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Friday, September 27th 2019, 1:30am

[PMB 10.1] Scout tank build from the surface of it till the very depth By: Titanium [Completed/no images]

Hello and welcome My name is Titanium and I'm a casual one trick player from the F2P server league side guild of "sexy pirates", I play scout since the patch 4.0 of the old level 51 level cap. in this PMB thread I'll start from the very basic concepts to the very advanced stuff, so even if you're new to the game... By the end of this you'll be able to have a proper understanding of general game knowledge and scouts as tanks (that's the point of PMB event isn't it?).


AOE (Area Of Effect).
Agro/o (Aggression, taking the NPC attention).
BG (Battle Ground).
CC (Crowd Control "stuns, slows...").
CD (Cool Down)
DOT/s (Damage Over Time).
DPS (Damage Per Second/damage).
F2P (Free To Play).
Global Cooldown: it means that some skills trigger a 1s forced delay before you can cast any other skill.
GP/gear (Gear Pieces).
HP (Health Point).
M/min (Minute).
NPC (Non Player Character).
P2P (Pay To Play).
PVE (Player Versus Everyone).
PVP (Player Versus Player).
S (Second).
Soft Cap: a value which above the amount of increase to a certain stat is decreased, mostly 250 for special stats.


1. intro
1.1 general intro with a bit of aspects orientation.
1.2 short brief on the stats.
1.3 Scout basic fundamentals.
1.4 Tanking in general, scout tank pros and cons.
2. the build itself
2.1 talents
2.2 Stats and stats reasoning.
2.3 tactics, mechanics, rotation.


1.1 General intro with a bit of aspects orientation:

So whether you're an old player who had played long time ago and wants to come back, or if you're a new player it will be quite shocking to see the word scout and a tank, but it's a thing here.

Our game now gives certain approaches and limitations for each class by giving them Aspects and aspect restricted rubies (Some rubies needs their perspective aspect to be active for them to function), Which are Assault (for damage), Defense (for tanking), Healing( for healing of-course), Support( for PVP, off-heal, supporting), Suppression ( or AOE CC), which means that each class can do more than one thing and you should be versatile, because at certain point one aspect with the correct stats is much more needed that the other, and it will result in better result such as winning a BG, ending a raid... So being Versatile is an extra point for you because most people are not, although they should. Also there are Some Aspect which CS doesn't affect that much, which both of those points lead us to me posting about tank scout.

Bring It On! Cuz I'm Just Gonna Grow Up In The Battle HEY !!

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Friday, September 27th 2019, 1:31am

1.2 short brief on the stats:

Let's talk about stats "keep in mind that any damage amplification is a healing amplification too", if you're new to the game or an old player the stat system maybe a bit hard for you to fully understand, So I'll start With offensive ones first, Main>special then defensive main>special.

Offensive Stats

a damage amplification factor, simply the higher the number the higher the factor the greater the damage/heal you deal. ( can by increased by Gear, guild tabard, alchemy potion "for like 10s", Hero's ornament, Essence of Perfection "both CS items").

Main stats:
Amplifies all types of damage in overall.

Increases your damage by 1% for each 10 stats point.
Increases your damage by 0.015% for each 10 stats points for each 1% of the determination bar which stacks up upon dealing damage (good for PVE and AOE PVP).


Increases your damage by 0.02% for each 10 stats point for each 1% missing of the target's health (so the lower the greater the damage, good for PVP and high hp bosses at PVE).

Special Stats

Critical Chance:
Gives your attacks a chance to do almost double the damage but, got reduced to 20% at 250 soft cap.
Critical Damage:
Increases the efficacy of your critical hits
Double Attack:
it gives a chance to your attacks do a second hit for the half the amount of the damage 40% at 250 soft cap, but not just that it also interacts with your buff class resource gain and stacks etc... ( will elaborate more specifically for tank scouts in the build details).
reduces the cool down of all your spells except the ones that are labeled "cool down isn't affected by your swiftness" by 40% at 250.
your attacks apply a wound by % of you damage deal on the target"100% of your damage at around 250", 35% of the healing will be reduced to remove the wound, can be increased from guild rubies and Spark and Wizard emblem only.

