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F2P Crabs

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Sunday, May 20th 2018, 2:49pm



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ll In your Spark rubies grid u have a Rubie that makes it pop 1% of the allods u go, If u want that RNG crabs :D, tbh crabs are a good thing for some ppl, but also bad for some, depends on Who you are and ur status. I can also say IF you know strategies on allods bosses U should Never die in Astral unless ur not paying attention,(I also die in astral cuz of that or others not knowing tactics) But thats part of the game, If u have played since 3.0 u should know the strats(this is for everyone complaining they "reworked" bosses], The only allod I am not sure to 100% is Fenias Cloister last boss but I know enough to kill it, we just have to focus and get there xD
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Sunday, May 20th 2018, 4:11pm

yeh, crabs are fun, but unerstand when someone have this op pover evryday it can be boring for him :P

Also i wuld want see more buffs in game, like for exemple "soul of wolf" (you can change to werewolf and get some bloodlost skills) or simple buffs like fortune ( boss have 30% less hp, becose are drunk) or any stats buffs, also i remember when was 55lv ,and in highter islands you culd find some negative buffs as well, it was realy fun for me
cuz your never know whats waite for you (yeh remeber that x2 spawning demons who was follow to kill you xD)

Now you have only crabs, and it's all :(

if your not, you have same allods to do evryday, i culd tell it's not healty, but yeh, evryone like another stuff

ps. yeh i not tell it culd be evry run, but like 1% for it same as crab

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Tuesday, May 29th 2018, 9:27pm



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i agree with crab removal...

The people becomes Lazy, when we queue Astral on (Ctrl+M) only pops with 2 maximum 3 players, they prefer wait a rich announce crab instead queuing normally...

Allods team as well need Nerf the power Level of Astrals reducing the amount items needed to craft... 3~4 Runs is very fine to craft a item
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Saturday, June 2nd 2018, 5:53pm

Allods team cares about getting their bank accounts full wiyh playerbase money and there are certain facts to support it.
1) Aspects ruined diversity of builds and pvp simply cos before people couldnt tell what build u had now they can see your aspect.
2) New stats with lowered cap push you to spend on either perfection or runes to get better dps since all use 2 or 3 of the special stats
3) As a player since 40 patch astral was never easier to do than it is at the moment
4) People that look for crab parties sometimes even have fail dps as crabs ( yes it is possible)
5) No new raid content for far too long , 1 new boss in an old raid is hardly nothing
6) Removed the usage of astral ships and the option to sail astral to get to the allod that required coordination
Overall the game skillcap have went down dramatically and for hardly 0 new content.
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