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Patronage lvl 5 and mount


I play for a long time, but i have a very important question. Everybody have lvl 5 patronage, is there any way to get it with out any premium method, or money top up? I can feel very hard the different between lvl 4 and lvl 5, and it is goind to destroy my mood and feelings about the countinue the game. :S
An other question: the same, but with mount what is just fast enough. I have rihno from patch lvl 51 old times, but it's already annoying that everybody teleporting and going as fast as hell, and me like a snail. ;(

Thanks for help comments! :)


Hi! Regarding Pat 5, you may somehow start saving gold so that you can either: 1) convert it to currency and buy it in the boutique, preferable if there's a sale of Holy Boxes, or 2) wait/watch out for those who sell some

For mounts, since there were a lot of new ones, including a new kelpie (w/ lightning bolt abilities), it would be better if you could save up some "symbol of lightning bolt" by buying or getting it from the daily gift (28th day or if you get lucky during day 1-27), or getting some decent mounts (rank 6) through prophetic cards or collecting/buying mount symbols.

These may not be easy, but saving up wisely can make you achieve these. Also, patience is key. Just enjoy the game. :)


pat5 is pay to have it if you not want to farm it as mentioned. the pat5 sale is more rarly then the other lootboxes but afaik was the rabatt ok.

there is a free mount at winterevent, should be faster then rino. during winterevent u maybe get some under 1 mio. other free mount is from summeratollevent, you can farm it in 1 hour.

me would recommend to go for a mount without falldamage... battlemounts have kinda ccprotection, if you are intrested in dominion or less annoying battlegrounds u should consinder to save money by no buying other mount before you get a lightningbolt
PLS make Tekians playable race. fix shipcanons!

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