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Wednesday, April 25th 2018, 6:42pm

Engineer Statistics


Would you have some advices on engineer stats for a build pve DPS ?

I used to use maximum recommanded physical damages (250??) + full determination + Proficiency on stuffs on which ones I can't have deter or physical damages

But I'm coming back at this patch and that doesn't seems efficient.

What do you think ? :)

(i used to do the same on paladin : holy dmg + rest deter)


Wednesday, April 25th 2018, 9:45pm



for DPS I'd say it'd make sense to run max deter, about 150 bruta, and every item that only has prof, put it on phys dmg then.
Defensive stats you'll want 330 caution, rest into conc up to 250, rest into vitality.


Wednesday, April 25th 2018, 10:16pm

Thank you for answering!
I thought deter was always > bruta for pve, that's why I had 0 bruta since several patches. I'm gonna try to transform my profi stuffs to bruta then :)

But,,, about physical damages, my priority should not be to increase them to 250? You mean deter is > phy damages ? (that's the damage type I do the more)


Thursday, April 26th 2018, 1:48am



get some phys, get some deter, hover mouse over them and check how much % gain you get PER STAT POINT :)


Thursday, April 26th 2018, 1:03pm

As a dps i'm using :
120 proficiency
90 brutality
250 Double attack
250 swiftness
rest in deter

With double attack you can proc double heat or cold on your reactor, so you can go for :

Grapshot > fragbomb > reactor blowdown > toxic volley > bacterial bomb > reactor blowdown.


Thursday, April 26th 2018, 2:39pm

Go try

150-200 crit chance
200 crit damage
220 duble attack (90stats potion+)
90 prof from rubys
120 swiffnes from rubys
All another Deter (200-300 will be good) (for pve)
50 brutality (potion) (300-400 if pvp)


you have 2 schools hire :

300 caution, all another vitality (= better shields for team/ your devices have more hp) also 80-140 survability, so healer will heal you better (or in sup you will heal yourself better) 0 concetrrion

Secoun school only for dps

200-250 caution 200-250 concetrtion all another vitality+surv

Also good if your guild have +120 bloodlost bonus

i use that stats cuz work on all skils not only for psychical
Also is sup, your heal will crit and duble as well

its my results with 777 777 and p5

Assault aspect :


but also in pvp i siwitch for sup with that stats, you will get less kills, but do more aoe and tanky af until meet 13 runes who will 2-4 you with warrior

also domi

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Sunday, April 29th 2018, 8:10am

Well I tried
-250 phys dmg + rest in deter
-250 double attack + rest in deter
-Mix crit chance/crit damage + rest in deter

Al results are almost the same! :o


Sunday, April 29th 2018, 8:52am

You can eventualy share build you use, so we can give you tips/knowledge, maybe somethink will help

I personaly use that 2

sup pve/pvp$b31gqc1dv…fnjr2g3::13ydj3

dmg pve/pvp$ujpgqco0p…fgg0000::13ydj3

i sacrifices air-suport+self-destruction dmg rubys for better def/shields, also to skip w8 until devices drop down, so i can use absorb skill instant after use 3 devices, what will provid me 80-90% hp shield for 6s and "reload" skill to reset cd of devce and spawn them again for 27-36% dmg reduction bonus

go try

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Wednesday, May 16th 2018, 5:55pm

thank you that's really cool to have several answers on engi archetype, forum is alive !

Our builds are almost the same, exepted that i use devices drop down and explode for pve.


Thursday, March 14th 2019, 8:55am

I thought a long time ago there were class specific subs but can not find them. I have been on hiatus from the game for over a year and finally came back last week vivavideo.

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