Now to the specific damage amplifiers-you can check by clicking on the skill, some rubies change the damage type- among the special stats, they work like proficiency, but with higher amplification ratio (around 1.29% for each 10) and a soft cap at around 250.
Physical damage:
specific amplifier to Physical type of damage.
Elemental damage:
Amplifies Frost, lightning, fire damage.
Holy damage:
amplifies Astral, Holy, and Shadow damage.
Natural damage:
Amplifies Poison, disease, acid damage.

Defensive Stats:

increases your total hp (the higher the number the higher your basic hp is) can be increased by Gear, Guild tabard, Hero's ornament.

Main Stats:

increases your hp by 1% for each 10 stats.
when using Martry's protection "patronage cc dispel" applies the steel will buff for 0.1 second for each 10 stat points.

Basically a lifesteal of a % of your damage, the higher you go the lesser the increase become "by doing some math and long testing 300 is optimum value but if you still want to go higher don't go more than 500".

Special stats:


Increases the shields efficacy (blue ones), which means concentration benefits from it, but it doesn't increase the received healing as claimed to be "after doing some tests on my part as well"
after your health drops below 40% the incoming damage will be reduced by 40% at 250 soft cap, some players said that if you take a big swing that makes your hp drops below 40% the damage reduction will be applied beforehand.
reduces the time of the movement impairing effect by% (I think nothing increases it anymore).
while you're under control effects all damage is reduced by % ( some classes have it in rubies, you can get it if you activate the seal of conclave from conclave strongbox).
Create a shield based on % of damage dealt (0.4% for each 10, soft cap 250) that absorbs 40% of incoming damage and degrades by 10% each 2 seconds following a first order kinetics

Now about the special damage reducers they reduce the specific damage by 0.96% for each 10 also increases willpower around 9.6 for each 10 stats:
Physical protection:
specific reducer to Physical type of damage.
Elemental protection:
reduces frost, lightning, fire damage.
Holy protection:
reduces astral, Holy, and Shadow damage.
Natural protection:
reduces poison, disease, acid damage.

1.3 Scout basic fundamentals:

now that we're done for stats let's move on to Scout basic:
Scouts are know to wield Bows/Crossbows for ranged attacks, one handed and pairs of (axes, maces, daggers, swords) with ability to hide and parry attacks.

as a scout you have stances which you can have from rubies, it affect your playstyle which are Shooter for ranged, Combatant for melee, both increase the damage of the side you'll take make explosive shot and aimed shot casts instantly, and you can have one stance active at a time you you either you play melee, ranged, or hybrid (it keeps getting nerfed sadly).

So now each class has it's own "class resource", and the scout one is called "Gear Pieces(GP)" it's basic 10 out of combat, up to 20 (25 by rubies) in combat, you need gear to use defensive abilities and to use charms (Poison, Frost, Fire) which are ability modifiers, generally speaking poison is a DOT, fire is about extra damage addition, frost is about cc.

Keep in mind that the charms effect are related to the charm level itself, not the ability skill level; meaning a level 1 Aimed shot with level 3 poison charm will apply the effect of a level 3 poison charm and deals the damage of a level 1 aimed shot.

You can regain GP when you go out of combat or using skills without the charm, or using other GP replenishing skills.
Each class has his own main stat, which interacts with some skills, scout main stat is the Swiftness.

Scouts are at different races and faction, each of them has his own unique racial skill:
Sticky Bomb (Ranger):
Throws a bomb at your target which explodes after 3 seconds dealing damage and restoring 6GP.
Distraction (Marauder):
Gives you a chance to dodge direct hits by 20% for 10 seconds, applies the same buff to all your party members for 5 seconds
Sabotage (Saboteur):
You leap away 20 yards from your target, him and all targets around him in 15 yard range will be immobilized for 2 seconds.
Paralyzing Arrow (Trickster):
applies the helplessness effect to the target for 3 Seconds (CC).
Sybaris (Hunter):
for 6 second any target that deals directed attacks to you receives poison damage.
Tricky trap (Saggitarius):
you put a trap of 30s lifetime, and only you can see it, any target within 5 yard range of will be immobilized for 4 seconds and poisoned for 8s the poison also applies the vulnerability effect which makes them receive 25% more damage.
you can get to unlock all of them if you use "Page from the Book of Secrets" from the boutique although they all share the same cooldown.

