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Tuesday, September 24th 2019, 6:44pm

[PMB 10.1] Slyeon PvE Support

Hi! My name is Slyeon, I am an Engineer and the treasurer of the guild Avarice on Smugglers Paradise (League).
In this entry I will be going through my PvE support build, stat choices, artifacts, and relics and explain
the things you need to know to become strong like me! Kappa.

For my builds I use the same build for all PvE content (heroics/arena of heroes/raids)
since there isn’t that much to change anyways and we dont have permanent respecs in P2P server.(pls devs)
Only things that change between content are stats, but I will go through those a bit later.

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Tuesday, September 24th 2019, 6:47pm

Changes in last patches:

Funny but engineers are still a totally balanced class so it didn’t recieve any kind of changes from the last patch,
just some text fixes and only thing that effected engineer in anyway was the opportunity to upgrade artifacts over lvl 5. (pfft boring section)
Another change, that is not really mentionable, is the ”Portable Cannon” skill, which got another appearence and a new name now (Sanatorium)!

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Tuesday, September 24th 2019, 6:49pm

Basic mechanics:

The idea of having an engineer in the party is that it can rotate buffs permanently in the whole party, just like bard (but better).
These buffs include a lot more damage to everyone, bloodlust and less damage that they will receive for a certain amount of time.
Because of these buffs, engineers are needed for all contents in-game, since we can replace healers in 95% of PvE content and we are still doing pretty good damage while making everyone in the party almost immortal - that's why I love to play this class!

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Tuesday, September 24th 2019, 6:51pm

Reactor/Class Resource

All of the classes in Allods have some kind of class mechanic/resource, so engineers were blessed with HEAT!
On the left side of your ability bar you will see a gauge with numbers going either blue or red.
This is your reactor that shows the temperature. This temperature is used to activate certain skills and increase damage in others.
Some skills have different effects when used in either cold or hot mode so keep your eye on the gauge.

In support build this reactor will be either cooled or heated to -200/+200 degrees to be able to use either Reactor Blowdown or Burst of Mana to refresh the buffs that you are giving to your party members. More about these skills in a bit!

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Tuesday, September 24th 2019, 6:57pm


Like I said earlier, for all the of PvE content I’m using the same build and I will just swap some stats accordingly. So without further ado here is my build (I will explain everything you need to know about skills in the next section)

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Tuesday, September 24th 2019, 8:19pm


Now I will go through the skills that I am using in the build one by one starting with dps skills. Rubies are mostly just increasing durations and making other skills just a bit better so I wont go through them one by one.

/ Acid Shot/Toxic Volley:

Spammable skill that does okay damage per tick, cools down reactor by 40 degrees per shot

Acid Bomb:

One of our the best dps skills and best one to immediatly cool the reactor by 200 degrees. Has a bit of cooldown but this will be used pretty much everytime out of cooldown. Applies a dot on the target that does quite nice damage.

Burst of Mana:

Our most important skill when it comes to dps skills. This skill can be only used with reactor reaches either 200 or –200 degrees. While we have tactics from rubies on, this skill will refresh all buffs on party members. As dps skill, it will apply a dot in a 15 yard aoe radius from your main target with okay damage.

Acid Turret:

This skill is pretty much if acid bomb and burst of mana made a baby. Sooo in short, you will drop down a turret that keeps hitting closest target with acid splashes that do aoe dmg and it stays in ground for 20seconds (increased with rubies) and keeps shooting that whole time every couple of seconds. Cooldown is short enough to have multiple of these on the ground all the time.


This wont be used in our normal rotations but is still a mandatory skill, does kinda useless amount of damage but dispels positive effects from targets. This is must have skill for some heroics, since mobs/start buffing themselves and we can just yoink their buffs away with this!


Ummh what I could tell about my trusty robot friend Mark..he is pretty useless if I'm being honest. Only needed when some people need locus or when you want just a biiiiit more damage.

Destructive Shots:

Our all mighty gattling gun! By activating this, you will gain god mode while you are rapid firing 8 shots from your gun. These shots are aoe and deal really nice amount of damage in aoe packs or even single target if you want to boost your damage in the dps meter! Cooldown is bit longish and cast time can be lowered by getting more swiftness.

Red Alert:

This skill O.O I still dont know what game developers were thinking when they created this. As short, you will nuke the ground, do way too much dmg as a support, start applying negative effects randomly to targets that its hit while leaving blue cloud on the zone that makes enemies take more damage and makes their HPs sucked off by 1% per second and all allies get 1% more damage every second and max HP while standing in that blue cloudy zone.

And now for the support side of the skills:

/ Power/Bloodthirst:

These are our normal buffs that we keep on with burst of mana all the time. Power applies buff that gives 20% more dmg, healing and shielding for 2 seconds (this duration is much longer since we use aspect of support) and bloodthrist gives 350 bloodlust for the duration. When applied also gives 100% more healing for next 5seconds!! These 2 alone make engineers (and bards yes, bards too) really needed everywhere since 350 bloodlust combined with 20% more healing makes anyone almost immortal!


This is used before bosses use cc, since this skill applies 5sec immunity for next cc (with the ruby). Without the ruby, this skill only makes cc last less time and like that it would be almost useless in PvE content.

