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Wednesday, September 4th 2019, 10:24pm

Meia is right.
When I was still an activ player, we had to wait severals weeks for the new patch. How is that even possible ?

Something have to be done, or they will have to close this UE server.

Bring back my gurrls


Wednesday, September 4th 2019, 11:51pm

i agree with all these points something needs to be done we lose more everyday.


Thursday, September 5th 2019, 2:14am

Whenever I meet (and INVITE!) new/returning players, given that they have some freebies, would always feel like this:

1. "The game seems dull.. Where are the other players?"
2. "Is there any interesting event going on?"
3. "Seems like we would never be good like those big, strong guys."

MY point is, could you find ANY way that could make new players feel motivated and that good things will happen as the progressed in the game?
Could you make them feel that your "presence" is there? Anything that may "pique" their interest?

Allods was like that long ago, and can be if THINGS can be done. If you don't know how to start... ask the active players around. :)


Thursday, September 5th 2019, 2:18am

The issue is bigger than one server over the other. Do not make it about that. It is about the health of the current game and its community.

The Allods community has been and is continually dying through an accumulation of problems that has lead to a decreased growth rate of new players compared to the turnover rate.

Suppose that you are a new player that recently reached max level. You start to notice how far behind your character is compared to true endgame players in terms of gear, information about classes/builds/stats, and cash shop items. The gap for the first two can usually be alleviated just fine through time and being part of a guild that can provide a support structure. As for the difference in cash shop items, I will go more into detail about this topic in a subsequent point.

Now suppose you are a player that has managed to stick around for at least a few major patches. You log in and do your dailies and activities incentivized by spark experience for however long, or maybe you don't. Either way, you start feeling the content is dry. Raids are recycled. Battlegrounds become boring due to the nature of a dwindling playerbase. That is; it is usually known who wins as it typically consists of a few strong players and many new players who eventually do not pan out long term.

Pertaining to total amount of cash shop items, we can consider a majority of players on either ends of the extreme which is new players with a minimal amount and veteran players with most or all there is to get. Most new players ultimately realize they need to spend an obscene amount of money in order to be on a somewhat competitive playing field. What do they decide to do? They end up quitting. It isn't worth it to invest in a game they just started playing. On the other hand, those with everything in a repetitive environment with less and less players over time will eventually ask,"What's the point?" The game becomes a chore instead of the game we loved to play. Add on the fact that the combination of the intolerable price for a recent temporary item after successive sales and the advent of WoW Classic among other factors is the breaking point for some veteran players.

What can be done? What is the solution?

Introduce modifications to feasibly farm cash shop items in order to allow new players to lessen the gap between themselves and others as well as adding new content specifically for our region. I could go into more specifics, but anyone that has been playing the game long enough knows the support for our version of the game is non-existent and the above method is unpractical due in part to its gradual approach, the risk to reward uncertainty, and its divergence from the parent version.

What is the practical solution?

An eventual merge with the Russian version of the game.


I'm not saying all the problems we are facing will be fixed, but it is the BEST outcome for alleviating our current circumstance.

Our pay-to-play and free-to-play servers would immediately benefit with a greater pool of players to play with and against. We were already promised cross-region activities. Why half-ass it logistically? Might as well go all the way and fully integrate into the Russian version where cross-server activties are presently available.

I made a point that we need new content, and a merge isn't a complete solution for that. However, competition is its own content as a consequence of a merge. Not only that, we always know what's coming in terms of patch changes before we get them. It's a matter of when we get them and what patches are bundled together. Being on the same version of the game allows us to experience each minor patch firsthand with the excitement being not knowing what changes will come next.

We get the Russian-priced version of the boutique. In case you don't know and should be outraged, the same amount of money spent in our boutique gets you roughly twice the purchasing power in theirs. As you can imagine, this leads to greater survival rates among new players with lower prices across the board and in terms of business interests, a healthier playerbase that isn't as dependent on the high-tier spenders to keep on spending.

Lastly, a merge brings us into a greater community affording a better support infrastructure. Wtih that comes less automated,faster, and more effective ticket responses. Moreover, every change brought on by the Russian community that came or will come to our version of the game includes none of our criticisms and feedback. We have no voice and are at the bottom in terms of priority, and it won't change without a proper merge.

I don't think anything will really change, because we are solely seen as complacent cash cows. Unless more people start speaking out about this issue, the only voice we have is with our wallets.

The game is dying. Please do something about it.


Thursday, September 5th 2019, 2:44am

Agree with both Meia and Oshh. Never has the game been so dismal and a total lack of anything in content to inspire players to stay or new players to join for any extended period of time.

Unless something is done to address the concerns of the EU population, I agree that our wallets should be the new voice....or the lack of opening our wallets.


