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Saturday, December 8th 2018, 2:16pm

I miss old times...

A just wonder, how much of you, are players for very beginning. I miss old good times in Allods, old cool skills and dmg over 10mil. Now mine character do funny dmg and montets make fun of me. I miss this times when monsters was on 1 hit. Old good times. I remeber times, whete runes wad in items... yes old good times. I just wonder why Admin had so ruin this game? Of what point? It's about fun of game or of how much spend you real money on game? Old good times with this game are gone, like my friends... sad..


Saturday, December 8th 2018, 3:01pm

have you tried p2p? maybe it's not cuz cash shop, but more about your skill and bad stats, if you join p2p you vvill can confirm hov much you do less than another players, and than compare it to f2p to make your opinion
It's true cash in f2p give you advantage, but you need cash only if you planing to do some hard content like obs hard or heroics over 10lv, all another you can do vvith 7-8 runes and blue-epic scrols are inaf
same in pvp, join to guild vvho is on lovv tier of dominon list, to fight against same lv of cash/skill players vs you
in battlegrous you have same chance to get cash player to your team to carry you, all you need is suport that players by giving buffs/healing/stun enemy he target, if your not geared, or your class isin't good in dueling, and do objectives of map, cuz thay giv you most score, for exemple 1 kill give your team 10 score, but carred ball to your point 200, golem 500 etc

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Monday, December 10th 2018, 8:30am



The game is not how it was in your nostalgia so it's ruined...ok.


Monday, December 10th 2018, 1:32pm

I miss this ❤❤❤❤❤ My the most favorite theme of all times of all games I ever played.
Music is very important to connect player with the game on emotional level. No new theme made me feel the same as when I was listening to this theme. I often stayed in the loggin screen listening this music to the end, and then I logged in.

More about music:

Spoiler Spoiler

Let me talk about music for a little bit. What makes a good music that mekes u connect with the game? Its actually very simple. Its the first music that u hear.There will never every be a replacement for my favourite old Allods theme, becouse all new themes was only mutated copies for me, and I could not connect with it.
For me, they used the new themes wrong. They should have used it in some special situations. In bossfights maybe or in some interesting locations.
Look, listen to this music for a minute: It would be perfect menu music or opening music in the game if u listen to this for the first time.
And then imagine this one playing at the finalle before some boss fight or while doing come interesting quest It would make your skin shiver. It would make that situation so much cooler. Its the same music with some pepper, yet it makes everything so much cooler, becouse you already heard the similar music before. Thats why i think that new themes should be used somewhere else, and give us back old theme music.

Also I miss nonaspects era.
I miss non battlemount era when it was cool to have a horse or a wolf. No hoverboards, no bikes, no cars, no tanks
I miss the days, when u looked normal, not like a robot with a lasers.
I miss when u had to track the enemy in front of you to perform the attack.
I also for some weid reasons miss the days when it was super difficul to beat a normal monster. I remember I had to heal up after every 1-2 mobs.

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