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I have an issue whenever I attempt to purchase some crystals from the marketplace in order to subscribe. Every time I attempt to make a purchase I get this error: System error. Please try again later. I also did not find a way to open a ticket and the only link I found said the page does not exist. If anyone can assist me I would really appreciate it


do you have sub still active (old one), or are you sure you have inaf bc to buy sub ?


I don't have a sub at all I am trying to buy the crystal bundle from the shop and I always get the error mentioned above




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if you are using a VPN, you should try to deactivate it for the purchasing progress. If the error still appears, you should consider writing a Ticket to the Customer Support, they can provide you more help with this issue.

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Allods Online Moderator Team


I bought sub today and it worked

Check yet did you log in that allods page you try to buy sub (not here in forum)

Also off adblock, maybe adblock somehow blocking proces too


thank you guys for the assistance a lot and your time. It did not work but I've contacted the support team and hopefully they will be able to help, cheers!

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