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Monday, September 23rd 2019, 12:43pm

[PMB 10.1] Cirinia PvE DPS warrior F2P server


My warrior name is Cirinia. She is a humble member of Monsters Inc. guild on F2P server Evolution, empire side.

Since the beginning of my time playing Allods Online I was interested in controlling warrior class and even if my main character was of different class I had warrior reincarnation for use all the time available.

My primary focus as a warrior was always tanking but since introduction of 2nd build I was able to guide my warrior in dps (damage per second, damage dealing in short) area too. It is one of the reasons gear setup, talents and rubbies are always chosen in a way that will provide enhanced defenses even when primary focus is dps.


Monday, September 23rd 2019, 2:14pm

General description of character statistics (in short stats).
Game already marks important stats for each class with * (either silver or gold) so I won't do the same thing again below.

Fundamental primary gear based stats, You can't change those. It is only possible to raise them through gear upgrade process.

It affects damage or healing done. If You have choice between two gear parts choose one with higher vigor. This often happens when new season arrives and old gear parts (for example fabled quality) gets replaced by newer one. In this case it is usually better to equip gear piece with more vigor on it even if secondary stats are higher on older one.

Simply speaking it affects You base health pool before it gets affected by class bonuses. Higher stamina means higher health which also means You can live longer.

Gear parts also offer different resistances. It is either physical resistance or set of elemental+natural+divine ones. I'm usually upgrading gear parts which grants my character more physical resistances starting from ones which give the highest bonus (like chest and pants).

Main offensive stats (tweak-able, You can balance them to some extent):

It affects Your damage and healing done. It is constant and indifferent to damage type. It will work the same way regardless of damage type so if You are not sure what to take it is safe choice.

It is a bit more effective than Proficiency in terms of damage increase per point invested but requires few hits to build up determination bar to reach 100%- this is also the point where it gives higher damage/healing than similar amount of proficiency points.

In short the lower target health bar is the higher damage boost it gives. Not very useful for PvE imho.

Main defensive stats:

It simply multiplier of basic health You get from stamina. In my build it is not very important since You will have other stats that will compensate lower Vitality value.

Completely useless in PvE. Never invest points into it. You can get extra willpower points from rubbies and from investing points into physical/elemental/natural/holy protection.

Basically it allows You to receive healing based on % of damage You deal. VERY useful for PvE.

Secondary stats:
With some exception raising those beyond 250 is pointless (that is soft cap limit beyond which more invested points give very small gain).
The only exception are class related secondary stats.

Critical Chance:
Percentage change of inflicting critical hit/healing. Useless to warrior since with proper usage warrior skills are either 100% crit or 50% crit.

Critical damage:
VERY important for warrior. Increases damage from critical hit.

Double attack:
Just as name suggest it is percentage chance of delivering 2nd hit which deals 50% of main hit. It also works for class resources so if Double Attack occurs with for example fracture (which grants 25 CA) You will get another 25CA from it. It is useful but You can forget about it on warrior.

Physical/Holy/Elemental/Natural Damage:
It is slightly more efficient in increasing damage than Proficiency but it is limited to only one damage type. In my build You do not need it.

Reduces cool down of skills and also skill channeling time. Not useful in dps build so forget about it. Not to mention You can see "Cooldown of this ability is not reduced by swiftness" in skill description quite often in warrior skills.


Makes shields better and increases healing received. It won't affect healing from warrior skills but Your character will be lower "heals sink" for the healer in raid/party.

When health drops below 40% this skill will add another layer of protection to character reducing damage received by certain amount listed in skill (nearly 40% at 250 skill points).

Physical/Elemental/Natural/Holy Protection:
Reduces damage from certain damage types. Priority is physical for a warrior.

Grants shield based on percentage of damage dealt. VERY usefull for warrior.

So what to take from above stats? Below is my own personal algorithm for PvE warrior stats:

1. Make sure Critical Damage is between 250-300.
2. Distribute remaining points evenly between Proficiency and Determination. If You have both of them at 500 consider adding some into Brutality or Double Attack.
3. Raise 1st Concentration to 250, then Caution to 250, after that Bloodlust to 400-500. If You still have points remaining consider raising Survivability to 250 (it will make concentration better and increase healing received from other players in party)- do not forget You have bonus stats to it from rubbies in my build.


Monday, September 23rd 2019, 3:20pm

Warrior skills in general require either Energy or Combat Advantage to activate.
Deadly Lunge (r3):
100% critical, leaves bleeding effect which makes each Fracture hit critical.

Charge (r3):
Warrior is close combat fighter. Getting to target ASAP is critical so this is a must for any warrior. In this build cd skill is further reduced by 50% from Athlet rubby.

