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Tuesday, March 19th 2019, 9:13pm

Mysterious Lands Suggestions

I've been doing a lot of Mysterious Lands quests solo with the mercenaries. They have often been quite fun except for a few shortcomings.

1. The biggest problem is that the mercenary healer just will not heal out of combat. I often finish a battle nearly dead, which makes me easy prey when the fighting starts again.

I would expect that the healer would heal everyone to full during breaks in the fighting.

2. The respawn point is sometimes too far from the battle. The best battles are where you respawn right next to the fighting.

3. It would be nice if your party would just teleport to the starting point for the defense and escort quests, the ones with the shield icon on the map. Quite often, you need to ride from the far left side of the map to the far right side of the map to reach the starting point. That seems like a waste of time.

4. I also often have a problem getting the mercenary tank to attack when ordered, especially for the sappers in the Earthquake quest. Maybe it is because they aren't aggressive while they are slowly walking to the objective to blow themselves up.


Wednesday, March 20th 2019, 7:16am



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Yeah for the Bombers u need to Manualy use the "Attack" ability from Mercs u have
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