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Tuesday, February 6th 2018, 2:36am

Forum Auto Save Script

This happens a lot to me, I make a reply/thread in the forum and after submitting the page crashes and going back to the previous page, resulting in loss of what I've typed, and its frustrating TBH... so making an embedded auto-save script in the reply page would solve this (just like in VBulletin forum template and Aegisub translation app).

If you guys can't modify of the forum ask the Russians I think we have the same forum template.


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Tuesday, February 6th 2018, 4:23am

i made a habit on the following simple 2-action failsafe

before you press "post" button press CTRL+A (select all) and CTRL+C (copy all the selected) -> its in the clipboard
if browser / website / whatever fails, press CRTL+V (paste from clipboard)

this is good enough for like 99.9% of forum activity

on "Important" documents use a notepad and press CTRL+S (save) regularly so even if power goes out your text will be save since its stored on the harddrive instead of the RAM
- once finished ctrl a / ctrl v in browser

this way you are not dependent on 3rd parties autosavescripts 8o


Wednesday, February 7th 2018, 10:26pm



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Tbh the cost-benefit-ratio would be totally unbalanced (meaning: it would be way to expensive to develop such feature by the Allods Team in relation to the benefit).
I can almost guarantee, that this kind of feature won't be developed for this forum.
(Except of course, if it is implemented in BurningBoard's latest Forum Software aaand this Forum's software would be updated to that version).

I could develop a Chrome / Firefox add-on for that matter, but I guess the method AOP described would be the best.
So let's just leave it at that.
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Thursday, February 8th 2018, 1:05am

Well I usually do this method but sometimes I forget about it...

speaking about extension I found this one on the chrome store, it seems working when I use the "source code" tab on the forum reply/message tab, but on the "Editor" tab it doesn't work.

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Thursday, February 8th 2018, 2:14am


The most recent versions of Burning Board(R) (see the footnote of the forum) have this feature.
We may just hope that the Allods Online forum will be upgraded in the future :).
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