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Wednesday, June 26th 2019, 5:45pm

  • "Lisad" started this thread

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  • A Tempting Offer quest is available again, allowing players to buy level 8 runes with a discount.
  • Fixed an issue where Click to move setting would get automatically enabled.

  • The maximum artifacts' level is increased to 10.

- The Blueprint of Perfection item is required to increase artifacts' level above 5. It can be created at the Anvil of Artifacts. Increasing artifacts' level will only increase their base bonus.
- Ornaments don't give any additional bonuses for the artifacts above level 5.
  • Any artifacts' fragments can now be exchanged for the Dust of Creation (3 fragments = 1 dust).
  • After exchanging artifacts above level 5 at the Relic Master, players will receive the number of fragments required to create a rank 5 artifact and the full amount of the Dust of Creation.
  • Added visualization for the Dragon's Heart effect (Dragon Aspis rank 5).


  • Characters of the League fraction that died in the Nezebgrad arena now resurrect correctly through the Purgatory.

  • The Final Burst quest: fixed an issue where players couldn't get back to the quest location. Players who already encountered this bug, should discard the quest and take it again.


  • Changed positions of the Deadly Notes rubies.
  • Reset all the rubies.

  • Devastating Blow ability: the cost of the ability is now 32 energy points regardless of the weapon speed.
  • Destructive Attack ability: the cost of the ability is now 40 energy points regardless of the weapon speed.
  • Turtle ability: fixed an issue where critical damage only affected the effect's duration in the Aspect of Defense. Fixed the description.

  • Spectral Assassin ability: maximum hp increased by 1430%.

  • Stormy Arrow ability: base damage increased by 200%. Each subsequent hit on the same target deals 50% of the damage.

  • Descent ability: added information about the Last Battle effect to the description. The effect's radius is 20 yards around the destination point.
  • Seal of Righteousness ability: increased the damage to keep its progression with the Seal of Inerrability ability.



  • Now Fate Elixirs can be received from the Trophy draw after finishing a skirmish, purchased with embrium on private allod, or bought from Gerasim Rivin.
  • Victory Cross (rank 5):
    • Added visualization for the Victory March effect.
  • Unity Triquetrum (rank 2):
    • Fixed incorrect limits for the number of stacks and strength of the United in Sorrow effect.



  • Fixed the model of the Midnight Strix.
  • Fixed shadows of Gaurs.

Trophy draw
  • New trophy draw: fixed the chance of getting special trophies, changed the amount of gold. Specks of True Light were removed.
  • [p2p] Now trophy draw is available for the subscription server.

- Matter Transmitter that is used to make a new draw can be received from Boxes with Loot opened with astral keys or bought from Rosie de Tristesse in Al Rihat.


  • Turtle ability: fixed an issue where critical damage only affected the effect's duration in the Aspect of Defense. Fixed the description.

  • Stormy Arrow ability: returned the increase of its damage. Each subsequent hit on the same target deals 33% of the damage (instead of 50%).


Witch's Hollow
  • Increased the amount of points received by teams per second:
    • 1 captured point - 2 points/second (not changed);
    • 2 captured points - 5 points/second (instead of 3 points/second);
    • 3 captured points - 25 points/second (instead of 12 points/second).

Allods Online Administration

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Wednesday, August 7th 2019, 11:45am

  • "Lisad" started this thread

Posts: 554

Location: A galaxy far, far away

Occupation: Magic tricks

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  • Fixed an issue with players being unable to log in in-game unless the login and password were entered in the launcher.
  • Added a scrollbar to the title selection interface.
  • The Hero's insignias usage on the items that are bound will no longer pop up a confirmation window.
  • Now players can help each other with the Tka-Rik's Spark (runes in the Uskul's ruins) and Ath-Zak's Spark (distraction of Noel de Blizare) quests, regardless of whether they have them in the quest log.
  • The items from the Luja-Gialla's Spark, Tka-Rik's Spark and Ath-Zak's Spark quests can now be discarded.

Spark Talents
  • Crab vortex buff can no longer be taken out of the astral island adventure.


  • Demonic Onslaught ability: can no longer be used by a player carrying a captured object during skirmishes.

  • Teleportation ability: engineer can no longer teleport players who are carrying flags, spheres, or controlling golems.

  • Psionic Shell ability: fixed the name; the spell is now categorized as a defensive ability.


Arena of Death
  • Fixed an issue where a character awaiting resurrection could be taken as a Lightning Bolt's passenger.

Training ground (Chaos)
  • Fixed the rewards.
  • Fixed an issue where players' assault shell got diactivated if they took the flag.
  • Fixed an issue where players carrying the flag couldn't use their skills.


  • Transforming crystals previously received by players for defeating Fierce Octulhus were converted to the correct type.
  • Fixed an issue with the visual display of ship devices that might've caused visual disappearance of the ship motor.

Allods Online Administration


Wednesday, August 7th 2019, 2:56pm



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For additional informations about the Update please visit the official news site.
In-game: Poloo • Faction: League • Server: Evolution
Best regards,
Allods Online Moderator Team


Friday, November 1st 2019, 11:42am


● Expanded the configuration functionality for extra skill panels. Added a function to lock spells on the panel.
● Fixed a bug that prevented pridens from accessing the “Gravestein, Siveria” portal when using a Miraculous Ark.
● Fixed the inability to transfer a range of items to another character during a direct trade.
● Converted players’ character bound Matter of Creation.
● Fixed a bug leading to the disappearance of additional skill panels.
● Fixed a bug that prevented windows in the game interface from displaying.
● Fixed a bug related to the inability to transfer a range of items to other players during a direct trade.
● Partially fixed a range of situations that result in hotkey settings being reset when the game client is launched.
● Updated the description of stage 4 of “The Absolute” World Mystery.
● Updated the description of stage 2 of “Sarnaut’s Gods” World Mystery.


