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Make GOBLINBALL great again

Hello everyone,

As a regular goblinball player, I summon the power of moderators and devs to make this possible : Make goblinball games 3 vs 3 (Please :) )

Every goblinball player knows that queueing for goblinball can take sometimes more than 10 or 20 minutes. And that's a pain in the a$$ when you want to quickly do your dailies and/or fool around a little. So these are the pros and cons this change may lead:

Pros :
- Changing the number of players required will reduce queueing times.
- This will not brake the mechanics of the game nor it's gameplay, because nowadays in almost every game there's someone Afk (tired of waiting, so yeah...), 3 vs 3 games aren't a problem at all (And you know that deep inside you).
- Ranked games can be an exception because it's more 'competitive' than a regular game.
- Rewards aren't affected, because the effort and time invested are the same.
- Everyone is happy, especially me ;)

Cons :
- None :thumbup:

So please, make this possible, I know the number of goblinball players isn't that huge, but we will be thankful.


Good idea +1 :thumbsup:
R.I.P. Iithium


Thank you for your ideas :) I will forward your feedback to our producers.


Obrigado por suas idéias. :) Vou encaminhar seus comentários para nossos produtores.
Obrigado por suas idéias. :) Vou encaminhar seus comentários para nossos produtores.
Olá, alguma coisa mudou no Goblinball, porque eu tento jogar todos os dias e nunca começa !!!


goblinball splits community even more then allods p2w-pvp.. in fact it was and is just a sb-gold-station for a handfull peeps not annoyed by the horrific music instaaggroflaming by "teammates" or the "game" itself.

pls just remove this mess or give it a fix scedule like AoD and increase players to 12 or something

pro tipp: all other problems will vanish easy by removing any relevant reward from that tarded minigame with way da heck to much reward
PLS make Tekians playable race. fix shipcanons!

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