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Thursday, July 11th 2019, 6:06am

looking for a good druid build

i can't find a good druid build so i need someone to help me XD


Thursday, July 11th 2019, 3:50pm

hey, maybe I can help you by giving you my warden build. I hope you it helped you. If you need more help you can contact me ingame on the f2p server on the league side just ask for Ladelunder$v30cob7g6j…1s3o40::13ydj3:

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Thursday, July 11th 2019, 8:16pm

Not a good druid dps build, here is my opinion on why:
No protective circle - Defenses are a must for dps builds, surviving is still #1 for dps, dead players do 0 dps. No one wants 0 dps on their team.
"Where would you get the ruby from?"
Take it from "Raging Storm" on first grid. Rank 2 is more than enough to get emerald glow stacks for your dps rotation. r1 would even suffice.

r2 "Windcatcher" is also overkill as you don't need to stack 2 of them in a rotation unless you'd run DA which is just experimental and rng, I would not recommend running DA unless you aoe often. Dropping that to r1 I would instead take "Wild Bees" on the same grid so that bees hit more often, more dps in a single bees abilties/gcd. Pushing it to r2 requires another ruby which I would take from 3rd grid - "Blackthorn", bloodlust has nothing to add to your dps, bees do, hence why the change in this DPS build.

I'd get "Dancing Flashes" r3 instead of r2 because that's also a dps boost. Where would you take the ruby from? From r3 Life Balance. Pushing more dps for 1m more cd on Life Balance works just as fine on survival and adds more to your dmg.

For talents, I would drop "Balance" all together because the dps you COULD HAVE DONE with your rotation would be higher than a simple one button balance and sit back for 4 seconds. Aoe is no excuse, its as good as irrelevant, each class has its job, aoe'ing is not a druid job.
I'd push tornado to r3 so you can long cc way faster. Leave pet on r1 as the cd reduction is useless. Better of pushing "Holy Wraith" up to reduce cd on a 4s stun - very solid for pve.
Oh and ofc don't forget to get Secret Paths, a tp is always - ALWAYS, welcome.

Thank me someday when you catch me :)

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