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Thursday, September 26th 2019, 11:09am

[PMB 10.1] Araon's Scout complete guide for PvE and PvP

Hello dear readers, my character name is Araon and I play on Smuggler's Paradise (Pay to Play) server. I am proud member of Avarice guild and my main role in any content is damage dealing (sometimes I do crowd control, but there is no fun in that, why control it when you can kill it). I like playing scout because it allows me to deal huge amount of damage while just running around evading traps and damage of my enemies.

I started playing Allods Online six mounts ago, and I love the game. But what really made this game special for me is the community on P2P server. People here are always happy to help and teach you all about the vast possibilities that this game reveals us. Don't worry there is just enough drama to spice things up :D

Recent 10.1 patch brought a new ruby called Firm Hand, making all damage dealt increase by 20%, but preventing us from using Combatant Stance. This change made me personally very satisfied because ranged scout is now viable again in PvP.

Enough chatting, let's talk about the guide...

1. The main resource of the class are Gear Pieces

You can hold up to 25 Gear Pieces and they are used to cast special spells.

2. Available racial skills

There are 6 different races that can play the role of scout in Allods Online. Depending which race you choose you will get an unique racial ability, but don't worry you can pay 100 000 gold and get access to all of them, they will just share the cooldown of 60 seconds.

Sticky Bomb - Throws a bomb which sticks to the target and explodes in 3 seconds, inflicting X amount of damage and restoring 6 gear pieces. Damage dealt is not that good but getting those 6 gear pieces is enough to make this skill useful.

Paralyzing Arrow - Applies the Helplessness effect to the target fr 3 seconds, making the target unable to use any abilities. Skill is useful in both PvE and PvP.

Sybaris - During 6 seconds, any enemy, who deals direct damage to you, receives X Poison damage. Damage is not that good so I would avoid using this ability.

Tricky Trap - Scout places a trap that exists for 30 seconds and no one but Scout can see it. The first enemy in a 5 yard radius of the trap will be immobilized for 4 seconds and poisoned for 8 seconds. The victim also has Vulnerability applied to them which increased damage they take by 25%. Skill is very useful in PvP.

Sabotage - Leap 20 yards away from the target. The target and all enemies in a 15 yard radius around them will be immobilized for 2 seconds. Very useful in PvP.

Distraction - Increases your chance to dodge directed attackers by 20% for 10 seconds. Your party members receive this effect for 5 seconds. Skill can be useful in PvP.

3. Skills acquired by finishing World Mysteries

Ambush - You charge towards the target and knock it down for 2 seconds. Minimum distance of charge is 8 yards. Skill is useful in PvP combined with the racial skill Sabotage.

Sudden move - All control and slowing effects on you are removed, and you become immune to them for 4 seconds. Skill is very useful in PvP.

4. Stats

I will not go into details regarding the stats, because I'm trying to keep this guide short and simple. If you need to know all about them just go in game and hover above a stat and everything is self explanatory. I will just present you the numbers that I use.

PvE solo stats:

Offensive stats:
Swiftness: 300 - 340 (everything around those numbers works just great, bear in mind that acquiring level 2 Victory Cross gives you +40 while in combat, so if you have it you keep your swiftness around 260 - 300)
All other points should be distributed over: Proficiency, Determination and Brutality. I found the best ratio to be:
Proficiency : Determination : Brutality = 1 : 3 : 1.5
So that would be something like Proficiency 100, Determination 300 and Brutality 150 or if you have way more stat lets say Proficiency 250, Determination 750 and Brutality 375. You get the picture I'm sure.

Defensive stats:
Caution: around 300
Concentration: around 200
All other stats should go into Bloodlust and if the gear piece doesn't have Bloodlust just go for Vitality

PvE group stats:

Offensive stats:
Swiftness: 300 - 340 (same as PvE solo)
Proficiency : Determination : Brutality = 1 : 3 : 1.5 (same as PvE solo)
*When fighting world bosses and doing Observatory raid you can put 250 into Double Attack (basically it is only good in long fights)

Defensive stats:
Caution: around 300
Concentration: you start at 250, as your dps increases you can drop it to 150
All other points should go to Vitality.
You don't need Bloodlust here because you have support giving you it.
*When doing heroics runs, consider putting up to 250 points in: Physical, Elemental, Holy and Natural Protection if you are up against a boss doing a one of those damage types.

