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[10.1 PMB] Khualeppi's Warrior PVE DPS guide

Hey there fellow allods players
I'm Khualeppi, currently in Rainbow guild playing on Smuggler's Paradise server (empire side).
I started playing allods around 9 years ago and I have played different classes doing endgame content, but lately I've played a fair amount of warrior and decided to make a guide on it.

Why warrior?

Warrior is able to push out amazing single target dps, he can be super tanky with different defensive skills which can avoid you dying in situations that other people might. Sadly warrior doesn't really offer any good utilities in group content, except a long CC, some small CC's and a defense buff for the group from turtle, but most of the time none of these are really necessary. Being melee isn't the best always, but at least the chance of dying to some random aoe's on boss makes it bit more exciting.

There have been no notable changes in warrior from recent patches, except the fact that in 10.0 we got Bedlam which was a great aoe damage skill, but is now nerfed hard.
It's still a welcome damage boost occasionally. Tear skills now share cooldown of 30 seconds, which means you should always prioritize Berserker over bedlam in single target.
Warrior PVE DPS build
This build is done with 76 talent points and 70 rubies



Im not going to go through all the individual spells or rubies, most rubies are either to make your spells Critically hit or just a passive damage bonus.

For stats I use something like this

Offensive stats:

You should go with similar ratio as in the picture with Proficiency, Determination and Brutality. Less Brutality and more proficiency works in regular astral (s4) since mobs die very fast.
Almost all the spells are Critical hits so Critical damage is important.
The build is full physical so Physical damage is important to have.

Some people use Double attack but I dont feel it being necessary at all. It can make managing combat advantage easier, but with double attack you are normally overcapped with it, which makes you "waste" the resource.

Defensive stats:

Caution and concentration helps to survive getting hit better.
Bloodlust from gear should be 0 in group content since supports should be buffing this. (135 in the picture 120 are from guild rubies and something else I dont remember anymore). In solo content you can take more bloodlust for sustain.
Everything else should be in Vitality so you have more hp.

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Warrior's rotation

Warrior does best in single target dps and can push out very high numbers, especially in longer combats with a nice trick that I will explain later.

1. Single target dps

In combat its important to remember that any bleed effect on your target will make your Destructive attack and Fracture do critical damage, due to this you should always keep it on your target.
So you want to start your combat with Jagged slice as it is your instant (and ranged) bleed effect, then you proceed with charge to get close to your target, or alternatively if you are already close you can use Destructive attack and then Fracture.
Now you have enough Combat Advantage to use bloody harvest and you should keep this up all the time by using it again when the skill comes up again, since the duration is same as the cooldown.
After using Bloody harvest you use Destructive attack -> Deadly lunge -> Destructive attack -> Fracture -> Deadly lunge. Now around this time your first Jagged slice buff is fading and the target has 3 stacks of fracture, so you reapply Jagged slice and then use Fracture to get 3 stacks of Cleft armor on the target so you do more damage with Deadly lunge.
After this, its all about keeping your Jagged slice on the target, using Deadly lunge and Bloody Harvest whenever they are up and other times you just spam Destructive attack since it is your spammable skill with the highest damage.

To recap a basic rotation on single target bosses is like this

Jagged slice -> Charge (or Destructive attack if close) -> Fracture -> Bloody Harvest -> Destructive attack -> Deadly lunge -> Destructive attack -> Fracture -> Deadly lunge -> Jagged slice -> Fracture -> Deadly lunge -> Destructive attack -> Bloody harvest
Thats the basic rotation and it works perfectly fine for heroics and regular astral

Treacherous strike isnt included in the rotation since it's only usable on mobs you can CC, otherwise it wont critically strike.
Damagewise treacherous strike does a bit more damage than deadly lunge and its also instant, which makes it usable on regular mobs in s4 or in heroics. But remember you need any sort of CC on them for the crit, so better use Hack first to apply a slow.

2. Long single target fights

Now, there's a trick I found out you can do to increase your DPS by a LOT in longer combats.

Usually DOTs (damage-over-time) when reapplied such as jagged slice, it will look at your buffs at the moment you apply them and do the corresponding dmg, next time you use it even if the dot hasn't faded yet, it will reapply and check your buffs/stats again.
Deadly lunge's dot Fatal wound is different, whenever you apply it first, it does the same, checks your buffs/stats and does the damage. BUT when you use Deadly lunge again and the target already has Fatal wound, instead of checking your buffs/stats again, it will just REFRESH the buff, dealing same damage as before. This is possible with 0 swiftness (cooldown reduction stat) since the dot lasts 4 seconds and has a cooldown of 3.5 seconds.
To abuse this "feature" in combat, for example world bosses you want to have ALL the buffs you can possibly get, that is Tonic of concentration, Trinket proc (Assault charms), Berserker, Bloody harvest, and if you have a support with you, an engineer could use Power, Masterplan and their Red alert, or alternatively a bard to buff Power, Victory Hymn and Tunes of war, which will buff your dmg A LOT, and then you BURST, use Deadly lunge to apply Fatal wound and importantly, never let it fade.

Using this will make your dps higher due to fatal wound doing a lot more damage compared to without buffing it. An example of non buffed and buffed fatal wound.
The rotation showed before already covers Deadly lunge never fading, but reality is often disappointing, so you should specifically look for the dot and make sure it never fades.

Here's an example of a "no brain" burst when I tested this on a dummy

Compared to "big brain" burst and never letting Fatal wound fade after applying with buffs

Fatal wound does around 44k DPS on its own when not cared about it not much, compared to 57k when I never let it fade during 2 minute fight after applying it with all the buffs. This was solo test, but the effect gets amplified by a lot when you have a support that can give you stats + Red alert damage buffs and maybe even bard support giving you more buffs.

Now here's one more example of when I had an amazing support while smashing a world boss in f2p

In long fights Fatal wound jumps from 4th highest DPS spell to being the highest.

3. AOE dps :(

Unfortunately to have great single target dps, you have to sacrifice your AOE dmg.

Simply put warrior's aoe rotation is

You spin (and cry). You can always hope that while spinning your tears might hit the wounds of your enemies, thus causing them extreme pain (like the one you feel inside). So just spam Vicious spin for the bleed effect Bloodbath, and continue single target hitting until you reapply the bleed.

Sometimes you can use the tear skill Bedlam too which makes you spin even harder, during this you can also use your Vicious spin for even more harder spin!
Vicious spin damage itself isnt very good without one ruby that would change it to fire and make it critically hit, but this ruby isn't worth to take since it changes Destructive attack and Fracture to fire too, which in turn makes you lose some single target dps.

Other important

I wanted to include this ruby in the rotation part which is the Shackles, our very own long CC spell which are very needed in heroics!

Also lets not forget defensives

Turtle is our best defensive skill, use it whenever aoe's are coming or you are taking heavy damage

Adrenaline Surge is another defense skill but has less damage reduction than Turtle

Thanks for reading and feel free to ask any questions if you got any!

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