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Global Costume Sale: Now Live! 25/12/2017

Dear Sarnaut,
Now that the League & Empire have the Architects on the run, the Holiday Committee have been working alongside all major profession trainers in order to provide residents of Sarnaut something special to take their mind off recent events. Fashionistas rejoice, for today we present to you the widest assortment of costumes in our new global costume sale!

Starting today, you'll be able to purchase outfits from all corners of Sarnaut – from storyline reward and special event based, to Prophetic Card costumes and other precious attires!

Desired costumes can be obtained using the "purchase" context via the wardrobe feature for either regular and premium crystals (Ctrl+U by default) – check them out!
This sale will end on the 1st January, so don't delay! With the League & Empire's ultimate victory over the Architects drawing near, make sure you look the part.

-The Allods Team


Thank you for the Costume Sale, but where are our Lucky Moments?


Vickie Lynn


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Thank you for this event! Many people were waiting this. But as the last time, some outfits aren't available, is there any reason? Like this one :

There's no other way to get it, will it be available one day?
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Aezelie - Warrior 85
Vick - Psioniscist 85

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some outfits aren't available, is there any reason?
Those are not part of the sale.
Allods Online Administration


Can we get this on sub server? The sub server keeps getting neglected even though stuff like this has nothing to do with p2w, what reason is there to not earn some extra money for the game than letting subs buy some of these?




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Sub Server needs some love too. I have all this extra money from Christmas and no event to spend it on. Can we at least buy them on f2p and get them transferred to our sub accounts?


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Hey rinroken,

i´m sry to write but it is not possible to transfer it to the subserver :(

greetz Kurt
Kurtcobain-Lvl 80-Demo/ Sechmet-Lvl 80 Cleric

KurtCobain - lvl 80 Cleric (LEAGUE)


Hey rinroken,

i´m sry to write but it is not possible to transfer it to the subserver :(

greetz Kurt
Can't we just buy them directly? This is ridiculous


Basically Sub Server members when it comes to costumes


The Russian P2P server has had costumes and weapon skins to buy with cash since 8.0 or 8.1 I dont remember but Smugglers Paradise seems to not have gotten the same events that the RU P2P has gotten over the patches. Not just that but the RU allods has had way more collector boxes then our Allods has had. But yeah Rin is right we need the same love the RU P2P has been getting and Our P2P has been missing out on, 9.0 needs to bring some stuff for those on P2P as well. We want the same things the RU P2P gets. :thumbup:

THe Our CM's need to stop sweeping our server under the carpet heck we dont even get lucky moments anymore why the 2 F2P servers do whats that about. Please look into what the Russian P2P has and give us the same We are will to spend to get costumes and weapon skins and what ever else they have over there.…&threadID=23554

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