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Tuesday, October 30th 2018, 12:38pm

Premium account

So i came back to Allods like a month ago, i was expecting to find the game completely dead, but surprisingly there were players still playing which encouraged me to decide to give the game an other chance. I bought like 1500 bc to get myself started, in which i discovered that they have this new system called Premium account, i scrolled through the items they offer for premium players and liked it and decided to boost my premium account to level five the next few days MAINLY to have hands on the clear runes (level 9,10..) which SHOULD last for 30 days as writen in the items description.
So i did my first purchase around 20th septembre which got me to premium level 2, then boosted it to level 4 in 24th septembre at night, i was super busy those days and barely had like an hour to play. after getting level 4 premium at the night of 24th septembre, i was shocked when i figured out that the runes will disappear in 12 hours, so does all the temporary premium items... i just called it bullshit and went to sleep, to log in tomorrow after i came back home from work to find out that the premium which i fking bought just yesterday has been expirted, then i saw the little dumb message saying "premium expires 25th of each month".

Now i wonder who is behind this idea? force players to purchase at 25th of each month only? i said only because i want the most out of my money, i take everything you offer me, so if I EVER will purchase again i will make sure it will happen at 25th of each month ONLY.
Secondly, a player X pay 50 euro and buy bc at 25th of the month, he get to enjoy full 30 days of premium accounts including temporary runes for 30 days and many items, while a player Y pays the same amount of money, but because it just happened that he needed to purchase the bc in a different time , he gets to enjoy the premium feature less than the player X, if not NOT TO enjoy it at all, same as it happened to me.

Any human with the average IQ , using the lowest amount of logic and common sense, would put the premium system as the following :

You activate your premium account when you buy enough crystals to make at least level 1 premium, lets say you made a purchase at day 1 of june, the premium account is ending 30th of june, including all the items availabe for premium level 1, BUT when you upgrade to level 2 lets say at 10th june, the freaking items that will be available for level 2 premium must END in 30 days which means they will disappear in 5th of july ..and so on for all the premium levels.SEPERATE THE PREMIUM SYSTEM DURATION FROM THE PREMIUM ITEMS....

It is incredibly dumb to make a purchase of 5k crystals then offer me a temporary rune with 2 hours duration...while others purchased the same amount and used the same rune for 30 days

Now what shocked me the most....all the players are not complaining and just going anywhere is taking them...

Not making a single purchase again, unless they fix this.


Tuesday, October 30th 2018, 12:51pm

Yeah. It's pretty stupid that prémium stuff expire date is not account wide but server wide..


Tuesday, October 30th 2018, 1:21pm

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at first: welcome back Siimo ;)

and yeap i was such a fool once too, bought at 23rd and gone 2 days later

al they can and will say: u should have read the small notes at it
wich sounds very the same as our governments and politicians (wordlwide) do doesn't it?
and yes even there we just let it all happen :cursing:
gaat niet bestaat niet


Tuesday, October 30th 2018, 3:10pm

guys, atm p2p server is the only chance for players who stopped playing and want to come back to play, mostly in the new merged server there are so many players who spent so much that now is seriously pointless even trying to think to play a bit more competitive

come to smuggler paradise, empire needs you! (:D)


Tuesday, October 30th 2018, 3:16pm

This game is developed by money digger company, they just want profit and from support they dont give us back nothing. (i mean a lot of player pay hughe amount of money and developers give us nothing through patches) They will never change this unfair budget system so the best thing you can do not pay and try to enjoy game.


Tuesday, October 30th 2018, 10:10pm



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