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Thursday, May 2nd 2019, 8:23am

Comments on a DPS (PVE) Psi build I just created (returning player)

So hey y'all,

I'm returning to this game after 2 yrs, and needless to say things have changed a lot. Owing to a friendly player in game, I got to know that currently PVE Psis run crit chance,crit dmg and determination mostly. I didn't want to bother them with advice on the tedious skill tree, so I decided i'd try to make a sample build and ask for a better informed opinion on the fourms.

Here's my sample build :$vj1jpjo003oc8…j132408::13ydj3

I'd greatly appreciate any suggestions/corrections/complete overhaul of this build cuz it was made by a noob who know nothing abt this meta



Thursday, May 2nd 2019, 4:10pm



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Dont take rubies which only works which other aspects than assault if its a dps build ;P
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