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Does Allods need a major change?

I'm asking this question to get a feel of the current attitudes towards Allods.

Does anyone think that the game is fine or needs a major overhaul --specifically to bring players back? :S


I've seen some reviews and I've been asking some new players about game and they all say it is VERY expensive when compared to other games.
Imho game is missing discounts for non-EUR/non-USD zone members- for me those 10 EUR is about 10x more valuable when You consider "money purchasing power" (EUR exchange rate, average payment in numbers, essential products costs). Just take a look who is paying for the game- in most cases rich kids/people from western EU.
I don't think there will be a change in this until people paying 150EUR/month are gone and those who are paying that much are already in the trap "I have paid so much to develop my character I won't abandon it now." :)

Edit: Healthy F2P system should allow achieving some kind of competitiveness vs paying players at the cost of hard work. Right now with HEAVY farming You can afford to purchase boutique hammers to stay in pair with paying players along with slow upgrade process of runes... but those things like extra stats, rubbies are simply out of reach. I would focus on fixing that 1st. Simple solution imho would be removal of boutique hammers and lowering prices in boutique.

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I would say gearing needs a change, this patch it is easier but more costly for gearing but, grinding/farming over and over again is going to get very boring and alot won't aim for over the 100% or they will just get the raid done and test the new stuff but most will quit till the next update as some already have.


My biggest problem atm is to find parties for astral runs. The new runs are hardder, which would be fine if there were more people using the group search thing. An idea could be to combine people from the league and empire, if that is posible.


I absolutely hate current talent system, and it needs to be changed.
Also battlegrounds need more love.. it got to the point where its boring routine just like getting gear. Imo battlegrounds needs to be remove and replaced with something else…&threadID=22308


I believe the game just needs more advertisements to advertise the Subscription (pay2play) server. Look how RIFT Prime kicked off these past weeks, people are coming back to play that crappy (PvE) game.

I believe if people know of the non-pay-2-win subscription server, that people would play.

Here's some ideas:

Facebook ads, get Twitch streamers to play Allods Online on a sub server, etc.

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