

Pet Controls
Demlock's Summoner Guide - Click Here

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Full Healer Build


Acid Dps Build - With Aura of Potency

Battle casting rotations
Full Healing
1) Before combat pre-cast Blood Shot to utilize as an instant powerful heal
2) Keep a Dark Renewal cast on tank at all times, and on anyone in party who seems to take a fair amount of damage
3) When Dark Renewal is not enough to get target to full health I usually follow with a Reanimation for an instant heal usage.
4) When a target is taking large amount of damage repeatedly I throw Dark Renewal and Plague of Mending on them, and if need be spam reanimation as needed
5) Try to use Plague of Mending only in dire circumstances due to its Cool Down you never know when you might really really need it.

Single Target Mob - Acid
1) Attack with pet letting pet take initial agro
2) Cast Neurotoxin
3) Cast Putrefy
4) Repeatedly cast Acid Bolt
5) Maintain Damage over time Spells until creature is dead
6) Use heals as needed

Multiple Mobs
1) Attack with Pet (Let hellion take agro)(Make sure spider is on AoE acid)
2) Shoot a mob with Volatile Infection
3) (Assign Tab to “Target next hostile target”) Tab to different mobs shooting putrefy (and neurotoxin when you have it) on each creature.
4) Repeatedly cast acid bolt on creatures till they are dead, and maintain the DoT’s on each creature, if VI has faded and multiple mobs left you can cast another VI.
5) Use heals on yourself and pet as needed

Boss Fight - Acid
1) Send Pet to attack
2) Cast Siphoning Fever
3) Neurotoxin
4) Putrefy
5) Corrosive Acid
6) Repeatedly cast Acid Bolt
7) If adds are involved in fight cast Volatile Infection ON the boss
8) Maintain DoT's

P.S. – Note, I have pet attack (shift 1) assigned to the R key for easy attack

Video's I made for your enjoyment

Demlock's Summoner Guide - Click Here

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Maybe you don't know,
but withering touch rubies now triggers decomposition only from neurotoxin at rate (33%/66%/100%)
so in FH build is waste of 3 rubies.

As for DPS - doing simple acid build is good only is you are very low on rubies - otherwise you should make acid+vamp+howl build




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Maybe you don't know,
but withering touch rubies now triggers decomposition only from neurotoxin at rate (33%/66%/100%)
so in FH build is waste of 3 rubies.

As for DPS - doing simple acid build is good only is you are very low on rubies - otherwise you should make acid+vamp+howl build
well theres some more mistakes like for example r2 bloodlust rubies in fh build

I didnt think before I wrote this nvm
Back and rolling on 6.0!

My Youtube Channel
Summoner PvP guide 5.0.0

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It's based on previous patch so :D surely needs some changes!
Mikhailo // Summoner // Empire


As for DPS - doing simple acid build is good only is you are very low on rubies - otherwise you should make acid+vamp+howl build

Yup for myself when dps I am acid/vamp/howl, but the point of the PMB for NA was to make general guides that new players could read and achieve an understanding of the class, and to show a build they could level up towards. From helping a friend of mine level up, it's my understanding it's too difficult to level up following the acid/vamp/howl combo. To make it easier on most new start players I put up an acid build for them to follow (I was gonna post a lifetap build as well but I was too lazy lol).

And withering touch only triggers from Neuro?? I didn't see it in 5.0 patch notes o.o worked for VI last patch, that's depressing qq thank you!
Demlock's Summoner Guide - Click Here




Why didn't you update it before posting you bum? Lazy summoner, typical.


Why didn't you update it before posting you bum? Lazy summoner, typical.

8| ?(

Troll hurt my feelings *sits in corner and cries* ;(
Demlock's Summoner Guide - Click Here



i have to say as a player that have no knowlage of this game.. (highest lvl character is 27 paladin) this post is full of information i need :) thx alot for making this :)

oh and just thought i should post this because other posts in this thread is compareable with LoL players vision on other people

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