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Monday, September 23rd 2019, 2:54pm

[PMB 10.1] Laukr's Scout (PvE) Build for Levelling and Gearing

Hello people, this is Laukr from Smuggler's Paradise (P2P) server. I am a new member of Avarice guild and my main role is DPS (basically, dealing lots of damage). I have started to play Allods Online in this month. However, it is not my first time playing Allods Online - I have quited game at Irdrich update (Tep boss). I have always loved the archer character in all types of games that is why i wanted to play as a scout in Allods Online.

Scout, here in Allods, is very exciting to play with. It has two different skill roads meele and ranged. I do prefer playing as ranged (and it is the most preferred one for the PvE). Via this thread, I will be sharing my experiences to help with new scout players through their leveling and gearing process.

I also would like to talk about how has recent patch changed the gameplay, the style of scout but since I have started playing after the patch I cannot make any comment about this part.

Before starting, I need all of you to know that everything discussed/written below is open to discussion and prone to change in the future.

You can use these links to reach any section of this build:
Smugglers Paradise - Laukr - Scout
English, Turkish

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Monday, September 23rd 2019, 4:38pm

I.Talent Tree

Before jumping into details about skills, I have one thing to inform you about. We use something called "gear pieces" to use most of our skills. We will look in detail which skill use how many gear pieces and which ones restore it. Gear pieces can be seen at the bottom of your character's health bar section (shown with red arrow):

I.I Skills and Explanations

I.Ia Poison Charms and Fire Charms:

These charms are, mostly, used before using other skills since they help scouts to empower their abilities. Each charm (we have three of them: poison, fire, and frost) have different effect on other skills. In this build we are going to use two (poison and fire) of them. If you want to take advantage of charms on your skills, you have to activate it before using your desired skill. However, you cannot use charms freely, they cost some gear pieces (5 for me).

I.Ib Volley and Bombardment:

At early levels, Volley, and later Bombardment will be one of your main skills to attack the enemy. However, although it is funny to use it constantly, it is not the wisest decision to use it alone. We will be using some other skills called "Charms" to empower our abililties. For example, Poison Charms effects Volley and Bombardment by dealing x Poison damage per second for 6 seconds (at max level) and stacking up for 12 times. Fire Charms, on the other hand, when used before using Volley or Bombardment, makes you to deal extra x damage at the final shot of your Volley or Bombardment. Volley and Bombardment restores 2 gear pieces.

I.Ic Precise Shot and Aimed Shot:

Like Volley, Precise Shot is also your main skills for the earl levels, and later Aimed Shot will take it's place. Unlike Volley and Bombardment, this skill is single shot. Again, if you empower it with charms you will get bonus effect on your skill. Aimed Shot, with effected Poison Charm will poison target for 8 seconds (at max level) and deal x damage per second during that time. Fire Charms, on the other hand, will make your Aimed Shot deal extra x Fire damage to your enemy. Precise and Aimed Shot restores 4 gear pieces.

I.Id Crippling Shot:

This skill will inflicts x damage and immobilizes the enemy for 3 seconds (at max level) and also restores 4 gear pieces. You cannot empower this skill with charms.

I.Ie Explosive Shot:

With this skill you shot an explosive arrow and deal x damage to your enemy and %40 of that damage to the enemies near 8 yard of your target. You can empower this skill with charms: Poison Charms will make your explosive shot to create a poisonous area (15 yard) and deal x poison damage per second for 6 seconds. Fire Charms, will deal additional x Fire damage to the enemies near. If you don't empower Explosive Shot with charms it will restore 3 gear pieces.

I.If Aspect of the Assault:

This one is called "Aspect" - you can only have one of them be active. We will be using Aspect of Assault to increase our all damage by %30 (at max).

I.Ig Swingout:

This is a defensive skill that scouts depend on quite a lot. With a %30 of chance, it helps you to dodge all single-target attacks on you for 3 seconds.

I.Ih Replenishment:

Once activated while in combat, this skill gives you 1 gear piece every 1 seconds over 10 seconds.

I.Ii Swift Fletching:

This one is a passive skill, when you enter a combat you will receive Swift Fletching effect for 6 seconds (at max), which will increase your damage by 14% - while you are in combat, this effect will reappear every in 13 seconds.

