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[Guide] FakeNews Warrior PvP guide 9.0 (Build, stats, rotation)

Here you go, hope you liked it. Trying to improve based on feedback from you guys.


Sigh... This archetypes forums are so dead.
What about warrior pve tank builds.

I've done some testing yesterday and i found out that on 1h and shield the main dmg skill is now trump with bleeding rubies (even for single target rotation). With some swiftness you can keep titan's rage constantly up and spam devastating blows which will do more dmg than i could expect.
Also it gives lots of defence while u spam those.

So 9.0 warrior's new rotation is: charge > DB > Titan's Rage > Spam DB & spend CA for Finishing Strikes.
Am I rite? ( and fuck treacherous strike, is now useless in pve imo).

3$j0ng63o30g9jo…3r0k1o::13ydj3: this is something i used to have for warrior tanking, I dont know excatly amount of talents / rubies available because i didnt play warrior for a while but the class didnt change that much

I would try to get rank 3 charge but yeah i dont know exact amount of talents/rubies


Well, since now you can AoE with Devastating Blow i put a bit more skill points and rubies in there and the effect is quite nice. I dropped all of the CC skills since it is not needed in pve imo.

Though as a pvp thing goes.. since im playing tank i wonder is there any viable pvp build for sword'n'board this days.
I know assault is great for pvp but i dont want to go with two sets of gear for both pvp and pve.

Tried some cc/tank build but I was not satisfied with those tbh.

Any of you guys have any experience with tank pvp? Is it even viable right now?


You only need 2 handed weapon and 1h+ shield, i wouldn't call it having 2 sets of gear. You know you can just download Statmanager and make presets for tank stats and pvp stats and it changes automatically too

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