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IF THAT'S OK, i don't want to mess it up even more now.

you have my guaranty as person who complited lv 25 heroic, you also have how many dps i did on screanshots with 28500gs

ps. but not use my sup build, cuz 10.2 made sups to use stats buff insted of pover buff, so i need edit it
IT'S WORKING!... sorry for the delayed response but i was leveling 3 chars i have--

But oh boy, i'm killing things now xD

I'm finally got to know and use "reactor blowdown"... damn, that is good.

I'm still trying to get the rotations right, finding why you do certain things, adding others (buffs, shields, considering the spider too).

And also finding out the stat nonsense: i'm too squishy atm, crocodiles and hydras on al rihat kick my ass-- granted, i didn't invest points on "psych protection" like you say on your guide.

But yeah, seems to be working, THANKS A LOT dude, i was about to cop out of this character even after putting days to get the +27k gs

I will come back to keep posting about my progress.

Again, THANKS A LOT, good luck and take care.

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