I.Ij Recoil:

This skill will make you leap 20 yards backwards and restore 4 gear pieces.

I.Ik Wild Hunt:

Once used, all enemies near 20 yards turn into animals and flee for 1.5 seconds. While this skill is active your damage dealt will increase %10, your movement speed, cast speed, and ability cooldown speed will increase by %10 and you will become immune to all control effects. It consumes 5 Tears of Dragon.

I.Il Stormy Arrow:

You hit an enchanted arrow which splits into two, three, and four and deal damage to enemies near. The first hit deal x damage to the first target, rest of the hits will deal one third of the first damage to rest of the enemies and the final hit stuns the target for 2 seconds. It consumes 6 Tears of Dragon.
Smugglers Paradise - Laukr - Scout
English, Turkish

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Monday, September 23rd 2019, 7:40pm


All of the characters have 3 ruby pages, scout's ruby pages are called: Fire Starter, Poisoner, and Survival Code. At this section we will look into them and which rubies I choice to use in detail.

II.I Fire Starter

II.Ia Fire Starter:

This ruby increases all of your fire damage dealt by 16% (at max). I suggest you to go max with it.

II.Ib Shooter:

You cannot use it if you don't have the Aspect of Assault - if you have it, you must activate this stance to get advantages of this stance: you can move at your normal speed while using your abilities; Precise Shot, Aimed Shot, and Explosive Shot are casted 100% faster - which means instantly; the range of these abilities, additionally, the range of Volley and Bombardment increases by 48 yards and their damage increases by 15%; incoming damage reduces by 15%. You can use only one stance at certain time. All of the advantages and their variables written are for the max level of this ruby. I, strongly advice you to go max with this ruby - if you are going to be ranged.

II.Ic Hit the Mark:

This ruby increases the damage of Precise and Aimed Shot by 24%. Also, it increases the damage of Crippling Shot by 100%. It needs the "Shooter" stance active to be able to use. I suggest you to go max with this ruby.

II.Id Pin Cushion:

This ruby increases the damage of Volley and Bombardment by 45% and the casting speed of these abilities increases by 50%. I suggest you to go max with this ruby.

II.Ie Firm Hand:

This ruby increases all your damage dealt by 20% also this effect prevents you to switch to the Combatant stance. I suggest you to take it to improve your damage.

II.If Death Mark:

This ruby, additinally increases damage you deal by 15%. The duration of this effect is increased by 3 seconds (at max level).

II.Ig Burning Arrows:

All ranged attacks inflict Fire damage. The type of active charms remains the same. Your ranged attacks additionally inflict 9% more damage (at max).

II.Ih Explosive Arrowhead:

Each hit of your Volley and Bombardment inflicts x Fire damage to the target and all enemies within an 8-yard radius around it. While your Fire charms are active, your Precise and Aimed Shot incinerate all enemies within an 8-yard radius around the target, dealing x Fire damage every second for 4 seconds. While your Poison charms active, your Explosive Shot poisons all enemies within an 8-yard radius around the main target, dealing x damage every second 6 seconds.

II.Ii Tranquil Arrow:

You prepare a poisoned arrow which puts the target into sleep for 30 seconds. This one is so important skill since you can put into sleep any mob for 30 seconds in Heroics. This skill has a casting time for 5 seconds and it can prepared in advance.

II.Ij Eagle Eye:

Increases your Vigor by 9% (at max).

II.Ik Vulture's Feast:

Increases your Brutality by 120.

II.II Poisoner

II.IIa Aspect of Killer:

This ruby increases all your damage dealt by 12%.

II.IIb Accurate Shot:

Each successfully executed Volley and Bombardment have a 100% chance to apply 1 stack of (up to 2 stacks) Accurate Shot effect for 8 seconds. Each stack of Accurate Shot increases the damage of your Crippling Shot by 20%.

II.IIc Poison Valley:

The last shot of Bombardment and Volley poisons your target for 4 seconds and deals x Poison damage every 2 seconds. Every stack of Weak Poison effect applied by other abilities slows down the target by 2% (up to 24%).