World mystery Skills:
Gift of tensess:
Resurrects a dead teammate resorting 40% of their health, if used in combat will have 5 min CD.
Sudden Move:
dispels all CC and gives an immunity to them for 4s.

1.4 Tanking in general, scout tank pros and cons:

Tanking in general is forcing the mob to hit the tank instead of any big damage dealer, even thou the tank damage is low but using rubies and talents tank will have much higher Threat level and can force the target to hit him using provocation, so your job as a tank to stay alive all the time while helping the other to stay alive too.

I know it's shocking to see scout as a tank and you may think it's useless if you compare it to other tanks, so I'll show you the pros and cons about the scout tank:
1. The only tank that can self dispel.
2. Doesn't requier too much CS to play with.
3. Master of single target tanking.
4. Fun, versatile, challenging to play.

1. Has only one damage absorption ability with high CD.
2. Can't deal very well with DOTs.
3. Complex compared to other tanks.
4. Has low self heals compared to other tanks (honestly you wont be needing heals, either you stay full hp or you die in an instant that's how things work).

Bring It On! Cuz I'm Just Gonna Grow Up In The Battle HEY !!

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Friday, September 27th 2019, 1:32am

2. The build itself

This build uses 75 talent points, 68 rubies, which is basic CS stuff that you get, and all raid rubies except Locus and the questchain ruby, battle ground ruby, And it's more than enough and everyone can use it "p2p has to finish all raids to have 68 rubies I think."

I'll start with the rubies each grid at a time with why/why I didn't take each thing, keep in mind extra damage= extra threat.

Fire starter grid:
Death mark ruby level 3;
additionally increase the damage by 15% of swift-fletching buff and increases its duration by 3 s (+29% for 6s overall).
Plantain ruby level 1;
+20% damage reduction recover 50% of hp over 8s the level increase only affects cooldown this skill is to be used after combat sometimes.
Fire starter ruby level 1;
just as a road crossing.
Experienced fighter ruby level 1;
to increase gear regen from skills "mostly doubles with double attack as well".
Eagle Eye ruby level 3; +9% to vigor.
Tranquil arrow ruby level 1;
it's good for compass as a tank you should always have it, increasing the rank will only affect the cast time, which can be prepared beforehand.
Vulture's feast ruby level 3;
+120 to brutality.

Poisoner grid:
Cross flower ruby level 1;
allows casting steel rose a second time after being used within 3 seconds if not, the cooldown starts. ( very good for both regen of gear and aoe agroo).
Combatant Ruby level 1;
mainly for the +25% damage reduction and +20% movement speed and -30% global ccoldown reduction.
Among the shadow ruby level 1;
for +10% extra damage reduction, assassination damage buff is an extra.
Blade hurricane ruby level 1
it's for cascade and avalanche +10% to damage and gives 2 gear even if you use charm with the skill, but it's just roading for the shady strike ruby.
Sudden strike ruby level 1;
shady strike deals +10% damage and you get 2 gear even if you use charm with the shady strike.
Assassination attempt ruby level 3;
the level 3 is for cooldown assassination attempt and shady strike are both your main dps, you can also use frost charm with the Assassination attempt then use frost again with any other damage skill to apply a stun for 3 seconds (good for interrupting a cast of a target).

