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Saturday, September 21st 2019, 3:42pm

[PMB 10.1] Yaye's FH Summoner Guide


Hello everyone :D Im SummyYaye, an old summoner player. Im playing the Evolution server (f2p) at the league(novograd) side.
today i am going to teach you about summoners heal abilities and share my expirence and knowledge about it.
i started playing allods in 2010 as an warden and decided to move on to summoner because i knew back then that summoner heals better xD. I love the most playing in the heal role and i play as dps only when i have to. I can tell that summoner is a very enjoyable class that has many diffrent abilities and possabilites to play with such as support pvp, dps pvp, dps pve and FH.
today im going to talk about FH summoner and how do we play with it:

My FH summoner build :$b07j6coco…n3q1v12::13ydj3

lets talk about why i chose this build:

To activate all the heal rubies and skills you will have to use first the aspect ability :

first of all,

i chose my minion to be the Lurker because its the most tanky minion and it can provide heals and blooddrops combined with the right rubies on the in the heal aspect. Lurker will heal all our party members in 20yard radius every 3 hits. In addition, she provides a drop of blood every 1.5 seconds which can help us very much though the battle.

Blood Shield

The Blood Shield help us to protect one of our alies everytime. With the combined rubies while we heal the alie that has the blood shield we get reflected 15% heal. Most of the times when we see someone in the team that has low HP and we want to heal him, we first put the shield on his and only then we will start heal him.

Lets move though the real heal stuff that we will use though the battle to heal our party members and ourselves:


when we see an alie with low precentage of Hp we will first use BloodTies because it heals relies according to the precentage of the target Hp.
for example, if we use it on an alie with 10% hp, it will heal him to 40% immediately, But if we use it on an alie with 90% hp it will heal him only by 5% of lower.
Be aware that when using this skill you hurt your health. If you try to heal youself, you will see what im talking about. Healing yourself when you has 90% hp will only hurt youself, while trying to heal yourself when having 10% hp will make you hp grow up to 40% at least immediantely and grants you alot of blooddrops aswell.

Plauge of Meding

This skill will cost you 4 blooddrops but its very effictive for raid/party AOE heal.
every second it heals everyone around you by alot and its the best aoe heal that the summoner has. The skill has alot of cd so be wise and save it for the right moment

Healing Injection

This skill is a singel target heal that can be prepered before battle. In my opinion its the most unused skill because it doesnt heal alot and its only singel target. you may use it when you have 3 Flesh stacks (ill talk about it later) but better not to use this skill in case to save the stacks to another better skills. You will use the skill when your blooddrops rank is low and you have to heal and alie fast without gathering alot of blooddrops.


The BEST heal in my opinion. The skill hurt the alie by very low amount of dmg and after few second it heals the same target by alot.
you may it when you see someone with mid amount of hp or someone with low amount of hp because it wont kill him and it will give you time to use bloodshield right after this skill which will increase the heal amount when this heal will come after few seconds. Searing is the most used healing and the most effective. You should use it anytime you can.

dark renewal

This skill consuming Flesh stacks as well as healing injection but its more effective to use the stacks on this skill. It will hurt yourself every second while casting in purpose to heal your target by more and more everysecond. every second the healing increases and doubles from the heal of the last second and thats why you should use it when you have at least 4 blooddrops to make sure you wont skill casting the skill in the middle.

Dark veil

One of the most useable skills. Its NOT a heal but in case of trouble and you see an alie is about to die (or you) you will use this skill on the alit and it will grant you 6 seconds of invincibilty on the target and increases the healing on the target by alot. the skill will also drop the taget hp to 1% and thats why you should combine it with this order ---> Dark veil > Searing > bloodshield > Bloodties. Believe me, after those skills your target will have 100% Hp within 4 seconds.

Important rubies :


this ruby will grant you the bloodfeast skill. This skill is used in case of empty blooddrops rank. it fills up your blooddrops by alot and healls all the party members by little in cost of hurting your self. it very useable in trouble situation of no blooddrops.


It will teleport you to the target and grants you 5 blooddrops. Very useable in empty blooddrops rank or in case of needing teleporting for the boss tactics.


this ruby grant you a skill that heal the target immediantly in case of trouble and no time and it cost alot of blooddrops so be wise and use it only in case of trouble. Also it combined with the following ruby :

that thought the battle grant you stacks. The more stacks, the more healing by reanmation. ( the stacks grow up everytime you hurt yourself [which happens alot so dont be worry])

** REMEMBER that while casting you can move, run away or hide and it will imporove your game play. get close your alies to heal then and stay far from you enemies.


thought the battle youll get Flesh stacks (up to 3) by hurting yourself. those stacks as i worte use mostly for dark Renwal skill and increases its healing by alot.

Tear Skill

Dark Palm

the most powerfull tear skill in the whole game in my opinion it deals HUGE amount of dmg (which we dont care right now cuse we healers but its really worth it)

Dark Vigor

if you got extra talent point this tear skill is recomended. it will turn you lurker to a CC machine and grants you time for healing while you enemy cant act

Stats :
FH summoner requier many stats but the most important are :

At least 300 brutality

at least 150 determanation

The more vitality the better ^^

at least 250 crit rate

double attack - the more the better ( be aware that while doubling attack, blooddrops consumes doubles or reciving doubles so if you doesnt want it dont take double attack cuse it might be unexpecting and dangerouse)

Caution - at least 300 ( very important to survive !!)


I hope i helped you understand summoner FullHeal build and stats better so you can play it and enjoy it as i did.
I love summoner and i hope more people will use it and play it because i feel like people dont understand how powerfull his heals and how fun it can be.

(I never worte any post here so i hope it wont be that bad ^^)

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Good luck!

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