II.IId Composite Poison:

The effect duration of poison spells reduces by 20 seconds, and their damage increases by 60%.

II.IIe Tricky Charms:

Casting any charms increases all your damage dealt by 12 for 10 seconds.

II.IIf Complex Poisons:

Your Poison damage increases by 16%.

II.IIg Painful Death:

Targets under your Deadly Poison or Weak Poison effect receive 8% more damage from your attacks.
Smugglers Paradise - Laukr - Scout
English, Turkish

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Monday, September 23rd 2019, 9:25pm

II.III Survival Code

II.IIIa Cat Reflexes:

This ruby increases your Swiftness by 90.

II.IIIb On Alert:

Maximum amount of stored gear pieces increase by 5. Damage dealt increases by 12%.

II.IIIc Predator's Grace:

Swingout duration and it's cooldown increase by 100%. It also reduces your incoming damage from area of effect attacks by 60% and increases your movement speed by 15%. Does not consume any more gear pieces.

II.IIId Joker:

Swingout gives you the Joker effect for 3 seconds. While this effect is active, you receive 40% less damage over time and damage from area of effect attacks.

II.IIIe Watch and Learn:

Swingout applies the Joker effect to all party members within a 40-yard radius. This one is so important for your group in Heroic Adventure, although I couldn't get it yet this one is my priority after I am done with my last raid.

II.IIIf Enchantment Expert:

The cost of all charms is reduced by 1 gear piece.

II.IIIg Survival Technique:

The consumption of each gear piece heals you by 0.2% of your maximum health. I couldn't get this one too, I am going to spend my reward from Battlegrounds on this ruby since it gives you good amount of health, constantly.
Smugglers Paradise - Laukr - Scout
English, Turkish

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Monday, September 23rd 2019, 9:29pm

III. Stats
In this section I will, briefly, talk about important stats for scout. Stats, in Allods, differ into two types: Offensive and Defensive Stats. We will be focusing on Vigor, Proficiency, Determination, Brutality, and Swiftness on Offensive Stats side; and, Vitality, Bloodlust, Caution, and Concentration will be our focus on Defensive Stats.

First, let's take a look into our main stats:

Vigor: Increases your damage and healing by a factor of x.

Proficiency: Increases your damage and healing by x%.

Determination: Determination stacks each time you deal damage or healing. It increases your damage dealt and outgoing healing by x% per every percent of Determination. It stacks 33% faster upon dealing damage. You can check it's status right under your health bar.

Brutality: Increases your damage dealt and outgoing healing by x% per every percent of hit points lost by your target.

Stamina: Increases your hitpoints by x.

Vitality: Increases your hitpoints by x%.

Bloodlust: Heals you for x% of damage dealt and x% of healing.

Now it is time to look into our special stats:

Swiftness: Reduces the cooldown duration of your abilities by x%. It does not effect the overall cooldown and the cooldown of the abilities that consume Tears of Dragon.

Caution: When your health drops to 40%, all incoming damage decreases by x%.

Concentration: When you deal damage or heal, you receive a shiled that can absorb absorb 40% of incoming damage. It's maximum defense rate equals to x% of your damage dealt or x% of your outgoing healing and it also decreases x% in every combat for 2 seconds.

Here, we could take Double Attack - which, with a x% chance makes our abilities to cast twice and the second cast will deal %50 less damage or healing. I did not want to improve this stat yet since I am still trying to improve my gear score and I am doing enough damage with high Determination level and AoE skills. Since I am still in gearing and improving my character, shown stats are not the final and best values. However, my experiences allows me to say that you have to have a very high level of determination (like around 600-700 min.), your proficiency would be awesome if you have one third of your determination level (like 200-300), brutality can be around 200, if you have a support character in your team you won't need bloodlust for pve so you can invest in concentration and caution instead of bloodlust; however, if you are progressing solo, it is best for you to have around 300 min. As for special stats, I suggest you to make your swiftness level 280-290 minimum (you will be getting +40 points with an item later), I don't prefer double attack but in the future (when I get better) I might try it. Your caution should be around 300 and your concentration should be around 220 min. - later you can decrease (when you have higher DPS) it and invest in vitality or caution.

