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Friday, September 27th 2019, 3:09pm



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[PMB 10.1] Nebeski PvE DPS warrior P2P server

My nick is Nebeski and i am playing a Warrior class in a guild „Forgotten“ on „Smugglers Paradise“ server.
Warrior is a very strong class, with a good dps and a good defence.
Since i am playing as a DPS warrior i will present you stats and a build that i am using atm.

Proficiency – Determination – Brutality
For the PvE purposes i keep those stats in ratio 1-3-1 (for example: 150 Prof – 450 Deter – 150 Bruta)
Determination, as you can see, is most important for PvE.
Brutality is of great help when you have long fights like when you fight bosses, so you can increase Brutality a bit more (for example: 150 Prof – 450 Deter – 200 Bruta)
Vitality increases your hit points, as much as you can.
Bloodlust heals you some % of damage delt so as much as you can, 200+ would be nice.
Those stats are not capped and you can invest points in them as much as u want.

OFFENSIVE STATS (ranked by importance)

Critical Damage: is most important stat and you should have at least 250 points invested in it, since it increases critical damage of your warrior for some %.
You can’t be wrong if you put more than 250 (but not more then 300) in it, because you will have more damage and also duration of one of your defensive skills (Turtle) depends on it, more crit dmg you have – more this skill will last when you use it, and believe me this skill is very usefull in PvE and PvP.
Physical damage: increases the efficiency of abilities inflicting physical damage with some %.
This build is based on physical dmg so this stat is also important.
Double Attack: gives you a % chance to cast your skill twice, if that happens the second attack will inflict 50% less damage, but that also is a damage and thats whats matter when you are dps.
I keep all of this stats (crit dmg, phys dmg, double attack) around 250 or a bit more.
You must find balance for all those statuses mentioned abowe on your gear, relics, also helping adding some potions, food, daily buffs, buffs from Order etc...

Concentration: Most important defensive stats, allows you to receive shield that can absorb some % of the incoming dmg. I keep this stat around 250 or a bit more.
Survivability: Not so important stats if you asking me, but some warriors like to put some points in it because it gives you a better heals from healer and that can be of some importance when you fighting a long fights like for example boss fight.

Special stats (Offensive and defensive) have soft cap 250, so investing in them more then 300 is a waste if you asking me. I am talking for Smugglers Paradise server.

A few words more:

Don’t forget to activate your Aspect of Assault.
Don’t forget to use skill Bloody harvest allways when you can.
Don’t forget to use alchemy potions/al rihat potions/food/daily buff.
Train and learn when to use some of additional skills like Berserker, Adrenaline Surge and Turtle, they could be wasted for nothing or they could be life saver.
Up your gear.
Do Trial of Blood, your reward will be noticable.
Train at least 2 proffesions. Alchemy for potions and one more f.ex blacksmith so you can make better craftmans tools for faster gear upgrade.
I hope this will be of some use to help new players.
Good luck and have fun.
Nebeski - P2P - F2P

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