Survival Code Grid:
Cat Reflexes ruby level 3;
+90 swiftness your main stat.
On alert ruby level 4;
increase the gear bar by 5 and increases total damage by 12%.
Joker ruby level 2;
Swingout Applies the joker effect for 3s.
Watch and learn ruby level 1;
applies the joker effect to all party members.
Bear power ruby level 2;
+70% to stamina.
Lion's Heart ruby level 1;
+150 to will power.
Bully ruby level 1;
+300% threat.
Battle wound ruby level 1;
you learn the ability battle wound which stores any damage you receive from 3_130% for 6 seconds.
Tempering ruby level 2;
additionally store the damage in battle wounds for extra 2s.
Veteran ruby level 2;
increases your max hp by 70%.
An eye for an eye ruby level 3;
each single target attack reduces the damage in battle wound by a certian amount.
Power of elements ruby level 1;
Allows Charms to have modification of the "Will to live skill"; Poison 10% chance dodge for 6s, Fire 25% damage reflect the damage dealer for 6s, frost additionally reduces the damage to be stored in battle wounds by 25% (total 65%).
Protective equipment ruby level 3;
restores 1gear per 2s while in combat.
Survival technique ruby level 3;
reduces the damage stored in your battle wound by 0.6% of your max hp per each consumed gear.
Survival instinct ruby level 3;
when your health falls below 30% you get buff that reduces incoming damage by 30% for 3 seconds, the effect can be triggered once in 120 seconds.
Dodging technique ruby level 2;
increase the duration of Swingout and joker by 100%, making them both non stop buffs with duration of 6s.
Hidden blades ruby ruby level 2;
melee attacks deal 30% more damage and generate 30% more threat.
Smoke Cloud ruby level 1;
applies a smoke cloud that give your allies a 20% chance dodge while under the smoke, smoke lasts for 8 seconds.
Blinding smoke ruby level 1;
Smoke cloud additionally applies the defensive effect to you and all your party members it doesn't state how much the damage reduction is.
Sand Demon ruby level 2;
you additionally have +10% dodge chance while you're under the smoke cloud"you only".
Provocative shot ruby level 1;
basically a forced agroo for 5s all damage that the target deals to any but you is reduced by 50%, if you take damage equal 20% of your hp the buff is removed.
Provocation ruby level 1;
same as provocative shot but has a 20 yard AOE.
Deceptive maneuver ruby level 1;
pulls all hostile targets in a 15 yard range towards you (good for aoe clearance, a good tank should always pack mobs together when possible).
Poisonous thorns ruby level 1;
enchanting Caltrops with poison charm makes all the knocked down targets will be poisoned, also applies the open would buff which is -40% heal reduction for 4s.
Cover-Up ruby level 1;
a buff that gives you +25% damage reduction and +40% movement speed for 3s you get the buff if you use recoil or cobra dash abilites.
Filtration with death ruby level 1;
allows charms to apply modification to the Deceiver of death talent; Poison charm heals you 15% of the damage absorbed from battle wounds, Fire charm deals 25% damage of the adsorbed hit with a 8-yard AOE radius, frost gives a shield to all party members that equals 20% of absorbed damage from battle wounds.
Dance with the element ruby level;
allows charm to apply modification to the swingout ability, Fire charm applies the acceleration effect for 2s, Frost charm dispels all dispel-able negative effects on you, poison charm allows you to poison all targets within 8 yard radius.

I didn't take the camouflage rubies because you can't cast while being in camo, which is lethal.
I didn't take the enchantment expert ruby because you already have too many ways to regen gear, and the more gear you spend the more damage will be reduced in the battle wounds.
I didn't take the turning point rubies for the same reason.
Battle goes on rubies healing for allies is insignificant, if you have more rubies there's no harm in taking it.


Bring It On! Cuz I'm Just Gonna Grow Up In The Battle HEY !!

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Friday, September 27th 2019, 1:33am

2.1 talent points:
any elaboration is mentioned with regard to the whole build.