PvP stats:

Offensive stats:
Swiftness: 300 - 340 (same as PvE)
Double Attack: 250
All other points should go in Proficiency and Brutality in ratio 1 : 1.1
Example would be Proficiency 500 and Brutality 550.

Defensive stats:
Caution: around 300
Survivability: around 100 (if there is a healer in your team, if not drop it to 0)
All other points go to Vitality.
*You should always consider putting some points in: Physical, Elemental, Holy and Natural Protection if you are expecting a huge amount of damage coming from one particular source (lets say you are doing 3v3 and you notice there is warrior dps in opposing team, you put 200 points in Physical Protection).

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Thursday, September 26th 2019, 12:52pm

5. Builds

In this part of the guide I will discuss different aspects of PvE and PvP build and I will give you the most optimal builds in my opinion. I will not explain all talents and rubies that I took, that would just unnecessarily burden this guide. I will put focus on most important ones, the rest are just self explanatory and you can check them in game.

Talent three skills:

Poison Charms - will grant some of your next abilities an additional effect. Cost 5 Gear pieces to be used and lasts for 10 seconds. Paired with Bombardment gives us dot on the target called Weak Poison, and paired with Aimed Shot gives us dot on the target called Deadly Poison. Those are our two most effective damage dealing skills (make up to 60% of our damage). Logically having Poison Charms on low cooldown is a must and that's where those 340 swiftness comes into play making this ability have 2.1 second cooldown.

Fire Charms - will grant some of your next abilities an additional effect. Cost 5 Gear pieces to be used and lasts for 10 seconds. We will be using this Charm paired with Aim Shot and Explosive shot for the AoE damage dealing, but more on that later.

Bombardment - You make several shots to the target. Each hit inflicts X damage. Upon successful completion, restores 2 Gear Pieces. If used after Poison Charms each hit will poison the target for 6 seconds, dealing X Poison damage per second. Effect is called Weak poison and stacks up to 12 times.

Aimed Shot - You shoot at the target and deal X damage. If your charms are inactive , restores 4 Gear Pieces. With 340 swiftness Aimed Shot has a 3.9 second cooldown.
If used after Poison Charms poisons the target for 8 seconds, dealing X Poison damage per second. The effect is called Deadly Poison and is our number 1 dps skill. Always aim to use Poison Charms + Aimed Shot, after the Deadly Poison expires on your target.

Crippling shot - Inflicts X damage and immobilize for 3 seconds. Cooldown with 340 swiftness is 5.5 seconds. Restores 4 gear pieces

Explosive Shot - Shots an explosive arrow at the target. Deals X damage to the target and 40% of that damage to all enemies within an 8 yard radius around it. With 340 swiftness it has 9.4 seconds cooldown.
If used after Poison Charm diffuses poisonous fumes over 15 yard radius area for 6 seconds. All enemies within the range receive X Poison damage every second. Use this on AoE packs.

Replenishment - While in combat, you collect 1 gear pieces every 1 second over 15 seconds. Cooldown with 340 swiftness is 23.4 seconds. Spam this ability all the time.

Swingout - With a 30% chance you dodge all single-target attacks for 6 seconds. Cooldown is 9.5 seconds. Also with the ruby Joker it will grant you the Joker effect, making you receive 40% less damage from AoE attacks. And as if that wasn't enough, matched with the ruby called Watch and Learn casting Swingout will apply the Joker effect to all party members witin a 40-yard radius. Swingout is our most valuable defensive skill, use it wisely in PvE and don't hesitate to spam it in PvP, your party members will thank you for it.

Recoil - You leap 20 yards backwards and restore 4 gear pieces. In PvE rank 1 is enough. In PvP build you take this to rank 3, where it has a 10 seconds cooldown.

Wild hunt - All enemies within a 20 yard radius turn into animal and flee for 2.5 seconds. While this is active your damage dealt is increased by 10%, your movement speed, cast speed and ability cooldown speed up by 10%, and you become immune to control effects. This skill is very valuable in PvP, but it has long cooldown so use it wisely.

