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Saturday, September 22nd 2018, 3:19am



Non-Alchemy profession levelling

I am posting this to make devs aware that the profession systems are getting outdated and need a look at them.
Currently levelling my weaponsmithing, I've stumbled upon some problems and issues that I am sure are not meant to be this way.

Levelling currently on lv76, I haven't gotten a new recipe yet since lv72.
As we all might know, the lower the level is of the item you craft, the fewer exp you gain per craft. Currently crafting lv72 1h mace (highest level I can do) on full epic bars, gives me ONLY 19% exp. On full blue bars, it's giving me 9%. On full green, it's giving me 3%. On failure, it gives me 1%.

But draga, why aren't you crafting higher levels then if your profession is on 76?
Well, because the next following, and only, items are lv75 and these are the endgame items from astral, and these require the long and expensive process you have to do to craft weapons/gear on endgame. Farm lots of ore in KOE, farm lots of dust in astral/raids, give lots of gold, and get a chance on a 90/90 weapon or higher.

Now this applies to lv75 gear, meaning it's all useless and ONLY for levelling. Is that worth it? I don't think so.
I've also checked to buy recipes on a higher level but the highest level recipes there are to be found are lv62, not helping either.
Since our goal is to reach lv80, it's going to take a lot of time to level from 76 to 80, only to catch up. I think this scaling is out of time and needs to be reconsidered.

To give an example to alchemy, you can craft new recipes on every new lvl you get up to lv80. Levelling there is completely without worries.
Alchemy trainer also gives a potion that gives alchdemy profession pure free levels for completing his quest twice, other professions don't seem to have that.

Please consider this serious as it might also demotivate new/returning players - which I think, we all need :)

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Saturday, September 22nd 2018, 4:15am



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The ore isnt that Hard to get ur hands on tho and Gehenna from np
I am PioPico


Tuesday, September 25th 2018, 8:54am



PRACTICALLY there is no autolooter harvesting ores/herbs on p2p yet :(
YES OKAY, THEORETICALLY it is here but no one has acces to it yet :(
So it's a lil bit harder to comeby. But okay I got to 80 in about 2h of farming ores and crafting Demonic Ingots only. But the speed at which you lvl from 1- 75 compared to the speed of 75 - 80 is a big difference :/
Making it possible to harvest ores/herbs in Al Rihat would improve this a lot too and make it way easier to level up/craft items.

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