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Friday, September 6th 2019, 8:49pm



  • "Clamorized" started this thread

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[PMB 10.1] Clamori's Summoner Guide [Completed]

[PMB 10.1] Clamori's Summoner Guide

1. Introduction
2. Guide
2.1. Skills
2.2. Rubies
2.3. Stats
3. Builds and Play Styles
3.1. PvE DPS
3.2. PvP DPS
3.3. PvP FH
4. Ending

1. Introduction

Hey everyone! I am Clamori, I am currently playing in Evolution Server because you know.. It's free to play! I am in Ascendancy(Nezeb) Guild at the moment and if you guys reading this, ily <3. I played the summoner class for more than 8 years and I actually love playing it. Currently, I am maining scout class but you still can see me as a Full Healer Summoner in some battlegrounds. It is really fun to play summoner and it's really easy to play. I will try to teach or well.. inform you about the class as much as I can. Thanks for reading the guide, enjoy it!

This Guide may contain some abbreviations about the game so let me explain them first;
DPS: Damage Per Second
FH: Full Healer
PvP: Player versus Player
PvE: Player versus Environment
DoT: Damage over Time
AoE: Area of Effect
OP: OverPowered
CC: Crowd Control

2. Guide

First of all, for the beginners, there is three playing style for the summoners; DPS, Support and Full Healer. Summoner is the most efficient class for PvE battles and mostly has the most DPS for the raids or heroic adventures. In the Aspect of Assault, you are a great glass cannon. But aspect of assault is not the best way for PvP battles so we got the Aspect of Support to battle and heal ourselves while in combat. In this way, you can deal a good amount of DPS and also stay alive longer than Aspect of Assault and also debuff your enemies. Or, you can choose the way of healing, which is most fun for me. Playing with Aspect of Healing makes you a great Full Healer for the battlegrounds, especially if you want to be a pocket healer. (pick a good teammate and make a god out of them). With your skills, you can deal great AoE healing and even more great single target heals.

2.1. Skills
First of all, there is three Aspect skills that you can get, Assault, Support and Healing. Aspect of Assault gives you a 30% damage boost and lets you use its own rubies. Aspect of Support makes your support skills last longer and be more efficient. Aspect of Healing gives you a 30% boost for all outgoing healing and shields. You only can have one aspect active at once. Every aspect has their own spesific rubies which wont be active in any other aspect, or if you dont have an aspect.

Let me introduce you the skills of the summoners, remember, I'm not a book or something so I'm not going to just copy paste their info. I will tell you what skill is. If you need to read its info, then read its info.

Vampirism - Life Tap

You cast a spell, throw a few bats on target, gain a drop of blood and deal damage. Life Tap is basically the upgraded version of Vampirism. We will use this skill a lot in our PvP and PvE DPS builds.


You summon a dude from its grave to deal some dmg for you, we mostly use this for our PvE builds.

Avid Shadows

You put a curse on target to deal some damage over time.

Howl of Death

You make the enemy explode(? it has an interesting animation dont judge me) and deal some great damage, also slow them. Ignores global cooldown so you can use this skill before and after casting something else. We will abuse this one in PvP and PvE.

Blood Stream

This is a healing ability, you channel to an ally for a few seconds and heal them. We dont use this one too much so lets keep going.

Blood Aegis

Ok now, all hail the best ability of this class. You put a shield on yourself or a target to decrease incoming damage. All you have to do is keep this on yourself so you dont die. Easy, isn't it? Has 5 stacks on it and if someone dispells you, just 1 rank disappears.

Volatile Infection

You cast a spell to an enemy, deals Damage over Time to all enemies in the radius of the target. We will get a few rubies for this and this will spread around.

Plague of Mending :

This ability is an AoE Healing, We use it whenever we can, if there's a few allies around which needs heals.

Fear of Death

You cast a spell on a target, make him flee. Name of spell is self explanatory I believe.

