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Saturday, March 23rd 2019, 9:47pm

Can you switch from percent to actual number for Health bars

Is there a way to switch from percent to the actual number for enemy health bars? I can get a good estimate of the percent health just by looking at the bar so the percentage number really is no help.
It would be helpful to be able to see the actual number of hit points to know how tough the enemy will be. I have been killed most often by extra tough enemies that appear no different than their weaker companions. I guess they must be the ones for the group quests. Too bad they don't have a skull symbol on them to warn you.

The slightly tougher enemies with the very visible crowns are easy to spot but they aren't the really tough ones that kill me.


Saturday, March 23rd 2019, 10:11pm



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No, there is no official way to enable healtpoints of enemys. There are addons existing, which automatically calculates the enemys health by the damage you dealt. But for that you have to be in fight with the enemy aswell, so it won't help you with your problem.
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