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Wednesday, April 24th 2019, 12:17pm

Smuggler's Population After 9.1

Greetings. I've noticed that there's A LOT of posts across time over here about population of P2P or what the server is like as a whole... I've been playing on and off on it for the last year and a half, and I can tell you or confirm to you several things (with the disclaimer that they are PERSONAL opinions from MY experience on it, which I nonetheless think you will find interesting):

- I've come to love this server, I would never go back to F2P (the restrictions that cripple F2P are virtually non-existent over here on P2P and I would encourage ANY new player to go to this server in order to not ruin their experience of the game as a whole)
- the server has at least 3 active guilds that I always see around on League side and one active one on Imp side, with players joining on a regular basis (YES, we have people!)
- I have at least 3 apprentices... but they're people with active lives, so they mostly come on during weekends
- most players that I've met on P2P are Europeans, so we play on the EU timezones, which will affect the population YOU see when you login depending where you're from (the guild has 0 members online at 6 in the morning for me in Eastern Europe, for instance, but over 30-40 when it's busy) and the guild is 150/150
- I've noticed subscription payers are people who have money, but not so much time because their lives are busy, yet not SO much money they're willing to throw in a game just to eliminate frustration temporarily, therefore they're the type to come online mostly during weekends (we DO have a few try-hards that come online EVERYDAY ALL DAY though even on P2P)
- since the last time I played half a year ago, and with the uproar of 9.1 the population has spiked a lot... there's actually stuff being sold in the AH now... several people regularly in Novograd, world chat announcements every now and then, guilds that are willing to cooperate, PvP in Astral... it's growing, it's good
- we do raids, we do PvP (though we need to organize it with the guild to pop it), and we do lots of Astral, too (AS, AH, gold run etc.)
- people have remained EXTREMELY helpful and ready to assist you, again depending on the timezone, your level of courtesy, etc.
- if your build is right, it's a breeze to level... I can't compliment too much the relief of lack of runes
- F2P made me quit the game, P2P made me come back... enough said
- I personally do AS everyday (if my IRL schedule allows)
- gold is super easy to farm

Anyway, I hope this was insightful.

What is your experience lately with P2P? (Just to keep things fresh.)


Friday, April 26th 2019, 11:45am


What is your experience lately with P2P? (Just to keep things fresh.)

first think when i came p2p after play for years in f2p i was suprised how much dmg i do, and how fast another ppl die, but myself stayed tanky af, maybe becose in f2p i needed fight vs ppl with much advantage then myself

Another think was i always got 0g in f2p as for all gold i buyed cash shop who i lack, and upper my runes, in p2p i have over 5m gold as i no need tryhard that much, and gold i use to buy pots, up gear or buy raid loot if someone put on ah

Also in f2p i got in mind thers ppl whos i can't deal with, and need stronger teammate to take down 1 person, in p2p i can deal with anyone, also in p2p i'm not suprised by w then 1-2 ppl use at once
Same when i finished lv up, ppl took me to heroic even vvhen my gear was not made yet, and we finished full allod what in f2p i culd never think of, as ppl who i came in f2p

but also p2p have some stupid thinks like questlog limited only to 20 slots with no way to increst, and p2p miss alot mounts f2p have, or ship desings, vveapon skills thay eazly culd put in shop for $ as thay are only cosmetic

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Wednesday, May 22nd 2019, 8:08am



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I'll try it out... alltough its sad that Allods has those "hiddin" server with potential. Its not nice what you'll here on the internet about Allods. Just because of F2P beeing the face of the game. I am actually suprised that Allods is even alive.

Alltough i feel quite sad to miss out on the majority of the game. Played it mostly during gPotato era. I actually dont like to come to an MMORPG which is super far progressed :D but its allods after all.


Wednesday, May 22nd 2019, 2:20pm

honestly i hope this game was subscription based only, i think its worth it, the only thing that i can think of that may help with the population, is to give a trial period for the server so that people can see for them self, its sad to see people spend years on grinding for crystals or those who instantly pay for them, i mean if you have money you could spend way waaay less on the subscription server, and even spend less time farming since you only gonna focus on drops not crystals.

this server is more challenging i like it, there are no boosts in it or cash shops, only your skills, i hope one day people might consider joining in,
and just like i said before , there should be a trial version, or maybe giving a 30 days for free!! since its the update 10.0 which is anniversary you know! and its the best thing we could get!

i hope this server won't die in the end , i know running servers cost much, and if this server keeps getting low it may happen to shut down , so i hope do something about it.


Wednesday, May 22nd 2019, 3:29pm



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Ya as i said the F2P server is the face of the game currently and it gives tons of bad marketing because of that. Also nice that they still make great updates for the game but a push in marketing for the game would be great... you know right now the BEST someone can do is to "hire" Twitch streamers for couple days (P2P server tho). This helped many games that no one seem the care at first.

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