Blood Ties

You hurt yourself as a percentage of your current health, to heal your target(or yourself) of his missing HP. You cant kill yourself of course. I tried it.. But still, try to use it carefully if you are playing as FH in PvP.


You send a disease on target. It deals damage over time. Thanks to rubies, it stacks up when we keep using skills on the target so it deals more damage.

Healing Injection

You throw an injection to target to heal them. Has a cool animation but I dont use it.


You cast this beauty, it hurts you a little and after a few seconds, heals your target like to full HP. Check the gif, it tells a lot.


You summon a guy from the grave. This little guy has Area of Effect basic attacks. We dont use him because I dont know. Hellion is cooler than him. I didnt even took the picture of the skill. That pic is from a ruby. lets boo the cadaver, booo!

Ghostly World

You send the enemy to the Ghostly World. This is our 30 seconds cc. We use this for heroics or maybe for some overkill Full Heal builds.

Wandering Fever

You cast a disease on target, dealing AoE damage. Dont mind the guy at the bottom of the gif, he was just passing by.. ?(

Dark Veil

You decrease your HP to 1, and become immune to everything (including Nihaz himself) for a few seconds. This is our emergency button.

Dark Renewal

Same with the Blood Stream but more powerful and uses drops of blood. We spam this while playing FH. Animation is nearly the same with plague of mending so im not adding this one. :whistling:


You summon a shadowy boi to suck some drops of bloods from enemies. He gets %90 less damage from most of attacks. We will use him to tank the damage for us by channeling some percent of the incoming damage to him. May god forgive us for the things we do to this boi.


You put a Heal Over Time on your target and heal them as 10% of your maximum health every second.

Channel of Life

You lose 10% of your life and heal your target 10% of their max HP for 5 times.

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Saturday, September 7th 2019, 11:15am



  • "Clamorized" started this thread

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Tear Skills

In game, there is a few skills that you need Tears of Dragons item to cast. They are powerful and has huge cooldowns. If you equip better gears, they become even more powerful. Lets check them;

Dark Vigor

This is the one of our three tear abilities. Consumes tear of dragon and increases your damage, Keeps giving drops of blood while active, lets you cast spells while moving, makes your cadaver spread Volatile infection and makes your lurker put Helplessness effect on target so they basically can't cast spells.

Dark Palm

Did you watch "The Slap 2" video on youtube? this skill summons that guy to fight for you. You summon a hand to slap enemies and deal like 20-30k dmg per slap. better tears = more slaps. SLAP SLAP SLAP!

Lash of the Doomed

You connect yourself to enemy and deal some great damage for a few times. Less health you have, more damage you deal. Consumes tear of dragon.

2.2. Rubies

I will explain the rubies in 3 different chapters. Active rubies, Stat rubies and the important ones to mention. Let's Start!

2.2.1. Active Rubies

Active rubies are skills that can be accessed by getting some rubies;

Ritual of Pain

This single target skill puts all of your DoTs to the target at once if its Rank3.

Ritual of Plague

Puts all your DoTs except the Volatile Infection, to your target and all nearby enemies to your target.


You bleed to the ground (eww!) and hit yourself, While stepping on that blood, you get % Overall Cooldown Reduction. I mostly use this for PvE since it lets you spam skills faster. Since you need to stand on a like 2 yard radius area, I mostly dont use it in my other talents because i dont like standing still..

Blood Feast

You bleed to an even more huuuuge area, hurting yourself and dealing AoE damage and gaining a lots of drops of blood.

Step Through the Shadows

You teleport to an enemy or an ally, apply Vulnerability effect to enemies and Bloodlust effect to allies close to your target


You got the Tensess' Resurrection ability. This is useless. skip!


You cast a spell to heal an ally. This is more like an emergency one like with a huge burst. Dont mind the healing ratio in gif, you will get some other ruby to boost it.

2.2.2. Stat Rubies

There is a few rubies that gives you stats

Pictures are enough I think, Some of them are Healing Aspect only but we don't use these ones so lets keep going..