Thursday, September 5th 2019, 4:40am

Come try p2p no ignore me xd
5 euro for try xd

but yeh merge culd be nice, now we have turck/france/germ/eng client

why just not merge it to eng(+eventuly other language)/rus

if translation is problem

lacing items/text can be in rus, and then in some time eng names can come

allods rus is in platform too soo

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Thursday, September 5th 2019, 12:41pm

Merge is our last hope if we want to get back more people in the game


Thursday, September 5th 2019, 2:36pm

Here are some of my opinions as a returning player who switched to the P2P server.

I originally played the game from 2010 - 2012, was involved in end-game for the bulk of that, and would log in every few years to see if my problems with the game were fixed.

My main issue with the game at the time that I left wasn't necessarily that there was a cash shop, but rather that the rules of the cash shop kept changing (and were expanded)with each new patch, making it even more difficult for a non-CS user to remain competitive through farming in-game content. By the end of it, I was mostly just playing reincarnations/alts and doing low-level world pvp with twink characters.

When I heard that a P2P server was created I was interested, but I was way too busy with other things and didn't have time to invest in an MMORPG.

Anyway, now I do have spare time and interest, due mostly to nostalgia, but the state of the game (in both the F2P and P2P servers) definitely is a deal-breaker for anyone who doesn't want to speed level to endgame. It is pretty obvious that that is where the game is now.

Warning signs: I was given a mentor, they and their other mentees hadn't logged in since March. I have only seen two other non-maxed players in ten hours. The game gives me free gear every five levels. Mercenaries are a necessity (rather than option) to complete dungeons. So on and so forth.

When I first started to play Allods, the population qas high enough that NA had two servers alone. One had to look for a group to complete dungeons, mercenaries didn't exist. There were ad-hoc low-level raids on low level world bosses. One could have fun just PvPing in Asee-Teph.

As it is now, it is a boring single-player experience.

That is the problem that needs to be fixed if those managing the game want there to be a sustainable population fueled by new players.

If a server merge with Russian servers is necessary for this to happen, then I fully support it. If even that can't fix the problem that there is no real enjoyable game before the endgame then something else needs to happen. Just allowing people to speed-level/skip to the end game doesn't solve the problem, and actually makes it worse.

I am going to still play my new character because of nostalgia and I like the classes, but a game can't run on people like me -- who go through the zones to remember things.


Thursday, September 5th 2019, 4:49pm

I totally agree with meia and oshh. As someone who has played this game for years something needs to be done i have watched how the population been slowly vanishing little by little. I would totally support a server merge or to let us transfer over to a ru server.

As a option to bring new players or returning ones:
1. More ingame events this is something we lack a lot of compared back to when GM piopico was around and did ingame events. (simple stuff like quizzes, hide and seek,random boss spawning in city areas, etc.)
2. Make Changes to bg right now we got the same 4-5 bgs. Some small changes would make a big Diference. (Be it adding Multiple random buff/debuff to use on enemies, Allowing Summoned allies(kinda like domi pets), etc.)
3. Bringing up new raids or World bosses. Raids in game are awsome but obs get very old with same bosses now a days. Maybe bring back Geneor and Genul from asee teph and koe like old times.


Thursday, September 5th 2019, 6:49pm



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I am PioPico


Thursday, September 5th 2019, 8:45pm

This is pointless.

Every year, the likes of this post appears in the forum once or twice. They never have achived to make a change and never will. Why? Because, simply, the Allods team doesn't care enough. They never went further than leaving a post saying "We appreciate your thought and we will inform the concerned depertmant." or something like that. sure they want more people to play the game, since it means more money for them. But none of those changes mentioned in this topic (or mentioned in previous topics) are free. These are huge investments. And let's admit it. MMORPG is a dead genre. Allods is a dead game. No sane company would make such an risky investment. They are aware that allods is a dead game. so instead of wasting their money on reviving a dead game, they prefer to keep milking already existing cash cows. Have you ever seen any new feature in a game which doesn't include purchase in last 5 years? I didn't. This clearly shows their thinking is "let's milk them as long as we can and focus on our other projects which has a chance to live on." During the devolpment of warp, they already mentioned that current state of the game is too much pay-to-win and this is one of the main problems of the game. But fixing this issue as they mentioned, means completly changing the architecture of the game. And as I mentioned, this is not free to do. We expect them to waste money to make less money? This is not gonna happen. Also the bad bussines decions they take limits their budget to make such big changes. It started very begining of the game, during the development phase. They wasted record amount of money for the development but the game never had enough popularity to cover the expenses. so they ended up creating the most expensive and p2w cash shop of the gaming history. Now they keep wasting their money on features nobody even cares, such as an achivement systems which doesn't serve any purpose, dozens of maps that players never visits for the second time, everly changing but never really useful crafting system and the complete failure of The Warp etc.

