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Wednesday, September 4th 2019, 10:01am

new player need help

hi all new player here.i m levelin a engineer right now (75)but i love psi ilisions and cc chain etc.
should i go for reen and play psi or engineer is good choice ?


Wednesday, September 4th 2019, 3:29pm

if i were in your place i would level the engineer to max, create a psi reincarnation and see whether i like it or not
classes are very different and i can only recommend to take time to find out which one you enjoy most

reincarnation is never wasted time, it is the key to many economical advantages in this game!
i would even level all possible reincarnations to max before i start any gearup activity, but thats just me


myself i enjoyed psi a LOT, but also warror and necromancer, however i still find myself playing psi the most
interestingly, aside from a small timeframe where psi was a vastly superior class, it seems almost noone is playing it, most likely because it is more complex than other classes, however it rewards the player with awesome burstdmg (=make so much dmg in such short time when your opponent misses a second to input he is gone)

about the CC-thing: i try this again and again but it no longer really works, everyone can break cc with martyrs spell, many classes have cc-reducing / breaking skills natively and to more ccs you cast the shorter they will last
much better to PVP in "support" mode with 20% more dmg, more survivability and all these things
a few patches before, there was a unique skill of psionicist to brek cc breaker, this meant you could REALLY cc someone which was indeed fun but this mechanic has been replaced by a skill just prolonging the cc in a way it does not really matter as it gets shorter anyway from cast to cast. oh well... if you need more info let us know :)


Wednesday, September 4th 2019, 4:30pm

Despend on what server you play

in f2p thay have alot cash shop items to break cc

in p2p you can break cc only once (max 2 with artefact) thay your up to support or dps with medical turret puri

for p2p engi inaf as you have x2 spders 3s stun, 1 4s schocer stun, 3s aoe fear from cracer granade, long cc, and you can take fear from summoner inc, on top of that you use aodis fire for 5s knock

cc psio maybe can be some option to couter team with 2 healers on domi, but in curent meta mostly you go as team 4dps+2sups(def sup engi, offensive sup psio)

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