2.2.3. Important Ones

So, There's a few rubies that you need to know what they do and how they work. Lets Check!

Dehydration and Sepultural Chill

Dehydration lets you cast Vampirism, Life Tap and Wandering Fever skills instantly. Sepulchural Chill lets you cast Howl of Death with just 1 drops of blood. (normally its 6). Whenever you cast Howl of Death, you get one Dehydration effect and while you are in combat, you gain a stack of sepulchural chill every 2 seconds.

Seal of Death

Your DoTs gives you this effect and your Life Tap and Howl of Death consumes this effect to hit more.


Your attacks stacks your Neurotoxtin on target.

Advanced Genetics

When you CAST Volatile infection, it spreads to more enemies around your target. More ranks of the ruby, more targets.

Phantom Syndrome

"Hello mister full 13 runes and CS, oh, you want to one shot? Sorry you can't" Every DoT you apply on a target slows them down and decreases their damage dealt.

Last Sacrifice

You redirect %35 of your incoming damage to your minion if you drop below 40%.


Everyone thinks this is just gives you more slots for drops of blood but acually this gives you a 10% dmg, 15% healing and 25% crit chance.

Power over Flesh

All of your critical healings gives you this effect up to 3 stacks, each stack increases healing of the next Dark Renewal or Healing Injection and each stacks reduces the cast time of Healing injection 33% up to instant cast.

Blood Pact

Whenever you hit yourself to heal (Dark renewal, Blood ties, Blood Feast and etc.) this effect stacks up to 1000. Each stack increases your healing 0.01%, also if you cast Reanimation, it consumes these stacks and deal an additional healing per stack. This way we can heal someone 0-100 instant. Save your burst if you are not in trouble.

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Saturday, September 7th 2019, 1:35pm



  • "Clamorized" started this thread

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2.3. Stat Points

You will need some different stat point distributions for different builds, lets talk about them first, then I will give you some build examples.




These three stats are our Main Offensive Stats. You always need a little proficiency for some decent and constant damage-healing. While doing PvE, You need Max. Determination. While you playing as Full Healer, You need Max. Brutality.




These three stats are our main defensive stats. We always need Max Vitality since our Health Pool is not really enough. We don't need to distribute Willpower manually since we can get some by getting special defenses. We need Bloodlust just for PvE builds to heal ourselves.

Critical Chance, Critical Damage, Double Attack and Swiftness are the secondary offensive stats that we need. Summoners plays with maining Critical Chance, and supporting it with Critical Damage.

Survivability, Caution, Physical Defense and Concentration are the secondary defensive stats that we need, Survivability for healing, Caution for staying alive, Concentration for PvE shields and Physical Defense for all of the *rage words here* classes like psy and warrior.

Now let me help you about distributing the stats. You Always need 250 Critical Chance and 250 Critical Damage, Also you need 250 Double Attack for getting drops of blood. All of your builds needs those 3 stats.

For PvE, after doing these 3, distribute your main stats in a ratio like 2.5P/5D/3.5B. For PvE Defense, Get 350 Bloodlust, 250 Concentration, 250 Caution and Max. Vitality.

For PvP, after these 3 secondary offensives,distribute your mains like 1P/2B . For defensives, 250 caution, 250 survivability, after that get Max. Vitality or get some protections like 250 physical protection.

For FH, After these 3, get 200-250 Swiftness, rest of the stats goes like 1P/3B or 2P/5B. For defense, 250 survivability, 300 caution, 250 physical protection and rest Vitality.

3. Builds and Playstyles

Like I mentioned before, you can play the summoner as DPS, Support or FH. DPS Summoner has the one of the greatest Damage output, Support aspect pvp build has a great healing and great AoE DoT damage in battlegrounds and it always debuffs the enemy so its useful, FH summoner is the greatest pocket healer and also can do a great amount of Heal Bursts. All you need is practice it a little. Lets check the builds.