IV. Racial Skills
In Allods Online, there different races that can play scout and each of them have their own racial ability, you can receive and use all of them by talking with Keeper of Secrets (near Aidenus) and buy (with 100k gold) an item called "Page from theBook of Secrets"; in this section I will be introducing them to you.

IV.I Sabotage:

This skill will help you to leap 20 yards away from the target. The target and all enemies nearby will be immobilized for 2 seconds.

IV.II Paralyzing Arrow:

This skill applies helplesness effect to your target for 3 seconds. This effect makes target unable to use any abilities.

IV.III Distraction:

This skill increases your chance to dodge directed attacks by 20%. Also, your part members gets the same effect for 5 seconds.

IV.IV Sybaris:

During 6 seconds, any enemy, who deals direct damage to you, receieves x Poison damage.

IV.V Tricky Trap:

You place a trap that is only seen by you and which stays for 30 seconds. The first enemy that walks into 5-yard radius of your trap will be immobilized for 4 seconds and will be poisoned for 8 seconds. Poison will inflict x damage per second. Your enemy will also receive a vulnerability effect which will increase their damage taken by 25%.

IV.VI Sticky Bomb:

You will throw a bomb that can be sticked into enemy, once sticked, it explodes after 3 seconds and deals x damage also you will restore 6 gear pieces.
Smugglers Paradise - Laukr - Scout
English, Turkish

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Monday, September 23rd 2019, 9:30pm

V. Rotation
In this section I will be sharing my DPS rotation via using images of skills and then I will try to explain it. Before going into any fight make sure that you have your Aspect of Assault and Shooter Stance are on.

So here, what we are doing is basically using the power of charms and their dance with our abilities. We must make sure that we start our fight with using "Replenishment" to get gear pieces every seconds. We must start our fight with activating "Poison Charms" and using "Precise Shot" to get huge burst damage and "Deadly Poison" effect - this will be our main DPS and it will empower the damage dealt for our next abilities. Then, with "Fire Charms" + "Bombardment" we will be getting a series of shots and a burst fire damage in the final shot of our "Bombardment" (see skill explanations); while our "Deadly Poison" is still active we will be using "Poison Charms" + "Bombardment" to get Weakly Poison effect which is another passive and powerful effect. After using two "Bombardment" we will have an Accurate Shot effect with 2 stacks on it, this will improve the damage of our "Crippling Shot" by 40% which will deal a huge damage to our enemy. Finally, we are using "Fire Charms" + "Explosive Shot" to deal huge burst damage as AoE. Here you can see how much damage of this rotation deals to the enemy (1064K in total):

Basically, the DPS rotation is this (for me), like I mentioned at the beginning everything discussed here are prone to change depending on my gear level and further progress in the game.

VI. Additional Information
Here, in this section, I want to mention some items that will make you even more powerful with their own and unique advantages. These items are nothing else then artifacts! Each artifact has its improvement stages and those stages consist of 5 steps. You can create any artifact via Anvil of Artifacts - you need lots of Fate Elixirs, Fragment of Artifact you want and 50K gold. I want to mention three of them that I believe will help you a lot within your gearing process.

These three artifacts will help you through your gearing process. Especially, Victory Cross is the most important one among other artifacts since it has very important boosts like damage increase and stat increase (and more); Grail of Awakening, on the other hand, is important for you farm important resource like Fate Elixirs - so this one is crucial for people like me to get other artifacts easily since it gives you an Awakened Matter for each enemy that you kill at maximum level, you can farm 10K Awakened Matter and you can trade it for useful resources; finally, Dragon Aspis, I believe it will help you within your Heroic adventures since it gives you important buffs which reduce the incoming damage from enemies.

VI. Final Notes
I hope I could help any new scout players with this build. This game needs more population and more players that are willing to help any other new players. As a new player, I am so grateful to my guild Avarice for helping me get better. And, I want to thank to, especially, some important players and good persons like Dragagon, Araon, Voxeor, and Alkaos (my boss) for sharing me their experiences and giving a hand to a rookie player. Take care all, let's meet at the battlegrounds!


Smugglers Paradise - Laukr - Scout
English, Turkish

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