You might say, we just want to merge with russia, this will be the fresh blood the game needs. But stop playing ostrichs. We all know that no new player is starting allods. It is just same 200-250 people who keeps quitting and coming back. And even if someone new happens to start playing allods, they buy a already existing account which limits the newly starting playerbase a lot. A new player has only 2 options, to be rich or somehow find a account to buy (which is only cheap when you compare it to cost of building a completly new character) Before the European server merge, each server had at least 3 competitive guilds. We had the some thoughts, game will be more fun, will have more people to play with. Where are those guilds now? The game kept losing population even after the merge and the merged server ended up nothing different than the merging servers. What makes you guys think that anything will be different when we merge with russia? The main problem wasn't the population. The main problem was the reason why population is low. And the reason is the game is unplayable for a newly starting player. As long as this is the fact, Allods will keep having low population even if we merge with Mars. Only reason that we still have a somehow decent playerbase is the fact that quitting allods takes heart. One can't easily throw the account that they invested thousands of euros away easily. so we always end up coming back, sometimes for the people who couldn't get away because of the same reason.

And for those "come p2p server" polyannas, when p2p server was created, we were promised that there won't be any kind of cash shop. Now go check the latest news on the main page. Prophetics cards for P2P server... They started introducing cash shop to p2p too and we all know well that it won't stop there and will even go further. Besides, for the same "throwing away the investment" issue, people are not eager to go P'2P server. so just quit promoting p2p server, it's not the solution. The only thing we can do is to stop paying for Allods. Only then the team will have to step up and do something. However, the step they will take most likely will be shutting down the game since it's going to be the least risky and most cheap solution. so, in conclusion, there is no hope left for allods, Just enjoy as much as you can before it's shut down once and for all.

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Friday, September 6th 2019, 11:29am



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Game was already dead like a year ago...

Either merge server with RU so ppl can play on p2p which is the only sustainable way.
F2p will always die eventually... Even on RU server which is already happening there (no new player income due to cash shop model which is proven to have failed in every mmo)

Honestly just check out archeage bringing out buytoplay and poof at least 5k ppl are signed up for it

@naynay nice london fam


Monday, September 9th 2019, 3:59pm



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Not much to add to what's already been said. Game's current situation is pretty sad. It's been for a while. I guess people grow up and quit playing games, and this game isn't attractive enough for most new players. Sadly i have no solution or suggestion to offer, but i thought I'd give this a +1.


Monday, September 9th 2019, 5:22pm

Management screwed up big time so now they are just milking the remaining hardcore donators.
This game is dying long time now since they started to literally downgrate this game by taking away content, optimize all sorts of sht, and taking away evething that we liked about this game. This is no more Allods we used to know, and no merge is going to save dying population. Its not just cash shop complains, the problem is much deeper.

This is what Allods looks like to me now:


Tuesday, September 10th 2019, 4:17am



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Sup Oshi, miss you babe

NA Warden - Mercenaries

2010 NA King Warden


Wednesday, September 11th 2019, 2:18pm



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The game is dying. Please do something about it.
Hi Smooshhi Mooshhi


Thursday, September 12th 2019, 5:46am

@Allods team, please do take a note of this. The feedback of game current state is being sent from hardcore gamers who are very passionate about Allods.
They are not only pointing out our problem but they are suggesting how to solve it as well, which is the correct way of addressing/feedback.
I have been here for almost 5 years or so, took 3 years break but I am back last year. I m ready to spend, everyone are, just love this game and would support it as possible/capacity.
The two main suggestions given are:
1) Merge Bgs and other stuff but different servers
2) Merge server as well
The first option
Pros -
Keeps EU server alive
Whole influx of new people and this ultra level activity. It would be sexy to test Allods RU Gods Vs EU Gods. Very very epic battles and video content :D
Cons -
expensive cash shop

The 2nd option
Pros -
New Energy
Super activity on server, RU will get slight buff in their server with EU population.. win win for both
Better cash shop price
More in-game events and activity other than lore.
Quicker patches
Cons -
A lot of thought to be given for specific RU content to be translated to English, I won't mind some stuff in RU

Please give a good thought over this. A Bold step has to be taken !!!!!


Thursday, September 12th 2019, 5:51pm



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+Server merge or Character transfer
I am PioPico


Friday, September 13th 2019, 1:35pm

I agree completely as many of us with the different findings posted.
But to force me to notice that none of your messages had answers from the Allods team.
This shows the interest they bring to their EU customers.
Could anyone from the Allods team tell us that the game's customers took into account the findings?
thank you in advance

(Google Translate)


Friday, September 13th 2019, 3:00pm



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Dear players,

A decrease of player activity is normal for summer time. According to our statistics, the game is showing an activity increase over the last 30 days, so people are slowly returning from vacations. Also, there'll be a big patch coming before the end of the year with some new content, so keep an eye out for news!
Allods Online Administration

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