Turtle (r3):
40% damage reduction for 8 secs. Enhanced by Strong Shell (r3) and Marching Trill rubbies (this one adds defense effect for the party). Very useful for avoiding powerful boss damage skills which would normally kill or severely would warrior.

Fracture (r3):
One of 4 main attack skills in the build. 100% critical when target has bleeding effect from Lunge, Jagged Slice or Bloodbath left by spin. Each hit gives target Fractured Armor effect which increases damage from Lunge and increases duration of Jagged Slice.

Jagged Slice (r3):
Adds bleeding effect to target which enables Fracture to inflict 100% critical hit. It is also good "opener" skill to attract target monster attention as long as one of two ranged warrior skills. Keep it running on main target all the time.

Aspect of Assault (r3):
Most of this build skills won't work without it so it is a must.

Bloody Harvest (r3):
Basic skill increases damage of Bloodbath and Jagged Slice only. When enhanced by Rage (r3) it additionally increases damage dealt by 15%. Each time You use it party (including warrior) gets Wall of Shields effect which reduces damage from single next incoming hit- this is also useful. Keep it running all the time.

Vicious Spin (r3):
Primary AoE (Area of Effect) skill of the warrior. Use when facing more than 3 opponents. Break it when target has 3 stacks of Bloodbath effect and then spam Fracture on it. Repeat until number of targets drops below 4.

Headbutt (r3):
This is optional skill. You can ignore it but I like ability to push annoying target away from me and then give it short disorient effect (Athlet rubby)- this also breaks skill casting, which is useful in some raids. I prefer this one over kick due to lower CD.

Harpoon (r3):
Another optional skill. I like to use it to pull distant target which I like to smash with my weapon sooner.

Mighty Leap (r2):
2nd warrior only skill which allows to swiftly approach target... or get away from it. Rank 2 is enough. If I had more skill points I would raise it to r3 but that's distant future now. Use it even when running out of combat- it will help later to use it freely (for example jumping out of sudden boss centered AoE skill).

Berserker (r3):
One of two original tear skills. Quite reasonable CD. When used correctly it can save not only Your life but whole pt too (removes control effects at r3).

Bedlam (r3):
Strong AoE skill with high damage... and high CD. This is one of the skills used by top warriors to wreck havoc on enemy teams in PvP. VERY useful in tactics called "skipping" on astral- head straight to the boss, use Turtle then Bedlam and add Spin. When done right I can guarantee whole party will be happy about it.

How to fight with this build? Examples below.

Single target:
Use Jagged Slice/Lunge for bleeding effect then Fracture to build up CA. Alternate between Fracture (usually 2x) and Deadly Lunge for the rest of the fight while keeping Bloody Harvest and Jagged Slice running.

Spin until 3 stacks of Bloodbath are on targets. Break spin with (ESC key) and spam Fracture or Lunge when available. Use Bloody Harvest when there is enough CA for it. Repeat.

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Monday, September 23rd 2019, 3:58pm

Fighter Grid

Nearly all rubbies here are a must have. If You have less rubbies than me You can skip No Escape rubby and save 2 of them that way.

Butcher (r3):
Increases physical damage and defense by 25% AND makes every Jagged Slice and Bloodbath hit critical.

Bloody Rivers (r3):
Increases duration and damage of bleeding effects on target.

Mercifull Death (r4):
This is what makes Fracture 100% critical when target has bleeding effect.

Rampaging Menace (r3):
Extra, percentage bonus to Vigor. More Vigor equals to more damage...

Brutal Cutter (r3):
Free damage increasing stat. Even if it is Brutality it is "free". If You are really short on rubbies You can skip it but still I wouldn't recommend it.

Disobedient (r1):
Triggers automatically (with 45secs CD) when warrior receives control effect (stun, disorient etc). It works party wide so it is worth to take it.

Flaming Steel (r3):
Increases critical chance of Vicious Spin to 50% and changes it to deal fire type damage. It will also make Fracture to deal fire damage type too.
Lunge, Bloodbath, Jagged Slice, Charge, Headbutt and Bedlam damage will be still physical.

Dirty blows (r4):
Increases damage of Fracture.

Rage (r3):
Increases damage by 15%. Take it as soon as You have Bloody Harvest at rank 3.

Perfect Sharpening (r3):
120 points extra to critical damage skill which is core secondary skill of the warrior.

No escape (r1):
There is empty rubby square on the way to it but ability to slow down all targets in range of Vicious Spin is useful.

Masterfull Attacks (r3):

Increases damage from Fracture and Deadly Lunge. Both skills are base of main rotation so it is worth it.

