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Tuesday, December 18th 2018, 8:43am

To [GM's, Stuff, Admin], what do you do wrong to game & How to fix it

Dear GM's Stuff and Admin.
I'm a player from very old times. I saw what you done to game and I just wanna tell you, what did you wrong, what is good and what can be done better for our Allods future. First of all, I'll tell what is good and what should be like is now, then what is wrong and how to fix it.

Let me start:

First of all, I'll speak about F2P server or PayToWin, what ever you like. So what is good and you better live it like so: Skirmishes/Dungeons are perfect make. This aspect of game is best till now. I have lot of fun to play everyday Skirmishes and solo Dungons. It's the reson I still play this game.

2nd are mounts and way to do regular costumers Quest for free food and some Patron activation. Well I can bought it from shop, but it don't make so much fun like doing this quest. I rely like it!.

3th, Reincarnations, super Idea. Even if I'm bored. I can still playing by other character and having lot of fun.

4th, are quests and auto run option. This option is very good in game, so shame that it's add to game, so late. In some location like Kirah/Gpant, this auto move is nessesery. That's all what I like in Allods and what keep me still in game.

Now is time to come to some sugestion. What should be added to game? First of all new option. Locked/Unlocked skill bars. All player has this problems, that skills during pvp or quick mouse action are gone from skill bar. I know, there is an Addon with lock skill bars, but why it is not a game option in game as standard?

Ok now, new sugesstion. What about monster notes. It's look like monster bestiary album, where is wrote all monsters you meet, theys like/dislike/Lvls/Boss/Elite it's good to have such thing like this. In addition, some of this monsters can be, well captured by players as a pet/toy. That will be very cool addition to game.

At last, what are you doing wrong to game and why players leve this game? First of all I'll speak about F2P servers, so be ready. Pay to win aspect in game is huge. Lot of players are like God and can't be killed becouse of Item Shop items. That's not fair at all, so players leave this game. I have very nice solution on this. For every Random Skirmish, all players wear same items lvl and same mounts in game. No other items/potions or buffs can be used. Ofcourse ONLY on this skirmish time, whole EQ turn on same qualuty like all others in team. So all players, theys Runes become same! Now this skirmish has a potential to be a good game to everyone and is justice to all. Players deal exacly same amout of dmg and heal, so chances are same, to win or to loose. No more rage quit, no more bad words about pay to win aspect in game. For random skirmish in game, all players wanna fun, and not show how much they spend on this game. Becouse it's game and not shopping store, so players need fun, all of them. Ofcourse, on Death Arena or in other Skirmishes, pay to win aspect can be shown. This same EQ/runes/mounts is just for random Skirmish. So players can see, how rely they are good and skilled. I know, this type of Skirmish will lure more players, becouse of fun and justice.

Let's see what more is bad in game and need to be replaced. I think we have much to much things to wear. I mean 20 items are way to much. Let see; head, back, rings, necletets, wrist, chest, shirt, shoulders, feet, weapons and others things, to much! Maximum 6 items. Head, chest, wrist, legs, feed and weapons. No need for more. Like on the Allods beginning, whete was over 20 Statistict to do. Even Admin reduce it to 4. So maybe it's time for some items reduce, who nows. I suggest, to do more pve dungpns in game. For solo dungeons, dame deal from players shoyld be a bit entchanecd (20% more), because some Bosses like Frost are to difficult. You do good work on game.Still mine best game since years :thumbsup:

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Tuesday, December 18th 2018, 10:03am

Hey man i really appreciate the effort you put in your post but perhaps you can format it a little bit ?
This is the literal definition of wall of text, this is unappealing to read.


Tuesday, December 18th 2018, 10:48am

My bad, I have old mobile phone. But I edited it a bit. Now is better to read, hopefully.
Hey man i really appreciate the effort you put in your post but perhaps you can format it a little bit ?
This is the literal definition of wall of text, this is unappealing to read.


Tuesday, December 18th 2018, 11:10am

Game uses F2P model which I really dislike in general and this is the only F2P game I'm playing atm. Paying players should have benefits from pumping "RL gold" into game but I agree what we have now is too much- 10 EUR for 1k BC is quite a step price.

I'm assuming that You are F2P player but from the point of view of someone who is able to pay those ~150EUR/month this game is really good... with lots of cannon fodders usually F2P players are. You have to remember also that target customer is exactly player who pays that much.

Dev team offered some leveled skirmished in the past and they weren't popular. Even now there is one which makes every participant equal (Dionic Games, Gladiators) but when You try to do it most of the time You are alone.

Stats, number of equipped items, talents and rubbies... seems a lot but from my point of view choices to make "good build" are really limited especially since introduction of aspects (try to build defensive aspect with good offensive abilities- a kind of hybrid, You will see what I mean).

The main problems I see now are:
1. Too expensive boutique
2. Poor PvE engame content (one raid obs, KoE, heroics, practicaly useless astral ships for PvE) optimized apparently for players with set of lvl 13 runes.
3. VERY slow equipment progress. Right now we are gearing up since introduction of 9.0 patch. No time to gear up more than one character or enjoy Your endgame gear.
4. Too much pressure for doing PvP but if You like PvP You are in heaven.

Do not get me wrong. There is a progress made. I'm really glad those mini seasons are gone (gear reset 4x per year).

In regards of balancing classes. That is really bad idea. If God wanted us humans to be equal in all aspects (wisdom, strength etc) we would be equal without a doubt. There is fun coming from diversity. Forget about balancing classes. Specialize them instead. Make scout really deadly at ranged combat and really weak in melee, make warrior real tank able to survive massive beating and generate massive agro (who cares about dps if You can tank 20 mobs at once and keep Your party/raid alive), make healer immortal... as long as he/she is not cced, make mage great aoe dps that puts tank aggro making capabilities for a test, give palladin auras which will strengthen his/her party resistances, boost damage or make them immune to fear or certain type of cc. I hope You see the pattern here.

Edit: I've forgotten to add my personal favorite is class less system where Your character is defined purely by skills, where armor is just armor (no bonus to stats, just resistances to damage), where You can even train skills simply by using them, where You can logout and leave Your character training (a kind of Master player and his/her disciple the game character relation).

Lastly we have P2P server too... without that boutique stuff and for really low monthly sub. I have tried it and it is ok but imho it should have the same items as F2P has just with ability to work for them slowly either by doing quests or simply buying for game gold.

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Tuesday, December 18th 2018, 12:02pm

there are many other things that the devs went wrong in this game, and you didn't include the most of them.

Speaking of the Battle grounds its actually balanced, but you see when people look at their opponents and they're be like oh its X it will be a long match if I have to win it and simply abandon and go next for good luck vs easier opponents, or you have the thing that a full CS'd guy runs rampant in BG and only seeks kills and to go for highest dps like a jerk, abandoning the objective gaming rendering his team lost cuz he's arrogant spoiled brat.

The Imbalance in battle ground is mostly class-aspect wise sometime you get in a party full of healers other times in one full of scouts xD.

As always if you're willing to talk about game-changing stuff this is not the place to talk in, talk to the main devs of RU the max reach you could get here is to CM and which if he appealed the idea greatly he'll think of showing it to the devs. Also for any actual change to occur you'll have to wait for next Russian patch, speaking of which they've changed dozens of things in patch 10 so you should be reading about it before making suggestions as they've brought back a lot of highly demanded stuff.

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