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im new in Allods, need some help

Hello guys,
it's my first time playin' Allods Online
i don't know if im in the right section or not
but all what i gonna say is
how should i get some fun in allods?
all i can do is do boring tasks with bots and kill bots monsters, etc
i cant even meet any players
if anyone can help me :)




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Just try to level up as fast as you can. Most people playing the game are lvl 80 so it is normal for you not to see anyone while levelling up. =)

I have a poisoning...


if u want a passionate suggestion, come in the Smuggler's Paradise (p2p) server, there will be WAY faster leveling speed and growth of your character and mostly server now require half of the cost to be played, means 5€/month OR if u spend for whole 6 months u'll pay 3/month wich atm is related to content inside game the best game so far to spend some money into

and mostly empire needs more ppl to make some good content and your growth can be valuable since atm is pointless going in f2p server, way too strong players who put way too much money inside that makes the game uncompetitive anymore





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he is doomed :(
I am PioPico

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