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a player back to play

i want back to play allods online i stop from season 7.0, so i had bard, scout, paladin, mage and psy, so which class you advise me to play with and if it's possible to propose me a build for it .
thank you so muuuuuch :love: :love: :love:




What's your average CS level?
As in, what runes?
cs stat pages?
the lower cs you got, the more reason to play tank/support role in this game of teamwork! ;)


scout / small yellow stars

seriously; take a look at the class-subforums for builds
for leveling, the fastest class probably is psionicist at the beginning, if you have the option change once enough rubies / talents to support(fire) sorcerer (fastest movement)

but what you want? the "best" pvp class? the fastest leveling class? the most comfortable class? tell us more


thank you all for your answer, i was playing from lvl 45 max from about 5 year i starts with shaman in 4.0 i switch to bard (my nickname lordbard) until 6.0 (170 days in game of playing bard) i come back in 7.0 but haven't playing a lot, so i want back to start with 9.0 ( i think it's a good update :D ) my runes are all lvl 7 ;( for the cash shop most of the relic i have the green blue purple ( i forgot the names )
and my second class is scout and psy about 70 and 80 days in game of playing them .
i want the most comfortable class for pve pvp, and easy to catch up the retard i had
THANK YOUUUU :love: :love: :love: :love: :love:

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