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0fps when you die or get ressed

Whenever I die (about to die), basically whenever I am about to get the final hit, my screen freezes for 5/6 secs and then I die.
Same for when I am getting ressed, the moment I am about to come alive, screen freezes 5/6s.
Should I supply any info, speccy?


have same problem, when i die my screan freeze for 3-5s, same when rez, have it from always over 2-3y




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Try to disable all Add-Ons, then try to die again and see if it still freezes.
Also, since when does it happen? Already before the 2 days maintenance? or after?
It is possible that the server needs up to 6 seconds to finally answer to the death / resurrection event.
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I've never had this til after th mass ban.
I don't have this on my main, it only happens when I am on a certain reinc.
Addons are all the same on each reinc.




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I cannot reproduce this error. It is still possible that an addon is creating this freeze. You should try dying, see if it is freezing, then turn off the addons and try it again.
If that doesn't help, you should write to customer support.

Maybe some important pieces of information: If it is on a specific reinc, which class/level does it have and in which area can you confirm this lag?




Area was in astral, the allod of which the last boss is the big arisen electro thing with circles tactic and a shield, spawns random zem bots. 3rd boss is that necro-orc that summons 3 balls that explode if not destroyed.
I will get back when i have more info.

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