Poison charm at level 3;
you will be using it a lot.
Shady Strike level 3;
good damage for aggro, gear regen.
Swingout level 3;
key defensive ability for you and your party giving you 30% dodge chance with application of joker effect for you and your party which makes your receive 40% less damage from DOTs and AOE.
Aspect of defense level 3;
heath increase by 30%, threat amplification by 12 times.
Frost charm level 3;
same as poison required for interactions and you will be using it a lot.
Steel rose level 2;
in my main I have it level 3, but for stats point here it's only level2 not a significant influence. It's mainly for gear regen and AOE agroo when combined with poison charm.
Replenishment level 3;
restores 1 gear per second over 10 seconds (the values sometimes doubles with double attack).
Swift fletching level 3;
main class talent it boosts the dps by 14%(+15% from rubies) for 6 seconds(6 with rubies) with a basic CD of 13 second reduced by 3s for each 100 swiftness meaning it will be a non stop with 300 swiftness.
Caltrops level 3;
it's cooldown isn't affected by swiftness that's why it's maxed, it's good for cc when you are going for an AOE tanking use poison charm prehand to maintain the agroo
Deceiver of Death level 3;
your one and only skill that fully absorbs the highest damage in your battle wounds can remove the highest damage in your battle wound using double attack stat. With Poison charm heals you 15% of that damage, with fire deals 35% of that damage as an 8 yard AOE, with frost applies a 20% shield of that damage to all your party members for 10 seconds, (can be used under CC).
Will to live level 3;
reduces all damage from your battle wound by 40% for 6s used with poison charm will give you a 10% chance to dodge,with fire reflect 25% of any damaged received back to it's dealer, with frost additionally reduces damage from battle wounds by 25%.
Recoil level 3;
it's cooldown isn't affect by swiftness that's why it's level 3, you leap back 20 yards regaining 4 gear (may double with double attack) and applies the cover-up effect which gives +40% movement speed, +25% damage reduction for 3s.
Cobra Dash level 3;
it's cooldown isn't affect by swiftness that's why it's level 3, you teleport behind your target and gaining 2 stacks of accurate shot"increase damage of crippling shot by20% of each stack, not for tank build" and applies the cover-up effect which gives +40% movement speed, +25% damage reduction for 3s.
Wild Hunt level 1;
I took it because it's an AOE CC that gives you immunity to CC as well, why not level 3 ? because it's cooldown depends on the tear quality not the rank, the extra damage increase from the skill isn't helpful for tanks.

Reasoning why I didn't take:

they trigger the global cooldown badly while other dps skills are instant cast with no delay, and you already have too much stuff to press.
Fire Charms:
Thier effect is mostly damage related which is insignificant, also other charms offer much better optimization for staying alive
Stormy arrow:
it has high cooldown and there are much higher priority stuff to focus on rather a damage spell with high cd.
Explosive shot:
well it maybe good to take a level 1 explosive shot with charming it with poison for aoe pull but the build well need more talent points.

Side Note regarding talents and their upgrade:
sometimes developers leave hidden stuff for player to benefit from, here some upgrade skills at level 1 deals more damage than a level 3 basic skill for scout this note applies to all 3 skills, for other classes it apply to some skills but not all of them. so that can help you manage your stats point better.

Bring It On! Cuz I'm Just Gonna Grow Up In The Battle HEY !!

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Friday, September 27th 2019, 1:34am

2.2 Stats and stats reasoning:

So now that you're aware of the class, the build, the stats in general it's time to tell you the specific stats I prefer with the reason why.

Offensive stats:
Double attack: 250
double attacks works wonders it makes you abosrb 2 hits instead of one double regen on all your gear insainly good and a must have.
Swiftness: all the rest
although the soft cap is 250 and the maximum effectiveness for swift-fletching is at 300 yet as a scout you only have the deciver of death ability to fully absorb, a 2s sometimes means that you're still able to survive, also can be increased from guild rubies, holy weapon.

you might ask why I've ditched all the damage stats, I'd say your role as a tank is to survive not to deal damage, a full cs scout with 13s runes and 800 deter can do around 300k dps with support, while me without investing or trying to do dps I do around 80k, and you already have too much stuff to press so doing dps might distract you, still,if you still disagree with me you can chop a bit of swiftness for main stats mostly deter I'd say 1:4:2 profi,deter, brutality respectively.

Defensive stats:
Survivability: 250
survivability is good for blue shields and it will help you a lot. good to have.
Vitality: all the rest
including conclave, stat points too!! don't complain, with Greatness quest you have 2 trees, one for tank and one for which ever you want, you might ask BUT WHY !!! here's the thing survival technique is super, the more your health the more you remove from battle wound, also battle wound can absorb damages ranging from 3_140% of your hp so if you go low on hp you'll get one-shot without any regards to the battle wound itself.
Caution: ??
well anything that can't be put on vita and survive goes to caution, that will be around 150 a bit more/less depending on your gear quality, you might ask me why ? the thing is as a scout tank either your hp is full all the time or dropping to 0 with an instant, so caution wouldn't help much I'd say but it's more of a luxury good to have stat, if you disagree with me you chip a bit from vitality to put into caution or use a potion for caution not more than 250 as it's the softcap.