Stormy Arrows - You shoot an enchanted arrow. When it hits the target, it splits in two and hits two nearest targets within a 10-yard area. Both arrows split in three and hit nearest targets, Each of the three arrows splits in four and hits the nearest targets. One target can be hit several times. Each hit deals damage and the final hit stuns the targets for 2 seconds. This is very useful ability especially in PvP.

Cobra Dash - Shoots an enchanted arrow at the enemy and teleports you to the target, applying 2 stacks of Accurate Shot. Each stack increases the damage of Crippling Shot by 20%. Take this skill only in PvP. Skill is valuable because it gives us those 2 stacks, so use Cobra Dash + Crippling Shot. In mass PvP use it with care, and only on enemies that are far from main fight (you don't want to get teleported in the middle of mayhem).

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Friday, September 27th 2019, 10:42am

5. Builds

Ruby skills:

Explosive Arrowhead - Your area of effect damage amplifier.
*Each hit of your Bombardment inflicts X Fire damage to the target and all enemies within 8-yard radius around it. This makes Bombardment spamable skill even in AoE rotation.
*While your Fire Charms are active, your Aimed Shot incinerate all enemies within 8-yard radius around the main target, dealing X Fire damage every second for 4 seconds. So use Fire Charms + Aimed Shot on AoE packs.
*While your Poison Charms are active, your Explosive Shot poisons all enemies within an 8-yard radius around the target, dealing X damage every second for 6 seconds. So use Poison Charms + Explosive Shot for AoE damage.

Tranquil Arrow - You shoot an arrow which puts target into sleep, preventing them from performing any action for 30 seconds. If the target's health is below 90%, any damage will remove the effect. Cast time on rank 1 is 5 seconds. Can be prepared in advance. Skill is useful in PvE in heroics.

Accurate Shot - Each successfully executed Bombardment will apply 1 stack of Accurate Shot (stacks up to 2 times) for 15 seconds. Each stack increase the damage of Crippling Shot by 20%. The effect is absorbed when the ability is used. So in any rotation always use 2 volleys of Bombardment than go for Crippling Shot.

Plantain - Recover 50% of your maximum health for 8 seconds, reduces incoming damage for 20%. Can be used in combat. Skill is somewhat useful in PvP, but take it on rank 1 only.

Survival Technique - Consuming gear pieces heals you by 0.2% of you maximum health per 1 gear piece. I take this on rank 1 in PvE build so I can get to next ruby.

Survival Instinct - When your health level is 30% or lower you get your movement speed increased by 10% and incoming damage reduced by 10% for 3 seconds (rank 1). This ability can be life saver in heroic especially if taken to rank 3.

Open Wounds - Crippling Shot applies the Wounds effect to the target for 7 seconds, reducing incoming heal for 40%. Valuable ruby in PvP.

Camouflage - You become invisible for 8 seconds, incoming damage is reduced by 40%, you become immune to slowing effects and your movement speed is increased by 40%. Cloodown is 40 seconds. Skill is very good for PvP.

Cover-up - Using Cobra Dash and Recoil, your incoming damage is reduced by 25%, and movement speed increased by 45% for the next 3 seconds.

PvE build:

PvP build:

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Friday, September 27th 2019, 11:16am

6. Rotations

The only thing more important than having good build and balanced stats is executing dps rotations perfectly. But that's something that cannot be taught in one simple guide. Especially in PvP, dps rotation is strongly dependent on given situation and type of enemy you are facing. In time you will gain more experience and learn to utilize your skills to full potential and thus as scout invoke fear in any battleground. When you do that pm how it feels cos I don't know:D

Single target rotation:

Poison Charms + Aimed Shot will put Deadly Poison dot on the target, Poison Charms + Bombardment x2 will put 12 stacks of Weak Poison on the target and give you 2 stacks of Accurate Shot, which will nicely amplify damage for our Crippling shot. Explosive Shot is there as filler to get some gear pieces back. During any fight always spam Replenishment, it will give you those precious gear pieces for maximum damage.

Area of effect damage rotation:

Fire Charms + Aimed Shot and Poison Charms + Explosive Shot, will deal good AoE damage. Whenever both of them are on cooldown just use Bombardment.

7. Final words

Thank you for reading my guide for scout gameplay, I hope some of you found it resourceful. If there are any questions to be answered regarding scouts don't hesitate to whisper me in game. Stay well and have fun playing Allods Online.

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