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Tuesday, January 22nd 2019, 2:35pm

Engineer Feedback

Hello, i vvant make feedback about engineer

in 10.0 this class vvill get some interesing boost to support, (also Shorter cd for critical mass, better version of acid turrets vvill help in dps too)

i vvant make feedback about

1. -20% cd for Destructive shoots culd help engineer to use it more often, and on evry pack of mobs, for novv if my team kill mobs too fast, i have nothink to hit for next group
b) Destructive shoots are not canceled after target die X(

2. Manaburst to be 45s cd

pasive ability: After you Lighting Turret hit, add (basic manaburst vvith +200% hot dmg), After your Acid Turret hit add (basic manaburst vvith -200% cold dmg)

active ability : for 10s your turrets shoot fire is incrested by 100% (+10% for evry 50 svvifness)

Rubys : Heavy isotops : your lighting turret additionally make bleeding for 4s doing evry 1s, your acid Turret additionally make Posion dmg for 6s evry 2s

3. Acid shot novv do full dmg of Toxic Volay

Toxic Vollay is raplaced for nevv ability called "Heand beam Cannon Mk2"

Heand beam Cannon Mk2 generate energy to shoot vvith powerful blast xxx dmg in front of engineer

Consume +200% cool to apply 4s of vveaknes effect and deal acid dmg

Consume +200% hot to apply 4s of vulabirity effect and deal psych dmg

effects are aply after spell get canceled or last hit


Also spell is not binded to target

range 25y, 7 radius, Time of sunstention 4s cd 23s

Spell deal of (x1,5 xxx) dmg in 0s, at 2s (x2 xxx ) at 4s (x2,5 xxx )

xxx = ( 1 reactor +3stack +200%cool (effected by Particle aceleration rubys)

also same svvifnes scaling vvhat in Destructive shoots ( more svvifness = less time of sunstention)

Rubys : Axid Mixture (Aspect of assault)

r1 = last hit of Heand beam Cannon Mk2 have 50% to crit
r2 = last hit of Heand beam Cannon Mk2 have 100% to crit

Nevv ruby : Shock VVave ( Aspect of support)

r1 = Heand beam Cannon Mk2 apply effect "Knock" evry tick, after this ability got cancel or finish targets get knock dovvn for 1s, 2s or 3s

4. Tactical bombs rubys : r4 = Bacteril bomb apply vveaknes for 4s, frag bomb vulabirity for 4s
Bombs have 5%,10%,15%,20% for reset cd, after grapshot or acid shot

5. Acid shot and Grapeshot novv have 0.6s global cd
It vvill help apply stacs and use reactor more faster

i can make this class alone, and propose it in rus, but for novv that changes are most priority to make this class function properly

VVhat you think about that proposed changes?

Is that changes vvill make you play engineer more enjoyable?

Or maybe you have more interesing sugestions hovv to improve enginner ?

left your comment ^^

Sory also for eng, and "vv"

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Wednesday, January 23rd 2019, 10:28am

b) Destructive shoots are not canceled after target die
It does for me :(


Wednesday, January 23rd 2019, 10:42am


It does for me

i mean, to fix that to Destructive shoot not be canceled after target die* (for exemple like vvith bard )

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