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Wednesday, August 15th 2018, 10:37pm

Carnifex execute ability and new bg

Came here to ask: since when this stupid idea of executing has been buffed so hard that now it can execute people with a bit over half HP (around 55%) ?( I mean, wtf. p2w people can already blast newbies asses off with a combination of 3-4 buttons, why shorten it to 1 ?? I'm saying this from the kinda newbie point of view. My eq isn't that bad, but it isn't super good, it's in the middle, around 21k gs. I've been doing dailies on al rihat, after a fight with a mob i had 55% of hp mentioned before and some guy drove by on his lightning bolt, stopped behind me, PRESSED 1 BUTTON and in less then a second i'm dead, while he flashed away and disappeared. Didn't even saw his name, spark lvl, nothing. It's straight up absurd one can do that.

And the second question is Does the new bg, the one sculptor makes, has a higher chance of popping or something? I'm saying this because i've been once on the witch's hollow and around 5-6 on new bg.


Thursday, August 16th 2018, 2:22am

carnifex does not make it easier to kill something...
if the player who killed you had no single carnifex item the outcome would have been the same
its not so hard, just imagine:
top player, crit, high brut, some buffs, doubleattack buff from bg...
there are still other things... active emblem buff, food buff, supportbuffs, relicbuffs, offensive potion, vigor potion, ... you name it
this provides peakdmg

lets imagine further, for example its a paladin and he strikes with the strong paladin attack (sword symbol, was its name vengence?)
the target is maybe a cloth-armor wearer?

i kill ~50% players sometimes aswell and im quite behind in gear (still)... nothing special
if the target has defensive points in bloodlust / concentration / survivability or other passive things (in opposite to HP / caution) its even easier...


Thursday, August 16th 2018, 6:52am




that's f2p for you.

Noway that that can happen on p2p, Everyone equal here, no p2w :x
League side, welcome to join ^^


Thursday, August 16th 2018, 8:42am

i would suggest play as a healer in bg since these p2w people can definitely kill you in 1-3 buttons even you have 21k. if u are truly a newbie then dont go in bgs with dps aspect and die in seconds. maybe before bg can be newbie friendly because a lot of leechers can switch orders so that they can get order buff. these leechers only have basic gears and wrong stats. so if u wanna git gud. put some money on the game rather than farming in the game which will not get u anywhere. id rather do some overtime work in real life to pay some stuff than spending much time in the game

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