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10. 03. 2018, 00:58


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Anomalous Sector

Doing Anomalous Sector as this is being written, Just finished it. We were overrun by leagues and top guilds. We had a chest for every spawn we could take, but every chest was taken away from us because drill arts oneshot lv21 aegis shields. We had 6 active people, all discouraged to continue.
No rewards or cheer-up rewards are given for the losers that got nothing in AS for the ful 1h30m. This is not a gameplay, this is a cagefight.
This is how you demotive people from doing certain content, making it dead.
Improve the system so that everyone gets rewards, even those that suck and be losers.
The dominating players will keep their fishes to eat, and the fishes will keep coming back for the small bites.
Think about certain game aspects you publish. I see so many mistakes 1 by 1 that it gets me very mad, thinking you guys really don't test certain aspects.


10. 03. 2018, 08:35

This is exactly what forces people into big guilds. Which is imo not too bad. Allods still is a competitive game, even in Astral


10. 03. 2018, 09:38

well, we are all here on the same boat, in league side we have a semi-ceasefire at anomalous sector, but still may complain from some ships *TheWanderers* that keeps attacking league ships, still AS has been like this the whole time, and I personally like the PVP ship ( I mean come on !! what is left of the ships use compared to the use back in 3.0), and I also think that Aegis shield makes you vulnerable even if you use visor to regenerate it, yet its an outated shield while guilds like euphoria were able to kill arch demon few times this patch (legendary ship gear of level 22), and all people can get the legendary adaptive demon hunter's artillery.

I don't think complaining about the reward system will change anything, because MyCom isn't responsible for programming, and even if they talk to the Russian dev's you will have to wait for them to make a new patch with those changes of the reward system.

I think you should consider making the AS a mass guild activity, go with more ships with better devices, play smart, and you may even contest the arch demon and then you can dominate the ship PVP at AS, I think its easy to achieve that you guild is pretty good tbh.

Bring It On! Cuz I'm Just Gonna Grow Up In The Battle HEY !!

Timed Artifacts: The hidden value
Blanks In Chat?


10. 03. 2018, 17:44

Well its true you get rekt by some guilds. Euforia Asce and TW. I think there is a easy possibility to get the box for the Sparklvling stuff. This is called asking the People if its ok to get 1 Box or get a better Crew and Ship.
I choose the first Option and asked Ottomatic after this entered AS with a decent ship.

In TW there are many useless ppl who just get carried by a few People like Nuarb and many many others. People who carry are like Rustysebo or Beaverius. I also have to say that beaverius never attacks People only if they attack him and if you have a league char talk to him he is one of the nicest guys I have ever met, aks lade how much he got for free from him :D I can't say anthing how Festerdrauf is acting in AS but I can say something about Buzzed for him its pvp as long as he is the better otherwise he is like a baby xD

Another Thing Since Years I only saw 2 Guilds in AS Euforia and TW. They do it every Day and every Day with the same Crew or lets say with a Pool of People. After a while you know what to do and can do it faster. Since some Time there is Otto and some other Asce Ships in as well. They all started with shitload of money and they invest in their ships. If you have once a good Ship its easy to farm. Do astralhunt or MD there you get the ship items. excep reaktor and some shields for this its mostly better to take cs stuff
Myself can do the whole Underdeck where some guilds need 2 People for it and they are still slower then me.

if we are talking about investing in your Ship we can talk about artis who costs easy 400k the right ones or a simple canon for the same price but you need like 16 special ones and 4 ultra rapid canons, but ye its easier to complain then doing the right Job and buy it or farm it. I don't like how Euforia or TW are acting in AS

Ye its true some Guilds Rule it but you just have to get better or other Option sent some good PvP player in the TW ships mostly of them are so bad in PvP.

Btw I only would use a Aegis in front or in the Back and max 1. If its broken use Shieldboost otherwise it takes to much time

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10. 03. 2018, 19:46

bring singleplayer-shps, solves all problems (1 char can use all shipskills from 1 position)
will boost activity enourmously as everyone can do it suddenly

groups still have an advantage as 1 man cant fire 6 cannons independently + they can board the ship but it would lead to more than 5 or 6 ships on the whole server doing this activity

and NO reward for over 1 hour effort is very demotivating, no wonder ppl dont care for this activity :S


11. 03. 2018, 02:01

mmm you're saying that you're aegis lvl 21 is one shot by a drill ? so i guess the drill is lvl 22. Its like now going pvp at bgs with gear lvl 75 and complain getting one shot. You should upgrade your boat.


11. 03. 2018, 03:56


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mmm you're saying that you're aegis lvl 21 is one shot by a drill ? so i guess the drill is lvl 22. Its like now going pvp at bgs with gear lvl 75 and complain getting one shot. You should upgrade your boat.

The artillery was an epic quality, meaning it can only be 21 by max of current sectors, but that's not my point here.
It is that the people spending so much time in here, day after day, can end up with NOTHING at all. That just seems wrong to me FOR A GAME.
Where the goal of devs is to give players a comfortable game environment, not giving them a feeling of regret of "wasting time".
I am just comparing it to what I learned at game dev in school, and they'd surely not agree to this AS reward system.


11. 03. 2018, 16:49

Do you really have a problem because someone killed you on the AS? Hey, this is PVP map.

1. Buy / farm equipment from the astral.
2. Learn to fight on pvp with ships. It's not same like battlegrounds, you know?
3. This map is still pvp and assumes that there are no factions.
4. Not knocking ships out of your faction is still a good will of both sides and can be changed.
5. TS can help you- communicate with party on AS it's necessary :P

This place exist many many time and now you have discovered that someone is using it long time?

I don't scream when someone kick my ass on Domi. They was better-ok? I will be better on another map :P

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