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Thursday, September 26th 2019, 6:59am

[PMB 10.1] Demonologist PvP build (LongVacation)

Hello, I am LongVacation (Hima) from guild Legends server Evolution, my role is dps in guild PvE and PvP activities,
Today I am sharing my special Dps Demonologist PvP build.
I have tried many classes but Demonologist is the funniest one in terms of gameplay and special effects, you have a lot of freedom thanks to the faces system (which some finds it complicated a little) you can play melee or range, aoe or single target damage, and you got also some tricks like invisibility and instant teleportation.
After Patch 10.1 every thing remained the same in terms of skills, rubies and gameplay which is a good thing because it didn't get nerfed expect the tear skill lost some damage (that happened to other classes too).
As demon is a unique class, we can't go through the builds without mentioning the faces first.

It turns you into a battle demon with increased damage dealt by 40%, 15% less incoming damage and 15% extra armor.

It turns you into an armored demon with 10% increased damage dealt, 20% less incoming damage and 35% armor increased.

It turns you into a small agile demon with 40% increased damage dealt and increased movement speed by 50%.

It removes your current face and turns you into Kanian / Elf or whatever your race which is called "No face" condition.
(Note: You can access all of those 4 skills (3 Faces) through skills book or the unique demonologist bar)
Now lets talk about the build itself:
First we start with skills tree

As you can see in the First row those 3 skills are a necessary in any dps build PvP or PvE, they are a main hits.

In the Second row we Choose Seal of Chaos only, the other 2 skills are meant for Tank build.

In the Third row we pick only Mania (it increases your damage 30%) because the other skill Ataxy has the same damage of seal of chaos but it adds wounds and Vulnerability to the target for 4 seconds, it has a long cooldown so I don't recommend it but you can add 1 skills point to it
and use it to give enemies Vulnerability for burst.

In the Fourth row you Activate aspect of assault for sure. Shadow Flight is a good skill for escaping or chasing enemies, you can add 1 skill point to it if you got extra skill points, ( I am missing temporary skill point item which gives you extra 2 skill points)

In the Fifth row we pick only Reincarnation for healing, we skip the other two because the middle one is meant for tanking,

and the right side one (Stream of Chaos) is better used in PvE as it doesn't cause much damage in PvP and easy to interrupt.

In the Sixth row we pick Veil of Madness (it gives you a shield, very useful to start a combat with or to rush into a group of players), and Expurgation ( it heals you but you need to be using no face, if you can't change faces fast don't open it and move the skill points to veil of madness rank 3)

In the Seventh row we pick Ill Will rank 2 (it gives you immunity to control effects which you can use to avoid scout tear skill for example) and Demonic Onslaught rank 3 (it is very useful as your most of damage should be melee you gonna need to catch the other players with it + it deals a good amount of damage) here is a trick, when you use Onslaught you can click again on the skill and it will explode direct instead of waiting till the effect ends.

In the 8th row we pick only veil of darkness (it is good for defense specially if you are in a group, it gives you and the group members 40% less incoming damage for 10 seconds), the other skill is a long CC skill meant for PvE.

In the 9th row we pick Temptation (it pulls an enemy towards you and deal a fair amount of damage, the opponent can't attack you too, I use it mostly in skirmish to slow the object carrier and to catch running players), on the other hand Sigil of Decay "the trap skill" is a good option too if you are fast enough to apply the trap during combat because come on you won't apply the trap and leave it you don't hunt rabbits here, if you want to use Sigil of Decay, make Temptation rank 2 and user the 3 skill points to unlock Sigil of Decay rank 2.

In the 10th row and the last (Tear Skills), let me explain them skill by skill:
Invasion, it summons small demons to attack the nearly opponents, it isn't great in PvP but it is a nice to have for 1v1.
The Soul Devouror, it is one of the top damage skills in the game, apply mania, tonic of concentration (a potion) and make sure the trinket is active, you will be able to one shot people with it, it also heals you which is cool.

Apotheosis, it increases your health 50% for 20 seconds, good for rushing in skirmish but there is a trick which makes the most of it, apply it before you apply Veil of Madness so you get extra defense which makes you tanky for a fair amount of time.