3.1. PvE Summoner Build

Link: PvE Summy

All you have to do is, if you are dealing with a single target, put ritual of pain, spam Howl of Death and Life Tap. Tear skills are some good ways to burst. Use Bloodletting so you can spam faster. We have some CC's for Heroics so you can help your team. Also aegis and veil would help a lot. For crowded mobs, put ritual of plague and use volatile infection skill. If there is more than 5-6 mobs, use volatile infection twice to be sure that every single mob is infested. than keep going with Life Tap+Howl of Death spam.

3.2. PvP Summoner Build

Link: PvP Summy

I'm not going to explain every single play style in here, all you need to do is put your aegis on yourself every time its available, throw a few volatile infections if you are away from the sights and its crowded in middle, use rituals, spam skills. use your healing skills and veil wise. PvP Summoner build is a little flexible since you can get a few more heal based skills or more aggressive ones, after you get whats happening, you can fix it as you wish. Since your healing skills has long cooldowns in this build, you will need high brutality, dont forget that. You should get some mobility skills from your reincarnations like flash or glint so you can kite your enemies easily.

3.3. PvP Full Healer Build

Link: FullHealer Summy

All you need to do is put your aegis on a target, which is mostly yourself, and spam dark renewal. If you see someone going down of 70% put searing. If you see someone going down of %40, use Ties first then searing. If you die, use veil. if you keep dying, use reanimation. Use your Channel of Life to heal people 50% of their health and use Recovery to heal yourself 50%. BE CAREFUL ABOUT WHO YOU PUT YOUR AEGIS ON. Whoever you put it, you will spam your dark renewal on them so be sure that not to choose a scout or mage because they can go invis. Be selfish while playing FH, dont be a pollyanna or you die because you are squishy. You should think about getting Defensive Screen from paladin reincarnation or Divine Foresight from Priest reincarnate.
:!: Also, here's a tip about Fullhealer Summoner. If you get 300 swiftness, Bloodletting skill's cooldown will be back whenever its over. Thats really not my playstyle but if you want the best heal output, use 300 swiftness and abuse bloodletting! :!:

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Saturday, September 7th 2019, 2:10pm



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4. Ending

So, Here's my Summoner Guide! I mostly play as FullHealer Summoner in battlegrounds and I prefer summy for any kind of PvE event, it's really fun and easy to play, also most powerful class for me. After the last patch, Tear skills cant be used together so we can forget about bursting in PvP. The Mighty Slap skill is still op tho.

I want to thank Curador, my best friend and personal bodyguard in Battlegrounds for keep playing with me and encourage me to play in this server, to Vidgelo and PioPico for sharing their knowledge with me and assisting me while doing this guide, and you, wievers for reading all of this guide. I hope I transferred my knowledge of this class to you guys well. You always can ask me about anything in game or on discord. Take care!

P.S. Boo the cadaver!


Edited: PvP build changed.
Edited: Sepulchural Chill info fixed.

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Sunday, September 8th 2019, 2:01am


Sunday, September 8th 2019, 5:31am

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In-depth and well written! fantastic ;)


Monday, September 9th 2019, 8:31pm


whenever you deal a Critical Hit, you got a %60 chance to get a stack of Sepulchural Chill.

This part is a bit outdated. Sepulchral chill stacks don't depend on critical hits at all.


Tuesday, September 10th 2019, 9:08am



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whenever you deal a Critical Hit, you got a %60 chance to get a stack of Sepulchural Chill.

This part is a bit outdated. Sepulchral chill stacks don't depend on critical hits at all.

Thanks! I updated it, sorry about the wrong info..

Also thanks for all these comments, I appreciate it


Monday, September 23rd 2019, 6:11pm

WoW, this PMB is finger lickin Good!

Good luck with it :-)
Dieser Post kann Spuren von: Ironie, Sarkasmus, Satire, Zynismus, schlechter Geschmack oder "Nutze dein Hirn mal selber" enthalten.
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Monday, September 23rd 2019, 8:50pm



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WoW, this PMB is finger lickin Good!

Good luck with it :-)

Thanks! Goodluck to you too

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