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Mass accounts suspension

After a thorough investigation of cases involving financial fraud (fraud) and the transfer of illegally obtained crystals to other players, Administration has decided to block a number of in-game accounts involved in suspicious transactions.

If you have violated the rules and your account has been banned, after an honest admission of the fact and sharing the details of the transaction with Administration, we guarantee you an alleviation of your sentence (up to amnesty). Contact Administration regarding the ban of your account by creating a ticket to Technical Support. Each case will be reviewed on individual basis.

If you think that access to your account has been restricted by a mistake, Allods Team asks you to send a request to Technical Support for additional verification.

Administration reminds you that the purchase of crystals for real money from third parties is a very serious violation of the End-User Licence Agreement and Terms of Service and will not be left without notice. If you have any information about such cases please contact Administration or its representatives on the forum or by submitting a ticket with evidence to Technical Support.

Thank you for understanding and cooperation,
Allods Team

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