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Reported bugs history

This is a history of reported bugs which I will keep updated so players can see here what has been reported already.
I believe this will be useful to prevent wasting time and people can get aware of what could happen.

Clockwork Knight, no tornado mechanic.
Upon killing the spear, no tornado spawns to fly into so that the raid could protect themselves from the upcoming aoe.
A guarantee wipe in the raid boss due to the game failing.
Status: Not fixed.

Players getting kicked out of mazes
Players are being kicked out of the groups upon entering a maze.
This has been happening out of nowhere for a while now.
Status: Not fixed.

Statue in copper mountain heroic allod remains statue
In the boss fight, a certain player gets to be a statue and when the statue is destroyed to free the player, the player remains immobilised.
Status: Not fixed.

Lubber keeps jumping around
Lubber in Trial of Blood is supposed to be pushed onto the balls which make him bounce a little bit around, applying debuffs that increase damage.
Bug here is that he keeps bouncing even if no balls are hit. Eventually making him go out of range and line of sight all the time.
Status: Fixed.

Oneshot mercenaries in Maze Test
All mercenaries, including Rowdy the tank role NPC, is oneshot in maze test. Wether the mobs are level 1 or 5 or none at all, remain oneshot.
Not much testing can be done this way.
Status: Not fixed.

Maze test mercenaries have no damage to test anything.
I tried going tank instead and see if I could survive while mercs would clear the packs.
Not even that is possible. Mercs are weaker than a new player joining f2p with no cash shop at all.
All of this is recorded on p2p.
Status: Not fixed.

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That lubber one is not a bug, it happens on RU server also.


That lubber one is not a bug, it happens on RU server also.
It can be bugged on RU and they may not have found a fix for it yet. But it sure isn't meant to be, but the way it used to be. Those are bugs.

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