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Monday, April 16th 2018, 5:24pm

Can some one share Pala build(s)?

As title say if some one can share pala DPSpve and PVP build. Got all this new vanilla things plus i did some older raids for rubys. And if some one can give some suggestions for stats. Thanks.


Monday, April 16th 2018, 5:55pm

PVE = small yellow stars
PVP = reduce dmg a bit to get more def / CC / slowdown / wounds

stats: designated stat for paladin = swiftness + then either holy or physical dmg
due to current state its profitable to do go full doubleattack along with critchance and critdmg and avoid the specialdmgtypes like holy / physical - instead get general dmgtype like prof

defstat = caution

rest = bloodlust or if you have a reliable healer survivability

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