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Thursday, September 26th 2019, 7:06am

Now we move to rubies:
lets start with the easiest brunch "Juggernaut":

It is meant for tank, we only pick up Black Heart rank 3 (you unlock it in any build for Demonologist), 60% stamina is a necessary to survive.
Now lets move to "Occultist" branch, the master of damage branch:

I don't want to bother you with explaining all the rubies, most of them are explained direct and no hidden tricks,
so let me point to a few points:
If you are playing PvP dps you need to unlock "Hero Killer" It adds astral damage to seal of chaos on players, which isn't much but isn't bad either, it has a second effect but it is used for tank builds, personally I don't use it in dps build.
If you are going PvE dps, don't unlock Hero Killer, use the rubies for rank 3, it gives you 50 obsession directly and extra 50 over time, it is very useful in any dps build, rank 3 will make it lower cooldown.
Also in PvE make rank 3, it gives more obsession when you use the skills which generates obsession, it is useful but in PvP dps build,
there is other rubies with higher priorities.
Rest rubies are necessary for any Dps build, if you are new to demonologist you can read them and you will understand them fast, or you just unlock them and don't bother yourself till you stand on the ground in the class.
Now the last branch and the tricky one, "Mockingbird":

There is 2 different Dps builds you can use in PvP build depending on this branch.
First build:

This build will allow you to open invisibility in fury face, and you get extra 15% damage for 15 seconds every time you get out invisibility in combat to attack someone.
Quick Step : allows you to beinvisible, you can use it only out of combat and it has no cooldown, you lose 50% speed (which is ok as long as you have extra 50% in fury face) and you can be detected if enemies are near to you.
Veil of Shadow: it allows you to be invisible in combat but it got 2m cooldown, same as quick step but works in combat.
Shadow Hunter: it immobilize the target for 5 seconds when you attack from invisibility, you get also extra 15% damage for 15 seconds, but the effect will end immediately if you change face.
(Note:The above 3 rubies are only working with Fury face.)
Second build:

You will be using Tempting Predator face here, no invisibility but you get a good skill to finish enemies with one shot when they reach 30%, + you gain extra defense and lose the movement speed.
Endless Strength: Gives your Demonic Onslaught immunity to slowdown and immobilization and rank 1, intimidation and disorientation at rank2.
Last Ritual: It deals a good damage to enemies and 5 seconds of wounds, only works with enemies with 30% and less Hp.
Astral Reaper: Increases the range of Last Ritual and Instantly teleports you to the target.
Now the common rubies between the 2 builds:
Increases melee range.
Increases the movement speed for Tempting Predator and Giant faces.
Increases Maximum Obsession.
Immobilize the target for 2 seconds, good for pvp, it was a slowing effect but after recent updates it Immobilizes targets now.
It reduces all kind of damage by 75% expect physical for 5 seconds (you can skip it if you don't have enough rubies).

Conclusion: Both PvP builds fury or tempting predator are good, try both and choose the one that fits your gameplay style more.

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Thursday, September 26th 2019, 7:08am


Offensive Stats:

Critical Chance 220~250
Critical Damage 250~300
Double Attack 250~270
Holy Damage 200 ~ 250 (if you can't get 200 it is ok, it doesn't effect your damage that much but useful for burst)
Swiftness 0 (It was good for 1vs1 but I didn't test it this patch, you can test it by moving Holy Damage points to it)
Main Stats:

Proficiency: it depends on your gears and strongbox items, keep it like 60~65 % of the rest points from the Offensive stats.
Brutality: keep it like 35~40 % of the rest points from the Offensive stats.
Vitality: the rest of Defensive stats.

Defensive Stats:

Survivability: 180~250 or Zero if you don't have enough gears or strongbox items.
Caution: +250
Physical Protection: 200~250 (Demonologist uses cloth armor so your defense is weak against physical damage and your best damage is melee).


Best artifact set for Tempting Predator build:

Best artifact set for Fury build:

(Note: using Freedom Mirror or Pilgrim's Crown will work for both builds)

Here is a PvP video with fury build in 10.1 by me:

Here is a screenshot from a skirmish, I was using Tempting Predator build:

Finally, I am proud of finishing this guide, it took me several hours to prepare and write and I tried to make it helpful and not boring as possible, hope you enjoy it.

(If you got an inquiry or question, feel free to ask here and I will answer you asap)

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