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Friday, October 11th 2019, 10:44am

New server

Recently I was reading that many users of WoW wanted to play v 1.0 of that game. So Blizzard opened 47 new servers for first ver version and yet it took long waiting time for people to login.

So , I was thinking, why we don't have starting allods online version? Nostalgy is always there and for people it would be good all times and remember how they started playing the game 10 years ago. Blizzard listen to users. What do you guys think? Wouldn't you like to see old version and enjoy? Up to level 40 as max level. Let me know if I am right , it seems Blizzard is


Friday, October 11th 2019, 10:54am

Wait, what? I've been playing WoW since Vanilla and it's HUGE time gap. I hope I don't sound mean but compare. Gigantic company called Blizzard and well Mail Ru. Anyway Blizzard times aren't so good anymore and Mail doesn't give a single ounce of care towards players, they aren't that bad but still even if I sounded here like hypocrite. Secondly Allods playerbase is small and unstable, there is no data if people go or really stay in game or even about newcomers (there are a few I think). Lastly they are doing something called Allods Warp. So sum up those facts. Idea is nice but more like utopia than real thing, cheers. Popularity and decent management equals more money. Somebody quoted that head director don't know what he is doing. It doesn't sound too good :/
Panpykacz ~ Smuggler Paradise, League, Kanian Champion: 85 8)


Friday, October 11th 2019, 11:38am

Yes, I am aware of low database of players. It is obvious when we look max players only. Everytime in Novograd I only see max players. And new players soon realize that playing game to compate against there people who invest money is pointless. Allods was a great game, now it is not. That was the reason I suggested this idea. Still, as you said, only care of money. And yes, people do leave game. I recall even best players at some point we all knew left the game because they do not want to pay. Telepathy, Dracias etc. Allods is going downfall.

My friend introduced me to Allods when max level was 40. Game was cool. Very nice. But he told me once cash shop was there, he left the game. I continued playing and it is true. Before there was a lot of people for goblinbwll. Now, you cqn pray to get a match. Well, if CEO doesn't care. Game is dead.


Friday, October 11th 2019, 12:00pm

I really feel this idea, but like you see. You've anwsered yourself. This game had wanky start imo. And time is merciless thing. As much as I love Allods and many times I was back due to nostalgia. I hope for best but it's uneasy to say.
Panpykacz ~ Smuggler Paradise, League, Kanian Champion: 85 8)


Friday, October 11th 2019, 12:35pm

Allods will die, that is sure. Unless they do something that will allow to play game once again. Yes, Allods is a russian game and they have tons of players but they offer enjoyment. I can play skrimich from level 23 up in metter of minutes each moment. Also goblinball. There is cash shop but it is extremely less expensive. Everyone can be good. A lot of new players and average. 80+ guild on one server.

And they have lots of servers. Why? Because they want to keep game alive. For me only issue is that I don't know Russian. Some of them speak English and they are very friendly despite what people think of Russians. There will be always kids of course.

Well, better get start learning Russian. It is free. (No pun intended)


Friday, October 11th 2019, 1:39pm

I will do the same lol
Panpykacz ~ Smuggler Paradise, League, Kanian Champion: 85 8)

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