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I need endgame dps and healer build.

I need help with one dps build for endgame and one healer build. I have greatness, 72 talent points, 64 rubys, 250 stat pointss. When i say dps i mean a build that will allow me to handle mobs in Azure distortion solo( like i ve seen alot of people do and mobs in KoE.

I just switched to healer from mage cus i won a morpher from "Not a day without gifts".

Don t hate me because i made new thread i just couldn t find on the forum what i was looking for. Also i would be really thankfull if you could tell me skill rotations for dps and such.


Yes thank you for all the great answers...


Maybe it would be easier to get answers if you didn't use fancy, hard to read, font?




Priest heal build
stats: offensive: 250 swift, 200 DA, all rest on brutality; defensive on 250 caution, some vitality.
rotation: kinda no rotation for healing. prioritize your heals that do the biggest numbers :p you'll get to know how it works, we're human after all.

Priest support build
stats: offensive: 300 DA, (perhaps 250 crit chance / crit dmg, did not test this), prof/bruta about equal; defensive: 250 caution, 200 concentration, rest vitality.
rotation: spam divine sentence along with holy rage, holy rage is off gcd (global cooldown). try apply heavenly smite to some big hp mobs because it will apply vulnerability(if you use divine sentence on a heavenly smite debuffed mob) if they are not red rings (bosses). TA to speed up (nuking). you're cleansing flame debuff should rarely ever run out. glint to get out of circles real quick if you can't do it manually. luminary to selfheal but use it more as bonus dps (it's an insane aoe, along with chain of light), use frenzy to boost up particle of light dmg, elsewise I wudn't use particle of light. simple class, simple gameplay
have fun!


this is support priest atm?!?
one cc, rest damage and two rubies vulnerability + ta? use singletarget meleestrike to debuff one mob?

no sacred word? no defensebuff? no halo?
PLS make Tekians playable race. fix shipcanons!




this is support priest atm?!?
one cc, rest damage and two rubies vulnerability + ta? use singletarget meleestrike to debuff one mob?

no sacred word? no defensebuff? no halo?

Considering the lack of rubies (64, not 74 (full cs)), and the mentioning he said to do distortions solo and KOE dailies, this was the best I could come up with. This player asked this ages ago but none bothered a second. Someone tries to give a hand and it gets bitten already by "knowitbetters". You go ahead and post your ideas, let's test them and see what works best?


im not playin active atm. so my question was just a question cuz i want to stay in touch.

but for the knowitbetterfeelin i could ask too. why not damageaspect???

me is usin this one:$fgpsuf1g0…4trq0s::13ydj3:

before i was usin this support:$fgvsm31g0…45oa0s::13ydj3:

but have to change it in this:$fgpsu31g0…45oa0s::13ydj3:
PLS make Tekians playable race. fix shipcanons!





The reason I gave a supp build and not dps is because dps for me is to purely focus on dealing numbers in astral as much as you can.
support priest to me is more appearing when it comes to questing and the desired distortions, since u can apply the debuffs on all of this content.
the astral that exists out of bosses for half, are immmune to debuffs. so supp won't work there either, but he can go heal for pve.
support also has a better defence than dps spec.


Well, thx for answer Dragagon. The question was asked ages ago as you said, in the meantime I got a build from someone else it didn t performed that great and because of that I went back to playing my warrior on empire(the toon is from 2014 but didn t had great runes). So i played around with warrior and came up with a build that i can play easy, so know i am playing that warrior.
Recently i started to get more familiar with the healer also cus i made aoidoi heal reinc. And i suppose I will aplly what you said on the reinc.


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