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Tuesday, February 6th 2018, 1:41pm

In Development: Equipment Collection

Many changes have been made to the equipment collection system. The last season revealed a few issues: for example, players had to spend a lot of “old” keys before flying to a new sectors or constantly collect new equipment sets. So what is going to change?

After completing storyline quests, all characters will receive 42 astral keys, and those who have reached level 75will be able to get more daily. Players no longer need to hastily level their characters to 80 the same day just so they don’t lose their keys.

The same system will be used for new sectors. They will be unlocked automatically after some time. All old keys will expire, and the character will get 42 new keys.

Sectors will now be divided according to the quality of the equipment you can get there: Emerald - uncommon equipment and materials; Azure - rare equipment and materials, and so on.

You can get a group to fly there, and you can also complete them with the help of mercenaries. Only the current and previous sectors are always available, and Boxes with Loot in the latter do not require astral keys.

From each box, you will receive materials for crafting equipment (please note that the quality of the equipment will match the sector where it is obtained), gold and, with a certain chance, a random “lootable” item.
Boxes from the astral layer can be purchased for Combat Emblems, Battleground Emblems, and Astral Nuggets without any limits.

Please not that the chance of getting “lootable” items from boxes has been significantly reduced. Main sources are professions: to create an item, you will need a special component unique to a profession, and Demonic Entities which can be obtained in the Kingdom of Elements. All equipment pieces of this kind can be traded to other players or sold at an auction.
Professions can help you craft any level 94 items, as well as “lootable” level 95 items of any quality (shoulders, gloves, sashes, necklaces, bracers, weapons, accessories, and special weapons), if it is unlocked on the server. Tools created by crafters no longer have quality grades. Only their amount is varied.

The list of Hero’s Insignias has been expanded. All item qualities have several Insignias which differ in the maximum level of stat efficiency that you can reach with their help. You can obtain them in the following activities:
For Combat Emblems and Battleground Emblems:
  • to 103%;
  • to 106% (must reach a 1000+ rating);
In Heroic Adventures (as a loot from strong enemies):
  • to 103% (difficulty 1-5);
  • to 106% (difficulty 6-10);
  • to 109% (difficulty 11-15);
  • to 112% (difficulty 16-20);
  • to 115% (difficulty 21-25).
All Insignias can be applied to items if their quality is equal to the quality of the upgrade or lower.

Aside from regular loot, you can find special chests in raid adventures which may contain items fully suitable for your class. The number of such items will be limited, and you will have to distribute them among the group members using the loot system. At high difficulty, you may even get items with a 100% efficiency of special stats.

Freedom Mirror will be replaced by a new artifact: Grail of Awakening. It will provide the character who owns it with the following advantages:
  • (Level 1) Using Martyr's Guidance of any rank grants the Exhilaration effect for 6 seconds. As long as the effect is active, the character’s movement speed is increased by 20%, and they are invulnerable to slowing effects.
  • (Level 2) When the character dies, their killer (if they are an enemy character) gains the Mark of Avenger effect. As long as the effect is active, they take 15% more damage from your character. Additionally, for 3 seconds after resurrection your character takes 90% less damage from common sources.
  • (Level 3) Duration of Unbreakable Will (from the Martyr's Protection ability) is extended by 2 seconds.
  • (Level 4) If the character takes no damage for 6 seconds, their highest special offensive stat is increased by 90. In the Aspect of Defense, the stat is increased by 15 for each time they take damage (up to 90; the effect ends if the character takes no damage for 6 seconds). The artifact has no effect on damage type stats and Rage.
  • (Level 5) As long as the character’s health is above 50%, their damage and healing efficiency are increased by 5%. If they have less than 50% health, they take 5% less damage.


Tuesday, February 6th 2018, 3:48pm

In other words, bringing back the old system?


Tuesday, February 6th 2018, 5:32pm



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Quick question, will all of the gear look like its made using a potato?

Pretty tired of the same gear now since 5.0, all weapons look like a rock attached to the end of a stick.
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Tuesday, February 6th 2018, 6:39pm



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Quick question, will all of the gear look like its made using a potato?

Pretty tired of the same gear now since 5.0, all weapons look like a rock attached to the end of a stick.
They didnt change anything :D
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Tuesday, February 6th 2018, 9:36pm



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Mostly because with all the costumes you got , almost no one is looking anymore at the gear :)
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Wednesday, February 7th 2018, 8:01am

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I did and so has no connection to the game what so ever they look bad

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