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Monday, September 23rd 2019, 11:23pm

[PMB 10.1] Tippo's shotting range course


1. Introduction

2. Guide

2.1. Skills

2.2. Rubies

2.3. Stats

3. Builds and Rotations

3.1. PvE DPS

3.2. PvP DPS

4. Ending

1. Introduction

Hey everyone . My name is Tippotenios and i play on Evolution Server . I am a proud member ofthe League guild The
Lilies (all hail the Thraxis nation ). I am currently back to playing scout which in my opinion is one of the most diverse classes to play in allods because you can be either melee or ranged dps with same success as well as a tank cos scout can tank again . So before we dive in scout training thanks for taking time to check my guide and i hope it will be helpful to the community !

2. Guide

This guide is for all scouts out there being a veteran or a newbie starting to shoot arrows at people.

The roles a scout can fill in a party are that of a tank who takes damage while mitigating damage and that of a dps which can deal burst amount of damage in short amounts of time and melt both mobs and players. I will focus on the dps aspect of the scout since i got more experience with it.Before i present the skills our class possess i need to present the class resource we have since 7.0 which is named gear pieces.

These are mainly used to enchance our basic skills by creating charms which are spent on skill use. Scout currently has access to 3 types of charms but 2 out of the 3 are widely used . These are Fire and Poison charms which are boosting our damage output . Frost charms are not designed in order to work with aspect of assault in pve so they will not be a part of builds or mentioned .

2.1 Skill presentation

Volley / Bombardment We shoot a barrage of arrows at a target we restore 2 gear pieces when no charms are active.
If charms are active it has bonus properties based on the charm type.

Fire Charm : Inflicts additional fire damage

Poison Charm : Poisons the target by adding to it stacks of Weak Poison. Thing is these poison stacks are not weak at all . :P

Precise / Aimed Shot Deals damage to the target and refunds 4 gear pieces if no charms are active when used. If charms are active it gains bonus properties based on the charm activated.

Fire Charm : Inflicts additional fire damagePoison Charm : Inflicts poison damage over time on the target for 8 seconds

Swingout Scout dodges all single target attacks with a 30% chance for 3 seconds. The only real defensive cooldown we have for pve.

Crippling shot Deals damage to the target and roots it for 3 seconds . That skill is a hard hitting one being
second to aimed shot in terms of burst damage .

Replenishment When used in combat we restore gear pieces for 10 seconds. Total amount of gear pieces varies on skill rank. Since charms enhance our damage output you would want it at rank 3.

Explosive shot Deals aoe damage to all enemies to the target and enemies around it and restores gear pieces
without charms . If charms are active it gains extra properties .

Fire Charm : Inflicts additional fire damage

Poison Charm : Poisons the area around target for 6 seconds and all enemies in the area receive poison damage for the duration . Using poison charm with Explosive shot is our opener in aoe pulls.

Swift Fletching Every 6 seconds in combat we receive a buff that increases our damage dealt by 14%. Initially it has a 13 seconds cooldown which is lowered by 3 seconds for every 100 swiftness we get. Swiftness is needed for our class so rank 3 of this ability combined with 300 swiftness we aim for is a win – win scenario for us.

Rain of arrows Inflicts damage to up to 6 enemies at rank 3 for 6 seconds in a 15 yards area . We are cc immune while using the skill . Deals good damage but mobs are so squishy nowadays and we are squishy as wel so it is best to stick to ranged aoe dps but it is the scout version of spin to win as while casting we turn is an arrow tornado.

Wild Hunt Makes all enemies around us wild animals which flee for 2.5 seconds which rises with higher quality tears of the dragon . Also we receive 10% damage boost , 10% cooldown reduction and 10% movement speed while enemies flee.

Stormy arrow We shoot an enchanted arrow which is split in half for each enemy hit and deals damage to enemies hit. Higher ranks of the ability reduce the cooldown of the ability. Same situation as rain of arrows mobs are to squishy to use it. Only exception are the goblins before last boss in white mountain.
Keep calm and pvp hard :thumbsup: 8)

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Monday, September 23rd 2019, 11:24pm

2.2 Rubies

Now i will present the rubies scout must have in order to be an optimal damage dealer. Some utility rubies will be mentioned as well which are a convinience to have but not vital.

Stat rubies

General rule for stat rubies is grab them all first since they are too good to pass .

Eagle eye : 9% more vigor which is the base for our damage calculation? Absolutely grab these.

Bear power : 70 % more stamina means higher base health pool. Grab these everywhere with only exception tep in observatory normal and hard mode who deals damage proportionate to our max hp. With lower max hp we are making healer job easier.

Cat reflexes : 120 swiftness which is our class resource is a good headstart towards the 300 goal we have. Too good to skip.

Vulture's feast : 120 brutality is the base we need for general pve with exception of world boss and observatory raids because the longer a fight lasts the more valuable brutality is.

Core rubies for DPS scouts

Firestarter : Increases the fire damage we deal by 16% . Synergizes well with Burning arrow rubies which increase the ranged damage we do by 9% and at the same time increase the ranged damage we deal by 9%. Also opens up route to other important rubies .