● Pilgrim’s Crown (Rank 5): Pilgrim’s Trail effect can no longer activate pointlessly when reaching the maximum level of Tenacity against immobilization (the Unstoppable effect).


Astral Academy

● Fixed a bug that arose when handing in quests from the Astral Patrol with a full bag which led to the quests failing to complete.
● Quest “Astral fleet needs you!”: fixed description. The quest is now correctly displayed in the journal as active in the current location.
● The Anomaly Scanner now correctly disappears from the bag when quests it is related to are completed or discarded.


● Aspect of Support ability: the increase in support effects has been reduced from 7/14/21% to 3/6/9%.
● Power effect: effectiveness reduced from 20% to 5%.
● Treachery effect: bonus to stats raised from 350 to 400. Now increases not the highest, but the lowest stat.
● Magic Reflection talent: now also constantly reduces damage taken by 4/8/12%.
● Space Shift talent: removed from the game.
● Shooter stance: reduction in damage taken lowered from 15% to 10%.
● Stormy Arrow ability: damage of each subsequent shot on the same target reduced from 33% to 15%.
● Swift Fletching ability: fixed description.
● Radiant Chain ability: now correctly neutralized by effects that prevent immobilization.
● Source of Life ability: fixed description.
● March ability: allies now also get a barrier of 5% of their maximum health for 6 sec.
● Drums of War talent: now bound to Aspect of Support and increases damage of etudes by 10%.
● Valiance effect: bonus to stats increased from 350 to 400.
● Defense effect: damage reduction boosted from 35% to 40%.
● Acoustic Barrier ability: usage animation outside of battle no longer interrupts in movement.
● Jagged Slice ability: bonus to skill damage for each level of the Fractured Armor effect on the target reduced from 100% to 85%. Included missing information about this bonus in the skill description.
● Easy Prey talent: bonus to Treacherous Strike damage on targets under control or slow effects reduced from 10/20/30% to 10/15/20%.
● Thick-Skinned talent: now correctly takes into account Double Attack stat.
● Damned Flame ability: removed delay before initial damage.
● Phantoms and Spectral Assassin are now impervious to damage.
● Master of the Woods ability: information about the summoned ancient now correctly takes into account the quality of equipped Tears of the Dragon.


● Access unlocked to the Raging Astral.
● Added supply officers to the Astral Academy. They sell ship equipment for Astral Nuggets.
● Added the first part of quests related to exploring the astral. For completing them, you can get gold, Astral Nuggets, chests of loot and other useful items.
● The Ghost Ship anomalous sector event is available again.
● Reworked the mechanics of the Demonic Portal, Ghost Ship and Research Ship events.
● Ships with a raised Pirate Flag can now correctly attack other ships of their faction using cannons. The Scan for Enemy Ships ability now also detects ships of your own faction with the Pirate! effect.
● You can now build a Guild Stronghold.
● To start the construction quest chain, you must talk to the Navigator at the Astral Academy. You can create a Stronghold only in a guild with at least 30 members.
● When you create a Stronghold, you’ll need to choose a Keeper — a monster that will protect it from attacks from other guilds.
● The Stronghold is in a separate location which only members of the guild that built it can access. By completing quests available at the Stronghold, guild members get the ability to upgrade the Stronghold and upgrade the Keeper and its abilities. You can also earn Guild Coins for completing these quests, which you can spend at the supply officer in the Stronghold.
● Only the leader, treasurers or guild officers can buy goods. They can later be transferred to any other character in the guild.
● There are now guildbound items that can be transferred only between characters in the same guild.
● Added Commander’s Banner, Tactician’s Banner and Keeper’s Banner — special items that can be equipped in the Tabard slot. A character with a banner can use special abilities and casts a strengthening aura on nearby guildmates.
● You can now get the Crystal Experiment quest from the Sculptor. It gives you the chance to get 1 extra shard of Red Meteorite.
● Matter of Creation can now be correctly transferred to other characters.
● You now get a notification that you have received Matter of Creation when the item appears in the character’s bag.
● Fixed a bug leading to the inability to redistribute guild talents.
● Changed the mechanics of the Artifact Hunters talent. The talent now increases the amount of Dust of Creation received for victory against Stronghold Keepers.


Friday, November 1st 2019, 11:43am


● Description of inaccessible island added to the Astral Map.
● Corrected the size of critical hit area for some astral demons.

Anomalous region

● The Energy Accumulation effect has been moved to the positive group.
● Skirmishes
● Lowered the amount and chance of getting Pure Etherium when killing astral monsters.
● This may be adjusted further based on statistics.

Battleground of Chaos

● Training Camp: fixed incorrect notification about the loss of red banner.


● Strongbox of the Conclave
● Fixed description of the Sacrament of the Conclave (bonus increased to 150).

Known bugs

● Spellcasting animation incorrectly displays in motion.
● Unable to get additional Tournament of Blood rewards for levels already gained when buying a ticket after starting the quests.
● Hotkey settings can reset on their own when reloading the game client.

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