Temporal Acceleration:

Really rarely used skill that gives more movement speed for a short period of time, can be useful when you are trying to get away from sticky situation in heroics.

Critical mass:

Pretty much just gives 25% more dmg to everyone on your party (reactor skill)

/ Iron curtain/Power field:

These skills are your most used shield skills, both have the same purpose, to decrease dmg that your party members are taking. Iron curtain is the more boring one, doesnt do much else but Power field applies slow effect on enemies that go under the bubble it makes on the ground. And while you stand next to it you will get more damage to your volleys (ruby) decreasing dmg from party members and giving you more damage doesn't sound that bad!

Power barrier:

Gives shield 20% shield on everyone and restories 1% of your max hp every second to everyone with the buff. Shield absorbs only 50% of dmg taken so be careful!

Medical emergency aka MEEEEEDICAL!:

As short, aoe puri that is always late when you ask your party members. Purificates negative effect immediately from all party members when dropped.


Pewpew skill that stuns the target for couple of seconds

Paralyzing Ray:

Just a simple long cc without cast time (ruby)… hold on, these boring ones are over soon.

Spider Suppressor:

You will make a spider walk towards an area, on the way it pulls all targets towards the center and disorients them for quite a nice 3 seconds! Wauw.

Steel Trap:

Pulls all targets 15 yards away from main target towards it and immoblizes the main target, so Spider Supressor and Steel Trap are really good for getting aoe mob packs staying in small area for easier clear!

/ Wormhole/Teleport:

Put a spotlight for dancing on the ground, when using teleport skill after it, everyone of your party with 15 yard radius will be teleported with you on the spotlight. Using teleport without putting Wormhole down will teleport you alone to the furthest away device that you are used.


This skill makes all of engineers device cooldowns reset, except tear skills. Usually used after medical emergency to reset its cooldown straight after.


Probly the most bugged skill in whole allods... never gets fixed. But the idea is that you will throw out a massive cannon that starts healing the lowest HP party member on its range 2% per second while giving 35% defence boost. (this cannon is moody, sometimes it just looks at you withtout doing anything and sometimes it heals you to 20% per second depending if it has a good day).

Master Plan:

Simply increases profi/deter/bruta by 70 with really long cd, really good in bosses when party starts bursting!

Racials: Firecracker:

This is surely the only racial skill everyone should be using! Amazing aoe fear for sticky situations, applies a fire dot that nobody cares about.

For reincarnation skill I would go with: Divine Foresight:

For PvE content this skill is so good just to be able to save the tank from dying! Applies a buff that heals 30% of max HP instantly if the targets HP drop under 30%.

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Tuesday, September 24th 2019, 8:55pm


Basic rotation in combat to rotate buffs:

Always start combat by putting buffs on: -> ->

Normal combo to keep buffs on in single target: -> -> -> ->

Normal combo to keep buffs on in aoe: -> -> -> -> ->

Everytime Power and Bloodthrist come out from cooldown, use them again. In shields Iron Curtain can be used always out of cooldown and Power field/Power barrier used during specific times of bosses/mobs.

Your damage mainly comes in aoe from so it will be used everytime it comes out from cooldown. As a tip, before bosses you can already start dropping these turrets on the ground, since they wont attack anything before you do.

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Tuesday, September 24th 2019, 8:59pm


For stats I have gone through a lot of testing and best ones dps wise while still giving enough amount of support buffs are: (Unbuffed for me)


Natural dmg should be as close as 250 to boost most of our dps skills since they do natural dmg.
Switfness can be low as 210-220 since we havea nice artifact that increases it by 40!

Outside raids you can change some brutality to get more determination, since the fights dont last enough long to make brutality kick in.
Difference isnt that big so you can also keep the 300 brutality like i do. Rest of the stats stay the same.

Defensive stats are always the same:

Around 250-300 Caution, 250-270 Contentration, Survivability should be around 150 and rest to vitality. which will make you really tanky.

With these stats and bit over 29k GS my normal dps in single target stays around 170-180k:

(ss from prophet with this build, no pots or tear skills)

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Tuesday, September 24th 2019, 9:07pm


Aftifacts are nice little add to our already pretty balanced kit. These are my choices for PvE!

Victory Cross:

This Artifact is here to increase +40 stats swiftness bonus in combat. Rest of the levels are just here to boost dmg.

Codex of Life:

Increases your healing abilities nicely but the most important ones are rank 1 instant rez when someone dies and rank 4 giving everyone around you extra 10% shield. This artifact truly can make a difference between success and failure.

Unity Triquetrum:

Aaaaaand last but not least of course the unity that boosts all of our support skills! Must have!


Tuesday, September 24th 2019, 9:11pm



As relics, best ones to get are all armor pieces Caution and Concentration, so we can put more stats from our gear into Vitality!


Go for Brutality since those are useful in PvE and PvP same time, Determination isn't bad either, but i prefer Brutality.


All Swiftness!! As extra if you are able to get yourself vigor increasing trinket relic, it is really good for party damage booster so I’d advice to get that one asap.

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Tuesday, September 24th 2019, 9:19pm

Hopefully, my PMB has helped anyone that wants to become an engineer or was looking for something new to think.
See you in Novograd!


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Wednesday, September 25th 2019, 12:13am

Thank you for such a thorough guide! As someone leveling up a support engineer this helps immensely

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