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Very nice job with the bug fixes and patches

So i was doing quest in sogot and pressed automove and this happened. No words required. For the record i could move arround and teleport and do stuff but i was stuck in the roof so to say i couldnt move upstairs.


Another thing happend but i don t have it recorded where i was killing a mob in Sogot, White Hook and I just falled through the ground and got stuck while the mob was hiting me but i couldn t hit back. That happened after the maintenance. So yeah very nice job. Keep wondering yourelfs why you don t have many players. You d think it s so hard to write a list with stuff you are fixing when you do a maintenance. Every other game does that but not allods. Cus yeah Allods is the bigest game out there...


thay fix it 4 path ago, you just need pres ctrl+b option :thumbup:

ez to flame


What does that do? Also it s not flame. Also i just used stone to teleport. And i coulnd t usr the urgent teleportation because i didn t had the dead end effect


you can use it witchout this effect, but it will make your speed lover by 10% for 10min (if you use this think second time before it end, this effect will stack)

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