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Monday, September 23rd 2019, 4:26pm

Bodyguard Grid
Nearly half of rubbies here are tank related. Rubbies which can be skipped here are Challenge, Offense, King of the Hill, Scarface (r3). 6 total.
Vortex of Steel (r3):
This is what allows warrior to move while executing Vicious Spin and increases it's damage too at the same time.
Raging Storm (r2):
It gives tiny CA amount while each wave of hits from Vicious Spin is executed. At rank 2 that's 8 CA which is totally not worth it. Take it only when You can take Bloodbath (r2) too.
Bloodbath (r2):
Adds stacking (up to 3) bleeding effect to each target hit by Vicious Spin. With all the rubbies from this build each hit is critical and slows target for 2 seconds. It is a must have if You have Vicious Spin trained.
(optional) Tornado (r1):
It pulls all mobs in range of 15 yards (why not meters...). Most warriors use it but personally I do not like it. Reason nr 1 is it's CD of 60secs, reason nr 2 is that some of really dangerous mobs are deadly in mele range while harmless in max range of the Vicious Spin. Without this rubby You can tank/kite those with ease.
King of the Hill (r1):
Free (no resources required) Harpoon and Mighty Leap. Imagine Flash (reincarnation ability from Mage), then using Mighty Leap and Charge after that. Those 3 skills used in sequence will let You cover huge distance in a blink of the eye beating every mount available in game atm:)
Challenge (r1):
It is mainly tank skill but I like to have it. When main tank in raid is really low on health You can use it to save his/her skin. Not to mention this skill in combination with Offense (rubby below it) is useful in PvE to pull distant mobs to warrior.
Offense (r1):
Enhances Challenge. Look above.
Scarface (r3):
Well free stats. FREE stats which are not willpower:) 30% extra threat helps to tank in dps build (yes it happens and it is doable). 90 points to survivability is also nice bonus. You don't have to worry about getting aggro from tank with this.
Tireless Fighter (r3):
One of the first rubbies warrior should get. 6 energy extra per second is a must have.
Strong Shell (r3):
Makes Turtle stronger and removes penalty to movement while under it.
Marching Thrill (r1):
One of the rubbies which are not mandatory to warrior but every team member will be happy from defense effect received just before that huge booooom from deadly boss in raid. I recommend taking it.

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Monday, September 23rd 2019, 4:51pm

Mercenary Grid
To save some rubbies You can skip Athlet (4 rubbies total) and lower Encouragement to rank 1.
Sturdy (r3):
Stamina bonus. That means more health. That also means being less squishy. Mandatory.
Encouragement (r3):
You can live without it but at last rank 1 is required to get access to Heavy Blade. You can skip 2 ranks of it but personally I like free 6CA per 2 secs extra to use.
Heavy Blade (r3):
More damage from Fracture. One of the main skills in damage rotation so it is worth to take it.
Preacher of War (r3):
More resistances, more damage from fire type attack- that's Fracture and Vicious Spin in this build. Even if You do not take Flaming Steel it is worth it for bonus to resistances alone.
Athlet (r1):
Unfortunately You have to take 3 rubbies on the way to it. Threcherous strike is at r0 so it is pointless to go with that route. Instead it is better to take wounds effect to Jagged Slice. This way only two rubbies are wasted. The reason I have taken this is disorient effect to Headbutt, reduced CD to Charge and access to Steadfastness (r2) in the future.
(optional) Shackles (r1):
Warrior specific long CC type ability. Useful but not mandatory.
(optional) Pack of Punches (r4):
I do not have it in this build. It gives stack of Pack of Punches effect at the start of combat which gives bonus to Fracture damage. Each use of Thrust type ability (Deadly Lunge in this build case) gives stack of it. DPS difference from this is marginal but if You like to have it just sacrifice some other rubbies and train it to r4.


Monday, September 23rd 2019, 5:07pm

Final words of advice

The skills I have chosen along with stats and rubbies are the ones which match my play style. I'm strongly encouraging experimenting with stats, skill rotation and rubbies selection. Some skills that are useless for me might be very useful for You. I like mobility and rotation flexibility which is reflected in build above. What I miss in warrior is an option similar to scout which is ability to be 100% mele or 100% ranged (just imagine warrior focused on weapon throwing abilities).

It has been a while since I have leveled warrior from lvl 1 (or lvl 4) to max lvl but in terms of which rubbies to select 1st I can give simple advice: When You take certain skill look for rubbies enhancing it and make sure You are using that skill often enough to justify spending rubbies on it's enhancement. This kind of approach will also benefit in future when making custom build will be a lot easier.

There is one more thing I would like to mention. I have found only two reincarnation skills usable for my warrior. One of them is Flash (inherited from Mage reincarnation) and 2nd one is Medical Emergency (inherited from Engineer reincarnation). 1st one grants a bit more mobility and 2nd one is more party friendly since it can remove 1 cc effect from entire party.

I hope You have enjoyed reading and found something new in this wall of text. Have fun playing warrior class:)

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