Shooter : Other than Aspect of assault we scouts have 2 stances one that is for melee dps and tank scout and shooter which is the must have for ranged. Get all 3 rubies that offer the following bonuses :

  • 100% cast time reduction on aimed shot and explosive shot
  • greater range of these to 48 yards combined with 15% more damage from them
  • the ability to move at normal speed while using these abilitites to move away from circles in pve cos 95% of circles are bad

Hit the mark : Increases both the damage of aimed shot and crippling shot ability by 24% and 100% respectively. The more damage we deal the better for us so we need to grab all three.

Pin Cushion : Another enchancement for Bombardment that increases damage dealt by 45% by making its cast 50% slower (cast takes 1 second with these rubies) so we benefit from these.

Explosive arrowhead : These three rubies are reinforcing 3 skill at the same time. My personal opinion is grab those and enjoy the benefits they offer.

  • First of all makes bombardment aoe by dealing fire damage to enemies around main target.
  • Aimed shot with fire charm deals aoe fire damage to enemies around main target.
  • Explosive shot used with fire charms deals aoe poison damage which is our opener for aoe pulls

Tricky charms : We get a damage boost when we use any charm for 10 seconds . We may as well get a free damage boost.

Aspect of the killer : 12% more damage combined with aspect of assault. I see no reason why not to get the rubies...

Complex poison : 16% more poison damage .Same as above.

Painful death : we get an 8% damage boost while attacking enemies affected by weak or deadly poison. Since we are suing poison charms
it means we get another free damage boost.

Composite poisons : Duration of poison spells decreases by 20 seconds but their damage increases by 60% . Fair tradeoff in my opinion more damage is always good.

Accurate shot : Bombardment has 100% to give our target a stack of accurate shot. Each stack increases the damage of our crippling shot by 20% . Max stacks a target can get is 2 so we are talking about a 40% damage boost on crippling shot.

Poison Volley : Last shot of volley poisons the target for 4 seconds and deals damage . As a minor bonus every stack of weak poison slows our target by 2% up to a total of 24% , meaning the max stacks of weak poison we can inflict is 12 .

On alert : Maximum amount of gear pieces is increased by 5 which means we can get more with replenshment. Also as a bonus our damage increases by by 12%.

Convinience rubies

They are utility based and their focus is better survival for compass sectors.

Predator's grace : Increases the duration and cooldown of swingout by 100% . But in return we get 60% less damange from aoe and single target attacks. Also gives us 15% more movement speed.

Joker : When we use swingout we also get joker for 3 seconds. while the effect is active we receive 40% less damage from damage over time abilities and area of effect skills.

Watch and Learn : Joker effect applies to all party members in 40 yards range.

These rubies are a luxury to have. Invest if you got spare rubies in them.

2.3 Stats

For PVE DPS these are the stats you should aim for

Offensive stats
  • 300 Swiftness
  • 250 Double attack
  • 120 Brutality for astral and general pve. Get 200 for observatory and world bosses
  • 0 Proficiency
  • at least 200 Elemental damage since it scales better than proficiency on damage amplify
  • As high determination as you can get. Speak of the devil you want all points in this stat since we can get average 95% and more on most fights.

Defensive stats

  • 300 Caution
  • 200 Concentration
  • Rest on vitality since bloodlust heals are subpar.

  • 300 Swiftness
  • 250 Double atk
  • Rest on proficiency and brutality on a ratio of 1 to 1.2

Defensive stats
  • 300 Caution
  • 200 elemental protection -200 phys protection and 200 holy protection or nature ( up to you on the 3rd stat)

  • Rest in Vitality
Keep calm and pvp hard :thumbsup: 8)

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Monday, September 23rd 2019, 11:24pm

3. Builds and rotation

3.1 Pve Dps

Scout Pve DPS

This is the core DPS build for us scouts containing all the major rubies we will need to do our job whihc is killing them fast and painfully.

Pve rotation

Single target rotation

-> -> -> -> -> ->

Rinse and repeat until the boss mob is dead. For most mobs outside astral the combo up to crippling is good enough to kill it.

Tips on rotation

  • Use poison charm before you go in combat because it does not consume gear pieces and it will be off cooldown or close to it before you need to use it again.
  • Make sure the target has poison on him/her (either weak poison or poison volley dot) to utilize painful death rubies (8% damage boost is no pushover).
  • When on a boss fight you cast replenshiment after the 1st bombardment to make sure you will have gear pieces for encanted attacks.That way the only non-enchanted attack we will use is crippling bow and we will always have the bonus damage from tricky charm rubies. :thumbup:

Aoe rotations

-> -> -> ->

Repeat if the mobs are not dead. If one or 2 remain switch to single target rotation to burst them down.

3.2 Pvp DPS

Pvp Dps

Differences with pve build on talents

We are squishy at pvp scenarios so we have to make sure to keep our distance and have less damage taken as possible. That is why we get caltrops rank 3 and recoil so we can caltrops our position and recoil backwards to get less incoming damage buff from optical illusion. Also we grab camouflage rank 2 as a panic button. Care while using because it means your healer cannot heal you as it breaks line of sight.

Another tip using bombardment with poison charms goes through paladin barriers making our job to try to kill them a little bit easier.


Thank you for taking time to read my pimp my build entry and i hope it helped new scouts . If you got any questions , suggestions do not hesitate to contact me either here on forums or ingame . Tippotenios out !!
Keep calm and pvp hard :thumbsup: 8)

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