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Friday, September 27th 2019, 1:36am

2.3 tactics, mechanics, rotation, useful stuff and tricks
before digging into the rotation here's some general tips any can should use:
1. before combat mount on mount that gives the 35% shield upon dismounting (Fish, Scarab, Guar, etc...) they stack so if you have the 3 of them you'll get 105% shield.
2. always keep your blessing active, you can use your patronage skills when needed, also it lowers the cc duration.
3. Alchemy is our ally !! you should always have "Common Vial Of Negation"(for npc dispel) "Octullus Blood"(to literally kill yourself when you're stuck somewhere) "Demonic potion of restoration"(+35% to hp instantly, if you have the heroics one would be much better). also decoction of astral aegis is super good but it's from order npc not alchemy but still a potion.
4. always remember to cast the sleep buff to big mobs and more importantly don't forget to re-cast it

now to tactics in general
-You should spam the Swingout all the time dispel your self if you see a negative buff.
-Use the poison charm with Deceiver of death if you don't have a healer in your party, or frost charm if you have a healer.
-Use poison with will to live, frost is decent also but I don't use it because I like to stack dodging chances.
-Use the Distraction racial skill or the CC arrow to stop the cast of a mob.
-Cast Smoke cloud whenever it's off cooldown, if you're comfort without it keep it till you see yourself at a pinch, same goes for distraction ability.
-Use your melee abilities for gear regen charm if you feel so, sometimes the stun of assassination attempt can be useful.
-Use your replenishment buff whenever it's off cooldown.
-Use recoil to escape aoe only using it recklessly can cause you to wipe your party.
-Use cobra dash mainly for starring battle, rushing to re-agroo if you lost it or the boss targeted other party member for any other reason, when you can but don't if you're being targeted by and aoe, or making the boss face a corner not to let your party gets hit by any aoe
-Always keep your provocation and provocative shot ready, as long as you have control of agroo without them you're good you can cast them if you lose it, or the boss is doing some aoe to the whole party.
-Move fast away from any DOT on the ground because it's lethal to you.

Tanking a solo target:
mount you 35% shield mounts, pre cast swingout, smoke cloud, jump him with cobra dash spam your melee abilities, when you receive damage use the will to live first, save the Deceiver of Death for big damage swings, make sure you keep your target aoe away from party, , like I said if all is good save your smoke cloud and distraction till you're pinched, same goes for your potions.

Some mobs can be only tanked by kite, all you need to do is keep on moving and use your provocations whenever you can.
Facing CC immune opponentswith other CC-able ones CC all the mobs (you and your party) and pull him away from the other mobs because if they drop below 90% you will lose the cc and you can't re-cc them.

Tanking multi targets:
if there's a big mob sleep him first then do as follow:
mount up your mounts, precast your buffs "all of them" use poison charm then caltrops take agroo and make aoe pull, targets will be pulled use steel rose with poison, and then you have 2 options:
a. just run ! if the mobs deal too much damage and your party has a huge brsut damage people they can kill the mobs before you lose the agroo.
b. face them and hope for the best,

I think that's pretty much it, I can't list how to deal with each and every mob, most of the tanking comes with practice and experience, as long as you know that tactics and knowing your buffs and when you can use each you're invincible.

as a finishing thought I know I'm not the best scout out there, but I did share all the knowledge I possess, if you have anything to add/discuss/correct please feel free to do so, sadly I don't have time to put images to the thread, but I'm willing to do so after the event ends and make the thread much more cheerful to read, I'm also willing to keep it up-to-date, finally I'd like to thank you for giving some time to read my post, feel free to ask me about anything in the forum/game/discord.

Made with passion by Titanium.


Bring It On! Cuz I'm Just Gonna Grow Up In The Battle HEY !!

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Friday, September 27th 2019, 1:37am


Bring It On! Cuz I'm Just Gonna Grow Up In The Battle HEY !!

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