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Saturday, July 27th 2019, 12:41am

Server population ?

I'm considering play again the server because of its low cost of 5 euros but I see many saying that the server is dead. Is it really worth playing again right now? the battlegrounds are calling often?


Saturday, July 27th 2019, 10:55am

It is worth playing, we're quite some players but all in the same guild.
There is only one guild and its ours.
We personally hope that with legendary patch, more players will return but since artefacts came into the game, I see no point to wait for legendary patch.

Battlegrounds happen very rarely and only if we together plan it well via our p2p discord/guild discord.
We tend to make stuff happen tho and really put effort into getting people what they need but it's with more struggle than on f2p.
Nevertheless we don't compete with our wallets but with our hearts for the game.

Is it worth? Up to you to decide :)


Sunday, July 28th 2019, 5:42pm

can you share the discord link ?


Thursday, August 1st 2019, 3:44pm

How many players still playing this game ? Are you guys have any progression on raids ?


Friday, August 2nd 2019, 7:52pm

How many players still playing this game ?
p2p alone, about 30 right now perhaps.
Are you guys have any progression on raids ?
Every week, hardmodes.

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